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Aaron    2007

I'm thinking of starting this for movies too but wanted to put the feelers out. 


Who is game for starting a video-game club?  Say 1x game per month, a set of us all play and talk shit about. It can be a new game or old game you've already played [altho obviously we'd mind spoilers] and I think its be pretty awesome. 


I want to do this too for Films/Anime/TV eventually. I feel Films would be the simplest, anime wouldn't be too difficult because its very bingey, TV might be harder. However I think video-games are actually far more rewarding and personal compared to a 2 hour film. Like a 2hour film you just critique the shit out of it or like it/love it but a video game can give you so many epic memories and difficulties you've faced. I wish for example I'd played Divinity Original sin alongside someone else because theres literally 83748748748 different ways to go about the game. Similarly with BOTW, so many fucking secrets that I wish I'd shared personally w/people rather than youtube vids. 

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Bazoo    5693

i can't promise I would completely finish every game but I like the motivational aspect. Also would we be conscious about availability? Basically very interested but wouldnt want to purchase new $60 games every month (maybe we could alternate every month, NES/SNES/PS1 game that can be easily emulated, then the next month newer gen, etc.) 

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