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Would you consider 5ds done after the Dark singer arc

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NB96    860

Yes the other stuff made no sense to me and they changed the ending of season 2 and made the mid boss the final opponent

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Nate1080    1241

Yeah, after the Dark Signer Arc it went to shit immediately and kind of backslid into doing things that they typically did in YGO anime when they have no idea where to take it.


There was a bunch of filler that led into a shitty and lazy tournament arc (that sidelined pretty much half the main cast and basically downgraded Crow to Joey status imo), which eventually led into some near convoluted arc with some futuristic time travel group with a shitty pointless twist ending (He was future Yusei...but he really wasn't, just a crazy guy who did plastic surgery on himself. WAT?). Then Yusei turns super sayian in the last episode, because Shonen anime.




5Ds was literally the best YGO anime until after the Dark Signer arc imo. Battle City is a very close second.

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Blackshoed    9

What's third? The barain arc in Zexal (things get really good)? Early Arc-V/Maiami City Tournament? Or GX's 3rd and 4th seasons.

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