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Heavy Metal King

Strike/Soul control, Jae Kim flavored

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ok, a strike/return deck with a focus on tribs. an earlier build focused upon an apprentice engine, but i like this engine better.


3-Blowback Dragon


1-Dark Magician of Chaos

3-Mystic Tomato

3-Strike Ninja

3-Spirit Reaper


2-D.D. Scout Plane

1-Cyber Stein (With full fusion deck, of course)



1-Morphing Jar


2-Nobleman of Crossout

2-Brain control

1-Soul Exchange

1-Soul Absorbtion (1500 everytime i dodge with strike? yes ma'am)

1-Last Will

1-Mystical Space Typhoon

1-Heavy Storm

1-Snatch Steal

1-Graceful Charity

1-Reinforcement of the Army



2-Return from the Different Dimension

2-Dust Tornado

1-Torrential Tribute

1-Mirror Force

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