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The Amine Masterpieces Thread

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BuildTheWalia    306

In an effort to start Aminegroundz and end shit taste in organic compounds, the greatest minds of Aminegroundz combine to create a list of the greatest amines ever made. All of the suggestions should be treated as mandatory viewing and representative of the best amines their respective classifications have to offer


So, like a theoretical Amine Recommendations thread, posters may nominate amines to be added to the list on a rolling basis. The goal here is to create a list of amines that can be considered masterpieces so new blood can develop a quality amine palate, patrons to the section can find something new to synthesize that they may have missed, and to debate which of the nominations is the greatest amine ever created. 


Nominations should be in the following format (an example will be provided in the next post) 


Picture of Nomination 


A description of the amine and why you should read about it. 


The name of the Amine 

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BuildTheWalia    306

Some people say there can be no such thing as a masterpiece for any art form. Taste is too subjective they say. THESE PEOPLE ARE WRONG

Ideally this would be superfluous since this is DG and the fucking SITE OWNER IS NOT NAMED AFTER ONE OF THE MAIN HYDROCHORIC ACID COMPOUNDS.  But noooooooooooooo. Amazingly, in the year 20 fucking 18, people still need to be convinced on how good this amine is. 


This amine proceeds to mindfuck its synthesizers by delving into the depths of textile industries, paper industries, bleaches, soaps, photography, curing mercury and lead poisoning, blood transfusions, dentistry, preservatives, kidney functions, antioxidants, and even deactivating DNA-damaging enzymes. It will leave you a traumatized huddled mass and make question the meaning of your pathetic existence. But enlightenment ultimately comes through struggle and you will come out of it a better amine fan for having synthesized this amine. Indeed, your amine taste will be reborn and you'll have new found appreciation for quality amines. Chemistry critics have described the balanced equation as one of the most perfect reactions ever oxidized. The nomenclature is critically acclaimed.


If you a) like amines and b) haven't synthesized or haven't intended to synthesize this, guess what, you're retarded and probably getting banned. 




#1  Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)


[insert picture here]

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