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  2. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    stop creating brutal, untenable wifom scenarios and i'll stop bothering you about them
  3. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    your targets really dont make any sense qtpie
  4. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    "us". You know what's really grinding my gears here rei? Either you are being stupid, or you are being clearly scum. I've explicitly said before that whilst there is the possibility, I'm leaning that tyranno just got RB'd, and the only reason this entire we have to derail and specifically focus on this topic is before you keep bringing it back up, and not fucking listening. The main words I have used in these circumstances is "could" "possibility". I am not painting an image where that situation is guaranteed. Instead, you are painting that picture and specifically only focusing on that one rhetoric, and then you are also going out of your way to twist the narrative, which is what I called you out for. You are stating that it must be "Francis rei Tyranno" and that that is unlikely to work together, when I specifically named two other possibilities where it could possibly not be that team. Then, despite the fact that I've already stated that it's a less than 50-50 chance over the actual RB attempt, you keep harping on the same bullshit over and over of the no NK since I've claimed, instead of offering constructive reads. And you know what that reminds me of? Your day 1 play where you specifically only tunneled Tyranno, outside of when you threw your vote onto the easy mislynch of Silver. Either you are obvious scum, or you are undeniably one of the worst town players in the thread right now, and that's considering how 70% of this game is noobs/bads. If it is the latter, stop being stupid, and get your head out of the gutter. I definitely, especially after all these posts, think it is the former. You are scum.
  5. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    No I can self heal just not back to back nights
  6. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    There are about 3 hours and 19 minutes left in the Day.
  7. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    Quota Count: Made - (16) auri, Broken, Diana, Dyachei, haz, JC, Logic, Malcolm, MBA, Moxies, rei, Sage, Soph, TGT, Woawa, Walia Under - (4) Brandis, Death, Dick, Tony
  8. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    Vote Count: Diana - (5) JC, Walia, auri, Sage, haz Broken - (2) Logic, Soph Sage - (2) Dyachei, TGT Malcolm - (1) rei Moxies - (1) Tony Tony - (1) Diana JC - (1) MBA Not Voting - (7) Brandis, Broken, Death, Dick, Malcolm, Moxies, Woawa
  9. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    ... your entire hypothetical where tyranno fakeclaims to cover for us
  10. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    Highlights individual posts that particularly stand out obviously. Calling you scum and then not providing reasoning/evidence is stupid.
  11. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    whats the point of fosing me when you're already calling me scum based on your hypothetical
  12. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    Oh so Tyranno claimed he can self heal, but not back-2-back. Back to back in reference to yourself or back to back in reference to whichever heal target you have? @TheGoldenTyranno
  13. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    Gee whizz mba im town! NOT scum!
  14. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    what a dirty bandwagoner
  15. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    dont you hate it when you get caught piling on to the player with *checks thread* 0 votes
  16. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    when is day over?
  17. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    I have to go for a bit but i'll try to be on near eod incase something happens. someone ping me on discord if they feel like it
  18. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    I guess that's cool, but fuck it'd make games way harder to solve rofl.
  19. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    vote: Diana
  20. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    we have talked about running no-claim games before and giving mafia extra kills as "anti-claim" was proposed as an alternative i *think* jazz was the one to bring it up but im not sure the tl;dr is that it could go either way imo
  21. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    This is just misdirecting the whole point of my post. It's possible that it's all 3 of you, it's possible it's just you and Tyranno, and francis was just a dumbass. It's possible that it's Tyranno and Francis, and you're used as a pawn. That's 3 different possibilities, and the fact that you are specifically only responding to 1 of them is, in your words, p dodge. FOS
  22. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    just you wait until i get clayman and polymerization ...and then keep waiting, because i am pretty sure it is going to do nothing
  23. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    i'm not sure I follow what this means. You're saying Jazz wants mafia to be able to kill someone for free if they hard-claim?
  24. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    i think jazz is the player that has been advocating "anti-claim" mechanics where scum gets a kill if they can find an accurate claim in the thread, so i wouldn't put it past him to put in a "i dont want to modkill new players but am OK with letting scum yeet them" rule. i wouldnt say it is surefire either way; role can be either alignment
  25. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    I'm a lot more inclined to side with mba than jc that being said i wasn't lying when i seriously have garbo reads right now
  26. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 2

    The same reason I decided to scan scum-Francis last game. Something was off from both of their plays. I know Diana personally, she tries too hard at games to completely dodge this one. Her day 1 is hella scum when considering that.
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