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...And I'm the one that knows nothing?

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So today it seems my knowledge is challenged again

"Why, you don't have a band! You can barely sing!

How, oh how, could you ever possibly understand?"

Well, in some respects, I'd like to think I'm a writer aspiring

Even though most of my stuff fades out faster than it sinks in

But okay, yes, I'll admit I have some questionable taste

But then you can't even back up what you state

I collectively listen to a lot of everything

From all the nooks and seams, even if it's not Top-40 of any kind

Music is a passion, but not life dreams

For fuck's sake, I design websites; I don't plan to mind

Fact everyone acts like my opinions could possibly be a'changin'

It's not my fault that I might be the right one

But if I'm not, like, let me admit to being wrong

-Fin, bitches-

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Guest Talib Kweli   
Guest Talib Kweli

It was good until "a'changin'"

I lol'd.

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+rei+    34664

Decent for just a rant. Dont like "a changin" and dont like the lack of allegory or metaphor, but its a rant so I cant complain about that XD

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