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Stomach The MachoPony

Allow me to Share with you, a Fable of Fiends and Beasts

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So i tried a couple of decks based on what i had, Dark World worked for a time, but was too inconsistent


Enter fabled, in pulling for DWD from the latest pack, i grabbed up enough Fabled stuff to build this beauty.


Skill: The tie that Binds


3x Fabled Dainaira

3x Fabled Gallabas

3x Fabled Ganaisha

2x Fabled Lurrie



2x Dark World Dealings

3x Enemy Controller



2x Floodgate Trap Hole

1x Wall of Disruption


Gallabas takes out monsters and pops off Ganaisha and Lurrie, DWD does this too. Ganaisha is a good beater, lurrie is purely Dainaira fodder. Dainaira is a 2800 Beater that can be buffed further with Tie that Binds. the Traps and Econs deal with threats well. my main problem is decks like red-eyes that can get out big monsters quickly. i will be dropping a couple of Gallabas for Snipe hunters once (if) i pull them, Gallabas is working alright for now though. 

Also considering replacing Floodgates until i get snipe hunters, gallabas hits face-up monsters, and with a lack of AG or CA these days at the top, i find more use for things like Mirror Wall or even Super Rush Headlong. 

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