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Game07 UK Report

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Oh what a Epic weekend.


I get woken up at like 8am as some crazy asian called Hanwei Tang is ringing me, i chose to ignore it and wash instead. I then head into Reading grab some cash and procede to go to Cambridge to meet that sexy man Joe Whittaker. After afew hours of playing games with Joe, i was thinking of playing his 'Possiable' Euroz.dek at Game, but decide not to. I then pick my stuff and make the journey to Slough.

I arrive at Slough meet up with David Price and then wait for James Baker to come along. =). He gets there and we go to the 'Players Club' where i procede to go 4-1 losing to Tony Brooke and his Monarch Deck (Which slightly annoyed me as my main/side counters Monarch's usually very easily). We then go to McDonald's with Hardeep Bhandel and then drop him off home and then go to mine. Where we playtest and build decks.


We jump into the car about 0430 were we procede to listen to the Vengaboys (Man that was funny lol) Baker falls asleep, and i fall asleep for like a hour, i wake up and feel sorry for Dave who's driving us. We get there park and get kinda lost to i send Duncan a 'come and get me' text. He ring's me and asks me where i am i go 'McDonald's on Portland Steet' hes like ok i'll be there in 5minutes, turns out we were standing next to the hotel hes staying at lol.

So we get to the venue to be told that pre-registered people get a smaller queue so me, Dave and Baker go to the long queue, seconds later the pre-registered people have to join OUR queue to get in. I jump afew places as i go to talk to Mark Lightfoot (we also look at the cute red head girl in her underwear), we then procede to get Hanwei (Whos like a mile in front of us) to buy our tickets, so we go in and get told the format which is King Of Games best of one (you gotta do a decklist and keep the same deck all weekend), so i decide to drop the shrinks for a Mind Crush and a Uraby for giggles and main some extra anti-burn stuff just incase.

Tournament 2

I play Lightfoot first game, and lose as hes playing Gravekeeper's which like stops 14 cards in my deck.

So i line up for another one, i find out that me and Alan McDonald will be in it =).

Tournament 4

I have to play Luke Smythe first whos running standard monarch's, I uraby kill him =). I then play Adam Simpson and Dustshoot/Crush him to gain ALOT of advantage. I then play McDonald in the final, and Uraby him for 3000 damage, he snatch's and i have to Mirror Force it =( in order to win with Wildheart.

So its 11am and i qualified for Tomorrow so i have nothing to do but look round and look at the cute red hear girl, then Chris Kirkham and Vito Innocenti qualify then other guys qualify. So me, Simon Ho, Vito, Alan, Mike Stenning and some body else (I think it was Chris Kirkham) go to the food court, me and Alan grab a KFC and sit down with Vito. Its then i notice this woman next to us is doing something quite weird and i look away as i look away i notice Vito is looking at this woman, i then go to see what he is looking at and the woman is BREAST FEEDING HER BABY In clear vue of Vito, so i tell him to stop looking he goes all bright red and says 'I was looking for Stenning' i tell Alan whats going on (as his backs to the wall and cannot see) we both giggle like mad as Vito cannot stop looking at this woman. LOL.

So we go back to the event, its like soo boring and everyone qualifies so me and Dave hit the bar upstairs for afew drinks, watch the WINX tournament then go to Pizza Hut with Duncan, Marko, Yata, Chris, Andrew Lam, Baker, Random Manchester kid with Dave joining later. Takes ages to get seated and i told Duncan i fount one of the waitress's was 'Cute, but prob 24' hes like 'nah shes gotta be 22' Marko calls us both stupid and says shes prolly '20'. So after eating and the cute waitress leaving as her shift ended, another waitress bring us our cheque and Duncan goes 'How old was that other waitress?' to which the one serving us goes 'Which one' Duncan points to me and goes 'The One Paul Fancies' XP. I just went bright red and laughed as he put me on the spot. Turns out her name was Jodie and she was 20, i beg Duncan that if we have enough time that we go to Pizza Hut Sunday aswell LOL. We then procede to go to Hotels and sleep.


We wake up, and head to the venue. I procede to go 3-3 in the tournament (2 to normal monarch's which annoyed me as much as it did Friday and one to Anthony Tiplady when i had crazy advantage, but thats as Jinzo wins games). I then have the funniest match with Dave Price R6, we play open handed game 1, then we give eachother our main and side decks together and the oppenent drops 15 random cards. Dave wastes all of his cards (Including a Smashing Ground and a Ring Of Destruction) to try and Snipe Hunter a Banisher Of The Radience as he MISSES ALL 4 TIMES XP. Me and him are like Laughing so hard that everyone near enough has stopped playing and looked at us wondering how we can be having so much fun at a Children's Card Game.

I also manage to take a picture of Vito and Baker with Clone Troopers, the one with Vito looks like he is being Raped by the trooper XP. Trust Vito to make 2 EPIC stories this weekend.

We procede to trade for a Trooper for me, and other stuff before seeing Galy win. Then heading home.


Dave for driving

Baker for being pr0






Simon Ho

Andrew Lam


Yu-Gi-Oh getting in the way of a good social event. lol

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Max    430

so who won ? who's coming to Indy ?

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Galy De Oliviera (SP?) this is his report.

Ok this report is going to be very vague as I didn’t write anything up and just doing it from memory. So stenning came over Friday and we hung around play pro evo and just deciding on a deck. We had both of our decks half finished by Saturday and we finished them on the train to game07. Then day1 my deck just wasn’t working haha. It took me agesss to qualify as I kept losing in the mini tournaments icon_sad, finally qualified and just randomly hung out. Day 2, not feeling very confident as I lost quite a lot, one downer was losing to a 50 card deck or something that first turned confi’d me lol So yeh, wait for pairings to go up and I’ve got hanwei’s burn 1st round…damn lol.

Round 1 Hanwei (burn) vs Me (monarch)

Game1 – I don’t think he draws too good, I just beat him down with small monsters that get by level limit.

Game2 – I side decree, keep raizing his set monster and attacking with my smaller monsters and then I hit MJar but he still has no outs for decree so I take that.

Round 2 Cool guy (six samurai) vs Me (monarch)

Game1 and Game2 are quite close but I can’t really remember much except I confi’d him in one and then took it from there.

Round 3 and 4 I took 2 – 0 both as well, both monarch varients. Three of the duels were 1 sided but one was very close, during game3 he d.d. crow’d my frog, I know he has a dead pot in hand, I summon snipe, prem banisher and discard nobleman to kill cyber, I rolled ok, then ran over frog and he couldn’t top out of it.

So I was one of 6 guys on 4 – 0 and I have to play Simon Ho now.

Round 5 Simon Ho (d hero stuff) vs Me (monarch)

So apart from his game loss due to forgetting to write card trooper in his side deck and only having 14, neither him nor me had dropped a game thus far. I take game one with some snipe/cyber/brain action during turn 3 or 4. Game2 I side in a load of stuff and draw nothing, he beats me down quite easily. Game3 I side keep the same side and I’m sure he sides decree so I had sided in snipe/mobius and stuff and he drew decree x2 before I managed to do anything and that was it, bad draws but still can’t complain he beat me fair and square.

Round 6 Some dude (crystal beasts) vs Me (Monarch)

Ok so I was 3rd, the highest placed 4 – 1 because I had only lost to simon and 3 of my other opponents were also 4 – 1. Can’t remember much except I won 2 – 0.

Ok so if I had scooped for my last opponent, we would have both top8’d as he finished 9th..sorry man. So I finished second with sky high tie breakers as 4 of my swiss opponents also top8’d and I hadn’t dropped a single game all day except to Simon so I was way happier than I was in the morning.

Top 8

I have to play the dude I beat in round 3 or 4, not sure.

Game1 – I play it so I have full control of the duel as I confi’d him made him attack tomato with cyber and set deko (I have Zaborg in hand) and he has nothing to stop it with or no other monsters, but he tops…yeh confi and now its me that can’t get rid of the dragon lol. I hang on for a bit and then I have brain control, I just need him to summon anything and I have game (I think lol can’t remember), and heavy is gone so I can’t remember why but I set my only 2 s/t and he hits the brain control with endphase mst instead of the dead dustshoot icon_sad. So yeh, I lose this.

Game 2 – takes a while but I take it, can’t remember how.

Game 3- I have raiza on field and I want him to zab/raiza it and leave no backfield and I have game, so yeh he raizas it attacks and end. I go summon trooper brain control game.

Top 4


Game1 – I take, can’t remember how (sorry guys lol bad memory)

Game2 – We both sided in banisher :P and he also sides kycoo which doesn’t really hurt me at all apart from Pot and Frog. I can’t remember how it got to the point but I had like a + 4 on his set decree which I raiza’d then Mobius’d for game. GG’s dude.

Top 2

So yeh Simon lost in the semi’s. So I have to play chris.

Game1- goes something like he sets sangan and TT. I set mon. He tops machine duplication, flips sangan TT’s everything (my deko) gets trooper and yeh I don’t have an out.

Game2 – his hand is horrible lol 2 malicious, but he tops ddraw discard one, ddraw the discard the other but I manage to take it.

Game3 – I overran him quite bad. I misplayed once during this game but he misplayed during the same play which saved my ass.

So yeh, I won icon_confused, haha. I got the trip to America, about 50 packs and a t shirt so that’s awesome.


Mike, Will, Hanwei, Simon, Mark, Gareth, Paul, Dave, Baker, Vito and everybody else who was cheering for me icon_smile

Banisher and Raiza FTW!

Dustshoot FTW!


Seeing everyone for the last time before I go

Great tournament

My deck working during day2

Dropping only 4 games all day

4 of my swiss opponents making Top8


Deck not working day1

Last UK tournament

Not going undefeated :P

UK National Champion Andrew Lam came 4th, with Simon Ho coming 3rd. Funny thing is that Galy moves to Panama soon anyways

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baller    402

Galy De Obaldia lol and yeh you could say I am a random as I haven't been to many tournaments, 4 to be exact.

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baller    402

Yeh man, it sure beats the prize of winning the regional. Like 2 boxes of aster I think it was.

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»Suicidal    267

let me correct you

if i don't know u or i never saw your name somewhere important to me , you are a random in my book ;x

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baller    402

How is that correcting me when I said I AM a random because I haven't been to many tournaments?

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Mehman    1

Basically I stay at Ray's for the weekend. I get the train on Friday afternoon and it's a fairly boring 2 hours because the internet connection on the train won't let me play online Mario Kart. Finally get into Liverpool at 5ish, grab a pizza and then play guitar with Ray for an hour or two. We ygo test a bit with my spare-terrible-cards-deck vs. T.dek, and obviously T.dek wins. We got to sleep around midnight and wake up at 6.30.

Cue long car journey. Opted to listen to The Eagles rather than something heavy, because it was early @_@ Got into Manchester at about 9, queue outside the venue for a LONG time. Duncan Tang and the rest of the Scottish guys arrive shortly after us, so the wait is less boring ^_^ Halfway through the wait a girl cosplaying as a demon of some sort (i.e. she was wearing next to nothing but had a tail) walked past and jesus CHRIST she was hot. A few stormtroopers and queue skipping later and we were in.

Finally they reveal the format of the tournament, and it's King of Games for day one with the winner of each qualifying for swiss with top 8 cut the next day. I sat next to a disgruntled Stenning and we wrote out decklists, with him maining some anti-Demise and anti-Burn tech for the format while I choose not to bother; we have to use the same decks for tomorrow, so I refuse to ruin T.dek by throwing in Dustshoots or Decrees.

I register for a tournament which happens to have Baker and Han-Wei also in it, but they both lose opening round and I run through and rape everyone with maybe 2 mins max per game. Ezpk.

I go for lunch with Paul, Alan McDonald, Stenning, Kirkham and Simon Ho. I'm sure Paul will detail the epic story in his report, and I'll post shortly after explaining <__<;

So after 10 minutes of ygo all day I figure I should play Paul for YCU online and I beat him 2-0 because toolbox isn't as fast as T and he doesn't draw particularly well. With ygo finished for the day, me and Ray leave around 5.

Sunday morning we wake up at a similar time and arrive at a similar time. I roflstomp a group of about 6 guys at Mario Kart, with three times reversing over the line. After a few races it was obvious they sucked, so when Stenning and Chris Kirkham arrived we took it in turns to do laps and still won by 10+ seconds lol.

At 10 the tournament starts, and thus my proper report begins =O

round 1 - Edmond Chung

At least I'm guessing it's Chung, although Mantis had it down as Chhung. Game one goes very smoothly, and I get a nice stroke of luck drawing Morph as my second card off DDraw then milling a Malicious for the last card off Trooper so I could OTK him. Game two he opens Confiscation, it goes back and forth and we're both on ~1000. I summon Trooper with prio, he Torrentials, I draw into Malicious with Morph in hand. He topdecks nothing, I topdeck another Morph, he topdecks a monster for game. Game three is just silly =[ I open 6 monsters with no Snipe and no Cyber, set Trooper end. He has Cyber/Banisher and my next draws are Pot of Avarice and Malicious. ygooo.


round 2 - Earth aggro

He does a fair bit of damage with Cyber/Lily/Snatch on my Stratos, but I OTK him the next turn since he has no backrow. Game two he opens with a t-set, I Cyber into the monster and it's Lily ._.; Next turn he has Gigantes/Snatch, but next turn I summon Cyber and run over Gigantes to nuke his entire field and take back Cyber, cueing Final Fantasy victory fanfare and forgetting to attack with the Cyber I get back due to laughing too much. I win next turn.


round 3 - Burn

One of the Scottish guys. Game one he opens bad (according to his constant sad face and moaning anyway) and I have him on 800 after being burned slightly. Massive card advantage for me, and I have 6 cards in hand to drop with my in-hand Snipe next turn. I run into Morphing Jar, he draws Lava Golem and Ring of Destruction, and gets a draw in the standby phase. Grrrr. Game two I side 2 Wombat 2 Decree 1 Mobius 1 MST, annihilate him. Game three he gets FIVE FRICKIN OJAMAS on my side of the field. I wait it out a few turns to see if he summons into Torrent. He does, but in the process does another 4000 damage to me while I was on 500 <_<

Final game, and it's rather scary for me but I manage to get an early lead and he's forced to Snipe his way out of a situation, I win with Morph on Malicious for game.


round 4 - gadget decree

lol ezpk 2-0. game one he Cyber/Hydros over my Snipe turn 3ish, next turn I Cyber, Brain his Cyber, run over both Hydros and Morph for Balter main phase 2. Game right there. Game two I open with a good hand, tell him it's the best hand I've seen all day and he becomes very sad. I have Premature on Disk Commander and Raiza for his Gadget and win within 4 turns with Brain on his Tomato followed by tributing for Dasher for game.


round 5 - stenning =[

great, teammate. Game one he opens Confiscation/Dustshoot and... nothing else. At all. I hit him with Cyber and Trooper for game within a couple of turns. Game two he opens with a perfect hand to compensate for game 1; Confiscation, Cyber, Snatch, Trooper, Duplication. gggggggggggggggg. Game three is AWFUL. I open with a Dustshoot, take the Cyber from his dead-card-hand. He's on 800 within a few turns. COMMENCE STALLING. He topdecks a lot of *** to get him slowly back in the game, including Scapegoat as his only out to save him from Snipe Hunter and previously Enemy Controller to stop Snipe Hunter for a turn! He eventually rips Raiza with Frog in grave, and he suddenly has card advantage after his series of perfect topdecks. I start to worry, after he points out Ring is gone I only have one way to actually win. I Pot of Avariced a random Cyber back with low cards in deck earlier, so I have ONE left. I topdeck a Morph and lol as I realise my win condition: Reaper on the Nightmare. He attacks into my Fear Monger and the pressure means he removes Monger instead of Disk. I think he changed it to Dasher after, but it didn't matter as the two cards I drew found the Cyber Dragon for Reaper on the Nightmare ftw.


round 6 - Lammy


game one I Mjar into an OTK hand with one drawback; I need to take control of and Morph his Cyber BEFORE Trunade, since it's got Call attached to it. I go to Snatch, and realise later I should have Brained instead, because he MSTs. It doesn't actually matter as he had Controller set, and took my last 700 LP next turn =[

game two I open fairly decently. He summons Lily a few turns in, I Torrential because I know his deck is crazy and if I leave it on the field I can lose very easily. He Prematures it, and next turn I Cyber/Stratos/Storm/set Ring for game.

game three I basically get aznhacked. He opens with summon Banisher set m/t. I draw Trooper, Torrent, Force, Trunade, Malicious and Morph, which is OKish. I have to Trunade because if it's one of his 3 Decrees I lose for sure. I set Trooper and Force and end, in a pretty decent position for next turn. He tributes Banisher for Jinzo and Prematures it -_______-; I topdeck another useless card, take a hit down to 1600 LP. I topdeck Snatch, take Jinzo and attack into Banisher, he Controllers it. In mainphase 2 I figure I may as well go out summoning the best fusion monster in the game, Ojama King. I put it in defense and set Torrent and end. He Snatches, goes in with Banisher. I flip Mirror Force, expecting Decree. He doesn't have it. He Calls Banisher for game, I Torrent it @_@ However, we're in time and I have 2 turns to do 5600 damage, and I can't even draw a summonable monster. Gg.

I did point out if he lost we'd BOTH top 8 for sure, but he says he's unsure of it. I check the breakers after and I was right, so I go and tell him and he say "Yeah, I knew". o__o;


I come 10th, only missing out on top 8 because the round 2 guy did horribly; two of my opponents top 8'd and the rest x-1'd, just the one guy went 1-5 or something -______-;

Props -

Generally awesome weekend

Galy winning

Guy called Potato He. Oh how I laughed.


Ridiculously hot cosplayer

Other cute ygo player

Jake lending me 3 Trooper and Raiza and Morphing Jar and Brain Control

Kevin for the 3 Malicious 3 Destiny Draw

Ray letting me stay over

Seeing everyone again and having a good time outside of the ygo

Stenning saying "OH LAWD" in hilarious fashion

Duncan and all the Scottish people being awesome

Slops -

Didn't see the cosplayer chick on the way out and thus couldn't get a picture (for the love of god somebody post one <_<)

Missing out on top 8 from a combination of azn hax and terrible opponents

Boring train journey


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tinzo    72

Nice report Paul, can I have the link to the UK YGO forum?

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baller    402

www.yugi.co.uk or www.yugioh.co.uk are the ones I know.

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'mike    12

Galy owned this shit with the deck I built with him =)

I lost to Crystal Beast of all things r3 (fucking Amythist Cat is gay) and to Vito r5.

Glay gets mad props for letting me stay at his place, but he does need to send me back my Raizas ._.;


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Strife    613

Aww Mike you're hurting my Amethyst Cat's feelings :P

Well I went 4-2 in Swiss with a modified version of Max's Crystal Beast Turbo, losing only to the D-Hero Monarch ran by Simon Ho which topped Swiss and Galy who of course won the tournament with his Monarchs. Ended up 9th overall for the second time in last 3 tournaments (only other non-sneak was about 2-3 years ago or so) so I'm not doing badly in tournament play, just need to get past being the bubble boy - think Dunc passed that luck to me.

Too many Monarch decks in UK - had to play 4 in the Swiss there.

But yeah, day 1 format sucked, but damm good tournament overall. Now to start working towards Pharoh Tour.

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Gary Oak    846

In clear vue of Vito, so i tell him to stop looking he goes all bright red and says 'I was looking for Stenning' i tell Alan whats going on (as his backs to the wall and cannot see) we both giggle like mad as Vito cannot stop looking at this woman. LOL.


boobies are a scary thing for the young

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NB96    859
Posted (edited)

Dude I recognise so many names from this thread

Edited by NB96

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NB96    859

Han wei had the fastest hand shuffling I ever saw in my life

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+rei+    34755

mfw i have half this thread on fb


rip max 


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