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DuelistGroundz Championship Series: Dallas | Congratulations to Silver!

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Duelistgroundz Championship Series: Dallas

Date/Time: April 7-8, 2018 / 11:00 AM EST

Format: Format: Goat Format (April 1st 2005 Forbidden list, all cards released prior to August 21, 2005 are legal, no Exarion)
You will need to have a PayPal account as well as a DuelingBook account and you will also need to join our Discord server to play in this tournament. If your DB account is banned mid-tournament that is not the responsibility of the organisers and you will not be refunded your entry please do not yell at us because you cussed at some kid in rated

This is a GoatStats-certified tournament that will use the 2018 GS Recommended Ruleset. Feel free to use the latter link to familiarize yourself with the UDE-era policies and rulings that will apply at this tournament.

To register for this tournament, you must send $5.00 USD to dgzto15@gmail.com with your PayPal account. After that, you should post in this thread with the following information:



Name - Discord username - Duelingbook username - PayPal email that the entry fee was sent from

Prize breakdown:
1st place: 60% + 30-day DB donation code + DSP Spring invite
2nd place: 30%
3rd place (double elim): 10% or entry refunded, whichever is a higher dollar amount
3rd/4th place (swiss+single elim) 5% or entry refunded, whichever is a higher dollar amount

The winner will be automatically qualified for this season's DGz Seasonal Playoffs in Current Format. Staff may need a mailing address from the winner in addition to standard payment info in order for trophies to be shipped.

This tournament will feature either a double elimination bracket (up to 32 players) or some number of Swiss rounds followed by a cut to a single-elimination top 8 (33 or more). Each round will be 60 minutes, followed by UDE-era End of Match Procedures (3 turns in time, no draws) and a 20-minute grace period in between rounds to finish EOMP and report results. For a double-elimination bracket, you may start your next round as soon as it is available. Day 2 will begin at 12:00PM on Sunday. 




Double elimination brackets are always seeded according to the following procedure: GoatRank > DGz Elo. Everyone with a Modern GoatRank score is seeded first according to that score. Everyone left after that is seeded under the GR players according to their DGz WarBot Elo. So, a player who is not on GoatRank and who has not played any ranked or war games will be seeded below everyone with Modern GR points and/or positive DGz Elo, but above everyone with a negative DGz Elo.


When you begin a match, please notify the TOs in the Discord channel by posting the match you are about to play in #findyugiohgames. The loser should report to WarBot by typing the following command into any Discord channel:


!currentlossvs @<tag the player you lost to here>


Please remember to message your decklists to @mmf on the website Duelistgroundz.com after signing up. Comprehensive Duelistgroundz Policy Documents written by @mmf with additional help from YGOrganization can be found here. Additionally, you can find an FAQ specifically tailored to DCS events here. If you make Day 2 and you do not want your decklist to be featured in coverage after the tournament, please let the TOs know so that we don't go out and leak your decklist. A list of all currently registered duelists can be found at the Challonge bracket here.

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