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No One Ever Really Leaves, They Just Go on Hiatus

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fractal    2488

It's been... a couple years. I've been looking about the past couple days, and the forum appears a wasteland.


As it pertains to YGO (I've read about Links and the new rules), is there still a competitive forum of sorts? How's the health of the game? Where is everyone? Where do I go if not DG?


As for DG itself, is it mostly just a casket for the older users who've made it home? I don't see many of the "older" frequents, mostly just the hardcore guys who made genuine connections via DG.

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NB96    855

Welcome back.

The forum is mostly dead. The Discord is likely the future of the site so I would consider joining that if you haven't already as it is much more active.

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»Pharaoh Atem    15769

Game's selling well and event attendance is steady/rising. So, game's alive.

Game's health judgment depends on what constitutes a healthy game for you - for some things are healthy b/c there're multiple seemingly viable things, for others it's not so healthy because of the methods those things employ.

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