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Are we entering a very dark world? Or will the light prevail?

Hello duelists, as of late I haven’t been playing too much, but with a string of big events as of late and Ohio on the horizon, I have geared back up in order to put up some good showings (which have, unfortunately, eluded me). Most of my time recently in card games has been spent playing magic, and for those of you don’t...


One Month of Peace

In a unique twist, Agents lived up to the hype and then some without actually winning Toronto. They took 11 spots in the Top 32, 8 in the Top 16, and won 2 Main Event Prize Cards! Billy Brake (and various other stud muffins who also topped) piloted a Plant deck using the incredible Tour Guide + Reborn Tengu engine alongside multiple Maxx...


Agent Variations & Tech Choices

Heading into the 2 YCS events this weekend almost every player believes Agents are the deck to beat. Whether or not you decide to use Agents at Toronto or Guayaquil you need to be prepared for them. It is my personal opinion there is absolutely no reason to use a deck at these events unless it is Agents or can consistently beat Agents, so this...


Strategy Site Introduction

Welcome to the Official DGz Strategy site! This is where some of the top players from Duelistgroundz.com will come and share their opinions on what's new and hot in Yu-Gi-Oh. This is a non-paying strategy and article site so everything on here will be legit and never rushed. Our writing staff welcomes you, and we hope...

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