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This story is of the members of this board. They all access a virtual world without knowing that the others are their friends from TCGeneration. The virtual world, known as the gen (no ripoff of Derek, believe it), is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) very similer to 'The World' of the .hack// series (hence the name). Although it starts off fairly reasonable, i warn you now that it will be a darker tale later on, featuring deaths both within the MMORPG and in the real world.

Either way, thank you and enjoy.

Ash 'rei' Slaughter



This story was started on my old forum, TCGeneration. I find now is time to revive the cycle. I feel the need to write and have improved as a writer to the point I can do this again. Here is the prologue, created two years ago, with many different experiances in my mind. The further chapters (there will be fourteen) will be either partially or completly rewritten.

Thanks again

Ash 'rei' Slaughter




Ash 'rei' Slaugher

In the darkness, a phone was picked up.

“Hello?” said the answering voice.

“Whats gotten into you? This job is consuming you! Its as if there are now two entities! The one as your character in the proto, and the one manipulating everything from a programming perspective! What the fuck!” the voice over the phone yelled.


“LonleyShonen you idiot! YOU DO NOT USE REAL NAMES! NEVER FORGET THAT! This... this thing youve created of yourself, Chorin, its consuming your mind in real life somehow. Its splitting your mind in half! You need to control yourself! You-”

“That will be enough, Prog-kami. I used your codename. Are you happy? Either way, the system is ready. Chorin will enjoy it. Let the games begin” stated 'LonleyShonen' while slamming the phone down.

~ ~ ~

A phone rang in a dim, but not yet dark room. A girl picked it up.


“Who is this?”

“Oh, its just you.”

“Join what?”

“I guess. It sounds fun.”

“Will you be on it”


~ ~ ~

Prog-kami sat at a desk where he had just watched his creation turned into something dark and hideous, under the guise of a 'safe' online game, by someone he thought to be a friend. He pondered what spawned the transformation in LonelyShonen, and was about to start typing a warning on his forum, but he didnt see the dark figure approaching behind him...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Just showing how three (or is that more than three?) key characters get into the game and some backstory to go with that. Prog-kami's identity was technically revealed if your paying attention, but the other two remain a mystery. It also leaves some questions like who was on the other end of the phone in the girl's room? What were the two phone conversations about? Who is the dark figure? And whats going on in LonelyShonen's head? You will have to see....

Welcome to .hack//GENERATION.

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