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Top 10 games of the last TEN years

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Aaron    2065
24 minutes ago, Urthor said:


Divinity 2 surely makes the top 15, the issue is the last act is garbage and a hot mess of bugs and unfinished content in general.  


PoE2 will be a rip snorter IMO, the White march expansion for PoE was Baldur's gate 2 level quality, but nobody played it.  I bet they replicate that and it'll be an extraordinary game


Divinity OS 1?  Probably normal, IMO upping the difficulty just gives greater health bars and isn't really that fun but I honestly don't remember.  I rarely turn up difficulties on games where it's just higher health bars, only on very few games do I actually sign up for the challenge mode.  

I’ve read the enhanced mode has more enemies, different tactics, better skills so it sounds quite enticing in all honesty.. but some people have said it looks like it would be better to do if you have completed the game before . 

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