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For those who don't know, DuelingBook.com added a create-a-card feature with its own room to go with it. This has pretty quickly spawned an idea for a new format...


Meme Format Rules

1. All cards in your deck must be custom cards.

2. Games are played best out of 1, no sidedecking.

3. You need at least 5 people watching your duel in order to start (the more, the better).

4. The game ends when a player's lifepoints are reduced to 0 or another win condition is reached.

5. However, when a win condition has been reached, it's not necessarily the case that the player who won actually wins. Instead, the watchers of the duel vote on whose cards were funnier/more interesting/more creative. The player who got the most votes actually wins.


Basically, think of it as a hybrid between Cards Against Humanity and Yugioh.

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Brandis72    40

I may attempt to participate in this at some point - excited to see how this all turns out (and please post replays)!

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