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Could someone invite me to the discord server?

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28 minutes ago, Shaman said:

rei and Atem drove out all the dissenting opinions years ago and now this forum is on life support

I don't know abt. Earl(He pretty well left during Allen's tenure as Head Admin and isn't coming back) but when it comes to rei he will likely run u off even if he wholeheartedly agrees with u on most things but u happen to be a total dick and especially if u happen to be a dick who is disregarding the rules. I honestly don't believe they created the problem of shutting down dissenting opinions it was a part of the culture that came from the elitist prick insiderism that formed in the Yugiohgroundz and collapsed when many of the big shots like Hoban and Jeff left. 

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@Shaman A little perspective:


That highest peak was June 19th 2007. You could argue activity leveled and held for abt 2 years but in all honesty, DGz was only going down before you even made your account. If you where running DGz do you honestly believe you could have kept posting at 2010 levels of around at least 1,500 posts a day? 

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