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What do you like and enjoy about yugioh? And what do you dislike or is unhappy about with yugioh?

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I'd like to hear from both former and current players of the game. What is it that you like about yugioh and the things you find enjoyable about it? And then what are the things you do not like and is unhappy about with yugioh?


As a former yugioh player myself, I became unhappy with the costs involved, but I really should have been smarter and realized it sooner since virtually almost all trading or collectible card games are money sinks. I could have avoided this if I had started off with playing only electronic and digital formats and stuck with only those formats throughout instead of ever touching the physical card game. The costs of having to keep up with the constant changing and updated banlist and keeping up with the latest meta. It really is a rich person's game more or less. If you can't keep up, and fall behind it's going to be very hard to catch up, and then I realized maybe it's still not a good idea at all with the way how the banlist really is and how it affects the cost of keeping up with the game's meta.


The game balance is the other thing I wasn't satisfied with and realized that the game does not get more balanced each banlist, but rather becomes even more broken from new and more overpowered cards that are released. And I realized it was necessary because that's the only way Konami can continue to actually make a profit off of it.


The lack of multiple formats and inflexibility is also what I didn't like about it. Because in general, you can only play advanced format, no variety of formats offered, not even an alternate format that isn't very broken and so fast paced. Even if they are used such as sealed deck formats, etc., those are very rare, at least throughout in my area.


The things I did however enjoyed was back in the days of playing with starter decks and structure decks, as it was more playable and games don't end so quickly. I probably should have just stopped at the first 4 starter decks for Kaiba, Yugi, Pegasus and Joey, but the later structure decks were much better and funner overall.


The early days when the cards are relevant to the first saga of the anime, although I barely really keep up with the anime episodes and realized that the cards in the anime are drastically different than those that are in the actual card game itself.

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