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Describe a Yu-Gi-Oh! card with a DGZ Meme

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Faint    5861

Pyramid of Light

A structure of immense power in Egypt, not Africa lol


Exiled Force

We are not your personal army


Reckless Greed

Yo, money


Mind Master

Thoughts create emotions



Should I go to YCS or Prom?



Ban reggie


Supreme rage

Oh boy jazz and mark are playing mafia again


Pot of Greed

endless you are only famous because of starwind you are only famous because you kissed a boy jeff jones you're a faggot




im sure there are plenty more

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NB96    858

Sylvan Hermitree

do you know who I am? I could probably ask players 100x better than DGz to give me advice but it's like 3am, I just got done with Hearthstone for the day, looked at seeral sponsorship deals from organizations that have approached me offering me a salary to play Hearthstone, found out Zunechan is now on Twitch (so I just rubbed one out) and I wanted to learn how to play a Yu-Gi-Oh deck at nationals FOR FUN, (you know, because I already beat this game) and see if I could top nationals with less than 2 weeks of practice (could do it in a day of practice if I already knew what the cards/combos did). Maybe I'd actually have insight, you know, because even though I don't play anymore, I'm still better than 99.99% of you on this site, even better than 99.99% of other 'good players'. I guarantee I'd figure it all out on my own but if I had a cheat sheet, I'd actually be able to provide insight faster.

GJ DGz 2014 for continuing to prove you're a bunch of tools. I'm glad you take a card game where you don't even get paid to play so seriously. 

Neg me all you want but I still got a YCS trophy that I don't even know where it is.

Edited by NB96

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Faint    5861
5 hours ago, The Antagonist said:

Little D


Lord Of D

Jeff jones


Monster Reborn

free Reggie


Dark Hole

I fucked my gf so hard in the ass last night lol

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+rei+    34688

Cold Feet

I am so lucky but I don't know what to do

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Soul    7945

I actually have a really big one, thx

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