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John Galt

Don't know where to go from here.

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John Galt    24


3|Mrl|Mystic Tomato

2|Ptdn|Armageddon Knight


1|Csoc|Plaguespreader Zombie

1|Pgd|Don Zaloog


1|Pgd|Spirit Reaper

1|Cdip|Snipe Hunter

1|Mfc|Breaker the Magical Warrior

1|Taev|Necro Gardna

1|Sdde|Caius the Shadow Monarch

1|Dlg1|Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

1|Ptdn|Dark Armed Dragon

1|Ston|D.D. Crow

1|Fotb|Prometheus, King of the Shadows


1|Een|Pot of Avarice

1|Lod|Reinforcement of the Army

1|Lob|Monster Reborn

1|Mrd|Heavy Storm

1|Tlm|Brain Control


1|Lod|Creature Swap

1|Csoc|Mark of the Rose

1|Ptdn|Dark Eruption

2|Ptdn|Allure of Darkness

1|Mrl|Mystical Space Typhoon


1|Fet|Lightning Vortex


1|Lod|Bottomless Trap Hole

1|Wc08|Dimensional Prison

1|Sjcs|Crush Card Virus

1|Mrd|Mirror Force

1|Lon|Torrential Tribute

1|Pgd|Trap Dustshoot

1|Psv|Dust Tornado

1|Fet|Phoenix Wing Wind Blast


1|Csoc|Black Rose Dragon

1|Tdgs|Goyo Guardian

2|Tdgs|Stardust Dragon

1|Tdgs|Magical Android

2|Tdgs|Thought Ruler Archfiend

1|Tdgs|Red Dragon Archfiend

2|5ds1|Colossal Fighter

1|Lodt|Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

1|Csoc|Psychic Lifetrancer

1|Csoc|Doomkaiser Dragon

1|Csoc|Tempest Magician

Got sick of losing to crush when it was drawn against me, so I made this deck. It draws really well, but its weakness is defensive setups. The 1 vortex won't do anything if you cannot draw it. Need your help on this one guys.

And sorry to sound pojo, but I will give serious criticisms/fixes to anyone who does the same for me.


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hetfieldism    0

nice anish... i count three cards total that have any duplicates... these decks (1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 decks =P) can be very effective if a consistent theme emerges from playtesting but they are very hard to build... lmk how it works

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John Galt    24

thanks for the reply mike.

It works really well like i said.

Playtesting versus monarchs showed it could go toe to toe with it.

With the variety of options in this deck, it all boils down to how well you play your initial 6 hand card and being aware of future draws.

BTH and Crush, the 2 cards I believe will go in nearly every deck this format barely touches this deck.

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