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Favorite Song Lyrics

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OraCLe    21
IMO one of the best songs written in a very, very long time...

Lord, hear me now

Junk boats and English boys

Crashing out into the noise

Electric fences and guns

You swallow me

I'm just a pill on your tongue

Up here on the nineteenth floor

The neon lights make me numb

And late in a star's life

It begins to explode

And all the people in a dream

Wait for the machine

Pick the shit up keep things clean

Kid hang over here

What you learning in school?

Is the rise of an eastern sun

Gonna be alright for everyone?

The radio station disappeared

Music turned into thin air

The DJ was the last to leave

She had well conditioned hair

Was beautiful but nothing really was there

Who is that???



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»...Arson    7756

im gonna have to download those gorrillaz again.

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»...Arson    7756

Untitled 01

Well I wrote your name and burned it,

To see the colour of the flame.

And it burned out the whole spectrum,

As if you were everything.

Mine just burned gold,

A normal flame.

I am not anything.

And all that I remember the feeling of waking up.

We were kids, you were the sun to which my eyes would not adjust.

We were kids, I was a fountain.

You could never drink enough.

Then came all the boys who swept you up play careless with your heart.

Every night there was a new girl sitting beside me in my car.

Something dies when you grow older,

But you do the best you can.

I am glad.

I am glad...

You found a good man.

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