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Subs Signup Thread for Lets Revive Mafia

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9 players: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=2d3



Host Specific Rules:


- 48h day / 24+h night

- ties end in random lynch

- no majority day 1(After d1 if majority is hit the remainder of the phase may end up being added to the night phase to better my schedule meaning night phases may exceed 24 hrs)

- 4 post quota(You WILL be Modkilled for missing quota. Be timely in letting me know if you need to sub out.)


Should Be Obvious But Will Restate Again Anyhow:

- Speak To Your Host Via PM AND Do NOT publically state intent to sub out! 

- Read Your Dog On Role PM!

- DON'T copy paste or screenshot your role pm


- All Sitewide Rules Apply



1. Solstice


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