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phaeton isnt a fag anymore

have a virus? help is here [:

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The most common simptons of virus infection...

- strange processes that waste alot of your CPU.

- noticeable system slowdown.

- pop - ups, pop - ups, pop - ups,..

- strange warning[by your clock] that wants to limit your Windows Security Center.

- a shitload of unknown toolbars in Internet Explorer.

- your desktop picture changes into a warning.

- warnings of damaged files, folders.

- your antivirus finds some stuff, and it wants you to check it out.

System Restore

System Restore is supposed to make life easy when you experience a crash and similar inconveniences in Windows, but when trojans, viruses and worms are in the question its only going to be annoying and nothing else.

So its better that you turn it off, before you clean your system. How do we do that?

Right click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties". Click on System Restore and tick the "Turn off System Restore on all drives".

Click "Apply" and "OK". That's it. When you get to the end of this guide, you can turn it on. (I think we all know how to do that, eh? :D)

Turning "System Restore" off is recommendable, because it stops some viruses coming back, which they would with "System Restore" turned on.

Windows Vista is supposedly imune on this problem so you can leave System Restore on.

Getting ready to clean them bastards..

You can have many reasons to check your computer. It can be one of the above simptons, or only for caution, so you can check if everything is ok.

Couple of years ago, a friend made this site, with the purpose of joining links to every important cleaning tool for your computer. You'll find everything you need there.



Cleaning viruses, trojans and similiar shit.

So you looked at the page, now lets get down to business. :)

Find the catogory: "On-Demand Online Antivirus Scan".

Theres a whole bunch of them, let me tell you the best ones. Its best if you go in the order I listed.

First phase (scan)

- Trend Micro HouseCall (it doesnt matter if you choose ActiveX or Java, you dont need to use both!)

- BitDefender Online-Scan

- Microsoft Online Antivirus

- Panda ActiveScan

- NOD32 Online Scanner ( http://www.eset.com/onlinescan )

- ewido free malware scan ("Online Spyware and Trojan Check" category)

Second phase (doublecheck scan)

- McAfee FreeScan (needs the account you use to login in on Hotmail)

- Norton SecurityCheck

- Kaspersky Web Scanner

So, with the first phase we scan and with the second one we double check, because the ones listed in the first phase only scan and not clean.

Ok, ^programs will warn you for bad stuff. Just use Repair/Delete for everything they find.

Cleaning spyware

Next on the list is cleaning spyware. It's more tricky to clean, but you should be able to clean it in the end.

Download the following stuff from the page I gave you.

- Ad-aware SE

- SpyBot Search & Destroy

- Trend Micro Free Spyware Scan

- Microsoft Windows Defender (download requires orginal Windows, otherwise it's free!)

- Trend Micro CWShredder (for cleaning CoolWebSearch which can be a bitch)

When you download all of the programs, update them and start to scan the system in the order they are listed.

Clean everything they find. Just make sure you don't delete some adware that comes with usual program(like BS player).

The End

Job well done

Your system should be back in it's normal state.

If everything is normal, you are free to uninstall all of the programs, and delete their folders in "Program Files".

Job NOT well done

Cleaning wasn't succesful, because the simptoms are still showing.

From the webpage download "HiJack This 1.90.1" and make a HiJack This Log. Copy everything in that log to one of these two Log Analyzers..

HijackThis Log File Analysis


HiJackThis! Log Auto Analyzer V2


They should tell you which imputs are nasty, which are suspicious and which are safe. Use this, if you want to a safe, easy and fast way to check your computer log, without having to wait for the right person to check your logs.

Those were some basic instructions to help yourself against the war with viruses.

I hope i was helpful to any of you. :)

bye :)

P.S.: Sorry for my grammar.^^

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Quack    1840

For the Kaspersky Web Scanner

NOTE: The online virus scanner will not remove the malware from your machine if it finds it - installing our software is required to do this. You can try our antivirus software (full product) for FREE by downloading and installing a free trial, or you can purchase our products in the estore.

That was put under the double check thing, so I am now on phase 2. What do i do lol

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»Pengwan    7724

K so my computer is running perfect yesterday, I wake up this morning and it's really fucked idk. It won't let me system restore, I can't download anything, I can't uninstall programs, I can't even open paint to take a screenshot. It's like Antivirus live or some shit =|

Is there anything I can do =(

edit: disregard post, i solved it. everything seems to be running fine now.

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+rei+    34669

howd yousolve?

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»Pengwan    7724

uh I restarted and managed to open task manager before that virus thing got open, closed the program with task manager then and system restored and installed new virus protection.

Not sure if I completely got rid of it but everything seems to be working and the program is gone so.

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»lo fi    2612

You might wanna recommend running your PC in Safe mode while doing these virus scans. Most virus's of today are very covert, they like to hide in the midst of the system and they're able to jump from file to file, while the normal OS is running, as for Safe mode it disables that process of it being able to move pretty much paralyzing it.. Suggestion is to run in safe mode and use all the programs above..

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sh0gun    503

i have a virus

it says its trying to do something to my credit card but i dont have one

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+rei+    34669

Go borrow your moms

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Chief    334

Hey, I'm having problems with a virus called Security Shield, how can I get rid it? Will the above methods work?

Sorry for necro'ing a month old topic, but I figured it's ok since it's pinned.

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