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Can we get Plus EV with coin toss/die roll cards?

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I was just thinking about a card like Cup of Ace, it states, flip a coin and the winner draws 2 cards. I know it may seem crazy to run luck based cards that include coin flips or dice rolls, but what if we could use a card like this to increase our winrate on Dueling Book. I know many may not care about ranking up on there but for me personally it's addictive trying to grind on the Dueling Book singles for the number 1 spot. If we could discover a coin flip card that would give us in theory a 51 percent chance of winning long term I think it would be worth it for something like Dueling Book grinding. This idea is also present in cards that don't include coin flips and dice rolls. One of many examples is Running the one copy of Speed Roid Terrortop, with the Dead wind card alongside it. The reward of the lone Terrortop should pay off more than the downside in a deck like Sekka BA. So this idea is at work at the higher levels of Gameplay. But lets say I decided to use a card like Cup of Ace with strategic theory behind it. For example I can play it when I'm in a losing situation, or I can play it when I'm guaranteed to make an unbreakable board, or I can Play it when I draw a brick hand that's guaranteed to lose without help. Remember I'm just looking for an edge in ranking up on Dueling book, so If I can win more than 50 percent of my games I consider that enough to help me rank up the DB ladder. This Strategy could possible be useful in a tournament if we had the mindset that we need to get lucky to win the event. Overall I'm wondering if a edge can be found in coin flip/dice roll cards that can increase win rate in the long run. I understand that this idea is present in cards that don't include dice roll and coin flips but I love the game so I enjoy when Theory is used in Yugioh. I also have a love for Auto Win Cards such as theĀ  2012 Chaos Dragon Future Fusion, and the lone Gateway spell in Six Samurai 2012. I'm currently running Burning Abyss faithfully so I love doing things like running Dark Armed Dragon as my medium risk, high reward card to mimic my love for the auto win type cards. Looking for more ideas to put this strategy in use. I play Yugioh for fun but I do want to win a championship, I just want to win it with one of my favorite decks which means I accept that I have to get Lucky to Win an Event. For example the person that won a YCS in Wind Up format 2012 with Six Samurai got lucky and opened Gateway a lot of games. I have faith that I can pull something like this off one day. Chess and Poker are the hobbies that I'm super motivated to play at the highest level, but for Yugioh I just want to win an high profile event, make a name for myself and switch to only Playing Goat format Yugioh at that point because I wouldn't really have any more motivation for Modern Yugioh once I win the event I desire to win the most. One other big Yugioh goal I have is to invent a FTK deck that forces an emergency banlist, similar to Frog FTK from 2010, That may seem like a huge and lofty goal, but I love trying and I love this game. Thank you for reading, let me know what you think.

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