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DuelistGroundz Seasonal Playoffs - Spring 2018 | Information & Coverage

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-Players have a maximum of 3 days to find their opponent and play their round. If a match is not completed, War Council will award the win to the player who appeared more active.

-If there is an uneven number of players in a playoff bracket, byes will always be awarded to the highest seed. If there is an even number of players in a playoff bracket, WR1 pairings will be determined by the top seeds choosing their respective opponents in order of seeding.

-Decklists are locked for all DSP events. Please submit your decklists to MMF before playing your first round.



Bracket - Goat



Qualified Players

1. Chevalier de Fromage

2. Noxjja

3. Iwasbanned0ndn

4. Silver


Bracket - Current



Qualified Players

1. Noxjja

2. Chevalier de Fromage


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