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Needing help with the deck

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lavaman555    361

Hey guys, it’s me, and this time, I actually need some help, idc if you roast me for the card choices, but I’d really like some help. I’ve built Adamancipator, but I know it’s not that great. I’d like to make it even better. Also, ignore the one card in side, it’s in the side, but I’m also still fixing up the deck.


3 Adamancipator Researcher

3 Adamancipator Seeker

2 Adamancipator Analyzer

1 Adamancipator Crystal - Dragite

1 Gigantes

1 The Rock Spirit

3 Nemeses Keystone

3 Koa’ki Meiru Guardian

3 Koa’ki Meiru Supplier

3 Doki Doki

1 Rock Band Xenoguitar

3 Madolche Petingcessoeur

3 Tenyi Spirit - Adhara

3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Springs

1 Dark Magician

1 Red-Eyes Black Dragon

3 Adamancipator Signs

1 Red-Eyes Fusion

1 Harpie’s Feather Duster

1 Called by the Grave

1 Monster Reborn

3 Infinite Impermanence


1 Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

1 Adamancipator Risen - Dragite

1 Adamancipator Risen - Leonite

1 Adamancipator Risen - Raptite

1 Borreload Savage Dragon

1 Accesscode Talker

1 Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

1 Crystron Halqifibrax

1 I:P Masquerena

1 Knightmare Phoenix

1 Knightmare Unicorn

1 Predaplant Verte Anaconda

1 Coral Dragon (100% is coming out for something else)




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