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Prae Yoshiru

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Championship is looking for War Adjucators!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Prae Yoshiru and I am a part owner of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online Championship (YOC) discord server!

YOC is a discord server made for the intention of re-inventing the competitive War Scene and bringing it to you guys.We are primarly Dueling Book based and intend to stay that way.Our staff team contains players and staff members of the Dueling Network war scene era and we are looking to expand our staff team by adding talented and interested people from Dueling Book into our staff team.

In this thread I will provide you with eight questions we ask for you to answer in order to let us know if you are competent enough to join our staff team.From there we shall private message you either through discord or by replying to this thread to let you know if you pass onto the next round.

The questions are as follows : 

Your Discord:
Any other contact information that you believe is easier to access you by:

1.How comfortable are you with Yu-Gi-Oh rulings?
2.Are you familiar with Konami's tournament policies?
3.Any relevant experience in leading a war scene or being a staff member of one(please provide proof to back up these claims in the form of links or screenshots)?
4.What do you bring to our staff team?
5.Why are you applying for this position?
6.Tell us more about you and your interests.
7.How do you find yourself working in groups and on group projects that are based on tight deadlines and team communication?
8.Ask us anything!

I'm open to answer any and all questions through either my discord, which is Yoshiru#4226, or replying to this thread.

Good luck and thank you for reading this thread!


NOTE : Since I'm new to this forum, if I posted this in the wrong section, please private message me to solve the issue.

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