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what are you doing with your life in 2020

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+Urthor    10234

I'm finishing college in June and got probably the best internship out of my whole class doing backend database work full/part time while I study till I graduate for big bizness, but it's kicking my butt and I feel super huge imposter syndrome doing 5% of the work of my boss after being there for 6 weeks. 


Got my shit together big time when I got the offer on a lot of fronts because it's something I really cared about, am a lot fitter but I've basically put 10kg on in the last year which is unnerving, even though I'm way more athletic than I was ~1y ago.  



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»Tygo    14141

Doing more open mics and expanding my comedy footprint and hopefully transferring to a branch of my bank that allows 1 of 3 things:

Better hours

Pay raise



Due for one of the three in March.

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