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Selling Duel Links Account

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»PSK    4454

Gonna copy Faint on this one. Selling my Duel Links account since I don't have the interest in it anymore. The details are: 

DM World lvl 35
GX World lvl 16


1641 Gems
1292173 Gold
1958 R Jewels
85 SR Jewels
8 UR Jewels
All stones 1500+
All keys 1200+ 
93 Duel Orbs
2 UR Tickets
1 UR (Prismatic) Ticket
1 SR Ticket
1 R Ticket
WCS 2018 Regional Representative Qualifiers (Group C)


Yami Yugi lvl 21
Kaiba lvl 23
Joey lvl 15
Mai lvl 25
Tea lvl 17
Weevil lvl 2
Rex lvl 40
Mako lvl 2
Yami Marik lvl 1
Yami Bakura lvl 21
Bandit Keith lvl 36
Ishizu Ishtar lvl 38
Odion lvl 21
Pegasus lvl 16
Mokuba lvl 1
Paradox Bros lvl 18
Arkana lvl 1
Bonz lvl 8
Yugi (Character missions to be completed)

Jaden lvl 12
Aster lvl 40
Chazz lvl 14
Alexis lvl 38
Crowler lvl 31
Bastion lvl 14

UR & SR Collection:


Looking for €120 but I'm pretty flexible on the price so just hmu with a decent offer and we can try work something out. 

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