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Help with Blue Eyes deck

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Hi guys need some help with my Blue Eyes deck please. Started collecting Yugioh a few months ago so very new to the game and only had a handful of games so far. My first purchase was the Kaiba and Yugi reloaded starter set so I played these against myself to learn the ropes whilst I gathered cards for a decent Blue Eyes deck. With my deck pretty much built (bar the extra deck to fill out) I played against my mates Dark Magician deck. Unfortunately I got kerb stomped! First 2 matches he won on turn 2, getting demolished by Crystal Wing synchro dragon, the 3rd match I managed to prolong my demise but it was certainly inevitable.

Anyway I don't know how much of this is due to me not knowing how to play properly or whether my deck is just straight up bad! I built the deck around various lists online (I will get my deck list so far posted up here) but I just wanted to ask, going back to basics what are the key cards I should be trying to combo and how do they interact?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Faint    5975

3 dark magician

it will make you able to counter opponents who are also playing blue eyes white dragon

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Well, if you have any sense of style you will go for the DDS versions of Blue Eyes, go big or be a chronic underachiever whose parents will forever be disappointed in their fiscally responsible child. After all what good is a Blue eyes if it doesn't cost $800?

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