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War League Spring 2018 - Starting 4/1/2018

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Hello all,


I have a few points of order regarding the upcoming spring split of warring. There will be a short delay before regular season wars begin to allow for last-minute team signups. The regular season will officially begin on April 7, at which point Week 1 pairings will be made live.


If your team is listed under its respective format(s) below, you don't need to do anything at all -- you're signed up by default, you're ready to go. All other teams will need to post in this thread and then create a team thread in order to be officially registered for the season.



Tea and Biscuits

Bazoo Boys

Lemon Pear Gang

FuZe Gang



Damage Step


Neo Sigurimi

Fluffy Lions

FuZe Gang


Please send me any comments and/or concerns you have regarding these matters or anything else involving the upcoming seasoan of warring.


Full Spring schedule:


April 1: Spring season begins; regular season registration begins

April 7: Regular season wars begin

April 7-8: DCS Dallas (Goat)

May 12-13: DCS Anaheim (Current) [Tentative]

June 24-30: DSP Spring 2018

July 1: Summer season begins


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