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Jesse Anderson

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Made this thread to discuss ways to farm Jesse Anderson.

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Posted (edited)

At the moment, I feel like Sylvan-Ra farm using the Power of the Tributed skill is the best and most effective way to farm Jesse, with a very high success % and very quick farm (you can finish within 4 turns most of the time).

You want to essentially set your deck up through Guardioaks and Lotuswains to be able to mill a bunch of Marshleafs in your last turn to clear your opponents board and normal a Ra. In your opponents last turn he may special summon a crystal beast through Crystal Promise and then set a crystal beast too, so if you dont manage resources and simply tribute a Ra and summon a Carrotweight Champion from graveyard, you wont be able to get a 10k hit in. 

He also runs 1 Crystal Conclave which lets him bounce your monsters to hand so make sure to play around this card.

You can also tech in Arrivalrivals in place of a Lotuswain, it just sometimes makes your farms a turn slower. This will allow you to use your big Sylvans to attack and clear your opponents board first, and then summon Ra in your Battle Phase.

Decklist in text:


1 x Winged Dragon of Ra
3 x Sylvan Komushroomo
3 x Rose Lover
3 x Sylvan Hermitree
2 x World Carrotweight Champion
3 x Sylvan Marshleaf
3 x Sylvan Guardioak
2 x Sylvan Lotuswain

Decklist picture:



Sylvan Ra.png

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