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Hi I'm new! Tips for a new girl?

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Flacko    2143

Ok first, don't press post topic more than once. Open a new tab and check to see if the thread was posted. The forum doesn't always just load the thread when you post it. What happens is it posts a duplicate of the thread each time you submit it even if it doesn't load the next page. It can be annoying. There's a mess I have to clean up now but no worries, just don't do it again.


Secondly, this is the wrong section to post in. Try to post in the right sections. This section is specifically for asking about ruling questions. This is not a ruling question, this is an advice thread. You might want to review the site rules which you can find here. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/169319-duelistgroundz-rules-and-regulations/



third, this is a pretty complex game and there's a lot to get into. It's pretty hard to explain it all in one go.


I suggest taking a look at yugioh duelist Patrick Hoban's website roadoftheking.com, where the metagame is kept track of. Then you can pick a deck you like and start playing. I suggest playing the best cards and not so much cards you just like. There's a lot of stuff you can learn. You should join our discord server where you can meet some of our best duelists and play with them online via duelingbook.com. I'll link you the server here. https://discord.gg/E9pQhut Discord's messaging platform is accessible via browser, mobile device and everything like that so it's good for duelists like us to communicate on. Suggest on making an account if you don't already have one.


Have fun playing.

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I moved it to the proper section. Also welcome newcomer! I hope you have an awesome experience!

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+Mascis    4561

im a girl too whats up

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Byte    1019



the funny thing is its not even the guys that get excited when another girl comes here. its the few other girls that do.


join the discord forums are dead. also you can talk and guys can tell your a girl... 


(we have had a lot of catfish posters... saying they were a girl, and being guys. i believe the most epic was lily, who was preop trans and growing boobs and showed them off. she is a she now and is one of the most epic persons on this board. bow to her and lick her toes) =]



tips for surviving here as a girl. either post your boobs or dont. people will ask its kinda a thing from the catfishs. if you do don't be apologetic about it when various people try to slut shame you like what happened to robyn (who is awesome but i hated it when she let some guys do that like fuck off dudes its her body you should shut your trap and count yourself blessed to see her awesome boobies. k?) and if they say tits or gtfo well sorry i dont really know how to properly fence that yet... i either ignore or direct them to google porn. they will calm down when confirmed you are girl. usually best way to do that is post pic with salute to dgz.


Welcome to DGZ. have fun? hope you stick around and all this hasn't scared you. or that you are 12. that would be awkward. we need girls please stay =[



on the getting into the game advice, read articles on decks to learn how to play them. when learning a new deck play with people using the same deck, watch what they do, pick up plays. repeat. a LOT. Then play a lot more vs all sorts of other decks and pick it up yourself. Sidedecks are your friend but dont disrupt your deckflow to disrupt your opponents. you can do both. never rage quit. losing sucks but has lessons to make you better. learn them and its not a loss. this game is largely luck but you don't just lose because of luck, if your a good player you wont rely on it (but this is ygo and it does ALWAYS help)


starter decks suck. if your looking to learn look at deckprofile articles and build a suggested decklist from there, will also tell you how to play it.

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