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A Sword Jet Li kinda thing ;\

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BlackwindX    8

-Warriors that will chew off ur nuts.



1|Pgd|Don Zaloog

1|Ct1|Blade Knight

1|Sd5|Exiled Force

1|Dbt|D.D. Assailant

1|Db2|Morphing Jar

3|Crv|Cyber Dragon

1|Soi|Treeborn Frog

2|Mrl|Mystic Tomato

2|Sd6|Magician of Faith

1|Sd5|D.D. Warrior Lady

2|Sd4|Mobius the Frost Monarch

2|Ast|Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

1|Sd6|Breaker the Magical Warrior

-Teh Ninjitsu's and weaponz shit that will stab ur muthafuckin eye ballz out.


1|Sd5|Snatch Steal

1|Sd6|Heavy Storm

1|Een|Pot of Avarice

1|Db2|Graceful Charity

1|Sd6|Premature Burial

2|Ioc|Smashing Ground

2|Ske|Nobleman of Crossout

1|Lod|Reinforcement of the Army

1|Sd6|Mystical Space Typhoon

-Hidden Traps That will break u through the muthafuckin floor.

1|Sd3|Call Of The Haunted

2|Mrd|Solemn Judgment

1|Sd4|Torrential Tribute

2|Ysd|Dust Tornado

1|Mrd|Mirror Force

R/F stuff ya. Jus Do it muthafucka.

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BlackwindX    8

13 Views and No Posts? COME ON!

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