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So me and my friend Mohammed were playing Yu-gi-oh. We decided to do a deck swap (I was playing Bujins and he was playing what I could only describe as Removal Swap) (I'll make a post on Swap sometime later, it's actually kinda interesting). We took our starting hands and I drew (A bunch of spells that required me to control monsters (including Creature Swap) a birck so I decided to go second. Mohammed opened and set two cards. Then he ended his turn. I drew a copy of Ghost Ogre. I passed. Mohammed took his turn and drew  card. He set another card face-down. I took my turn. I set the Ghost Orge face-down. HARD. I took my 4th or so turn and I finally drew a monster. Mystic Tomato. Yes my freind runs Mystic Tomato. It is actually kind of good for combo's in Swap (ie, Swap Tomato with bigger monster, destroy Tomato, Float onto your field (presumably a Gandora X but other option are there) and attack with Floated monster) though it isn't that great it is certainly a +3 with Gandora X. I direct attacked with Tomato. Mohammed didn't respond. This continued until Mohmaed finally summoned a monster. A boar in defense mode. I couldn't run over it Tomatoo so I did a pretty neat play if I do say so myself. I flipped open my Ghost Ogre and used swap to get out his Boar. Then I switched Boar to attack and swung for game. 

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