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What if Yugioh cards had flavor text

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Blackshoed    9

Here are some simple flavor text for iconic cards (does not work for normal monster as they already have flavor text)

Black Rose Dragon

Perhaps the garden if faulty 

no nothing has been destroyed at least nothing of value

Five Headed Dragon

And they say two heads are better than one

Thousand Dragon

He has lived 1000 years, he will deal you 1000 damage

Insect Queen

Even among bugs and filth there are rules and for every rule there is a ruler

The Legendary Fisherman

Known among the Umio as a god like legend. He is with the ocean and the ocean is within him.


Nobosy will consider themselves unique after meeting me.

Silfer the Sky Dragon

For the dusk.

Toward the Sky

And enter Heaven without dying

THe is the story of Osiris god of the sky


Our perfect creation

Monster Reborn

Senet anyone



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+rei+    34998


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Faint    5966

Pyramid of Light

A structure of immense power in Egypt, not Africa lol

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