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Learning / Practicing Goat Format + Random Thoughts

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Hello everyone,


Summary / TL;DR


I am coming back into the game after quite some time away from it (circa 5 ~ 6 years), specifically just for goat format. I never enjoyed the game in past many many years outside maybe Tengu plant format (there were some similarities between it and Goat Control, imo) but that is a topic for another time. I wondered what is the best way to practice (i.e. just get better) at Goat Format to improve or experiment with different deck variants/techs? Where do more seasoned or experienced goat format typically play or experiment? Where do fun / casual games get played where you can play test or just have a fun friendly match? Also, are the DG goat tournaments still a thing or not? I noticed DeathAspectBlog (Michael Bonacini) just dropped off of the face of the earth (or so it would seem) as I enjoyed watching some of his goat videos and could not find anything the other day on them. ACP vs Kris Perovic are good replacements (loved the best 3 of 5 in goats, reduces variance), but still enjoyed DeathAspect's too (liked aspect's perspective, no pun intended).


Detail / Random Thoughts


I know dueling book (the replacement of dueling network) is generally where most goat format duels happen, but it seems that a lot of weird goat decks are played there (i.e. Zombie, Zoo, Stall/Burn, Vanilla Beat (I think that is what it was)) and not a lot of competitive or control decks. Not that it is bad, but it is kind of boring (IMO) to play against those decks as they are not really as demanding or intense as Goat Control or Chaos or Monarch Goats. It also doesn't seem like a great place to promote play testing or experimenting with decks as most people are running fairly rogue decks (or at least what i remember to be rogue decks). I am not complaining that they are not useful in learning how to play against them, they are, but rather they are just not that appealing. I won some and lost some, as I expected but did not feel challenged or like I had fun (either winning or losing).


I also notice that testing things like "Judgement Control" (i.e. running 3 solemn judgment) gets a lot of frowned upon reactions. Or if make genuine misplays/mistakes because you are human that you are just considered terrible and that you do not know what you are doing. I am not a great player, i.e. Kris Perovic or ACP level, but I am not a complete newbie either. I make the occasional misplay (i.e. whoops can't do that, sorry) or crap, it's m1 (have not played anything, just clicked "M1") and I forgot to add my sinister, let me get that real quick or try to do something silly like chain scapegoat to a CoTH as I get heavied. Not intentionally being dense, just "oh well yeah let me use these cards because I kind of have to" and the fact that that particular scenario is rare (both CoTH and scape set) and "knowing what the cards do" but not "reading what the cards do" because you have used them 100+ times or at least you think you have. I accept I am not perfect and make mistakes like a human, but I think that goats should be more of a fun / casual format versus high-octane competition.




I hope it does not sound like I am ranting or complaining as that is not how I want to come across as, but rather just intrigued and curious if misunderstood the goat format community.




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BuildTheWalia    301

Welcome! Most goats activity around here is on the DGZ Discord. 


DB is notorious for having a non-competitive playerbase. I'd stick to asking for games and not trying your luck on there.


Adding sinister when you forget to do it in the Standby Phase should always be asked before you do it, as it can have relevance to the game, but most people on here will let you.

Not sure what you're Coth+Goat scenario is, if you'd care do go into more detail on that it might prove useful.


Goats on here can be casual but is mostly competitive (especially in ranked/tournaments), not many are seeking to play it "for fun". On the contrary, it's the "high-octane dueling action" that goats can offer that draws people in.

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Thanks. I will have to check out the DGZ Discord.


Sinister, yeah, but I think as long as no cards were played (i.e. just thinking about moves, etc.) then it is not really a huge deal breaker (of course it could be a mind game ;)). If it is ranked play or a tournament then it might be a different story, depending on how it goes / what the tournament is. Obviously, more rules are truly enforced at that point.


As for the CoTH+Goats. It was relatively simple and silly mistake/misplay. I didn't argue on it after a few seconds of actually reading the cards and looking something up really quickly to confirm I was wrong (because you get BS'ed by some people, so just to be safe I googled it).


The exact scenario was: mid game going into late game, both fields were clear (I am +2 or +3 on my opponent and ahead on life), in M2 I set Call + goats and passed, the opponent heavied and I chained CoTH + Goats. I can't actually do that because of Goats SS restriction, but I wasn't really thinking about that as I was baiting the Heavy (there was a 3 min or so pause from my setting and the actually heavy play, he was thinking about his plays and my mind wandered away). I chained CoTH on a sangan and so the goats were irrelevant (i.e. I didn't really need them). The main issue was as soon as I made that chain my opponent was saying I was trying to intentionally cheat. I just misread the cards and thought of yeah, just chain them together...oh wait, yeah can't do that (whoops). Simple as that and not malicious, just a silly play that happens and really only gets better once you play more. I think I was facing an aggro zoo deck, so it was not really like he playing the most fun of decks either.


As for the fun vs competitive. Yeah, that is true. I guess it depends on the players and the circumstances. I believe that if you are trying to be diehard competitive (i.e. it is not really fun or an enjoyable atmosphere) outside of a tournament then it is kind of pointless to play old formats vs whatever the current one is. Basically, it is all just for fun as there are not really any prizes and sometimes letting proxies and things be changed forces you to learn new ways on how to play against certain things. A good example is when I let an opponent proxy a metamorph target for sanagan. I had to learn how to play around that kind of a scenario and actually liked doing that because I rarely, if ever, see that happen. I gained technical knowledge and my opponent gained deck building knowledge about strange but relevant extra deck (or is more appropriate to call it the original name, a fusion deck) choices.

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