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  2. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    Can still do that if i was partners with either one of you. The fact that I am advocating for killing Auri above all others should make my agenda perfectly clear
  3. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    The prophecy has been fulfilled.
  4. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    No you think?!?!??! In all seriousness, I fully expect @aurirevoir to meet quota late in the phase to try and avoid getting lynched.
  5. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    ebwop: iirc it was because he stated that he's happy to lynch auri. don't think there's any benefit to bus at mylo when he could have easily pushed eg soph or me and taken the win
  6. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    I'll have more to say a bit later but it's incredibly damning that auri has 0 posts this phase I came to the conclusion that auri and francis couldn't be scum together but I can't remember why
  7. Vote count: Francis 1: Malcolm Soph 1: BB Antag 1: Soph Majority is 4, so note that at 2 votes scum has the opportunity to hammer
  8. I think my opinion hasn't changed that most likely scumteams are, from most to least. Antag/Francis Antag/Auri Auri/Francis So mathematically I want an Antag lynch vote Antag Prefer a Francis lynch over Auri, but if he wants me to swap my vote I'd like some reasoning from @Malcolm
  9. Still think that this is super bad with no knowledge of how many shots vig has. Franciis' justification for it hasn't changed my mind. Legit can't interpret what his point was on me and if he was arguing to lynch me or not in the bolded part. Going null on auri and antag here doesn't really provide us with a lot to work with. This post looks like trying but really he's just regurgitating the same 'semi-confirmed' read on PSK/BB, a townread on Hazmah (or whatever 'I'm willing to lose to scum Hazmah' is, means he doesn't want to lynch but not excluding the possibility) and then 3 nulls and a wordvomit on me. Francis is responding to Hazmah townreading Antag here. I agree with Francis' reasoning, and if they were a team together, I think it'd be weird for him to go against hazmah's townread here - unless at that point he was already decided on a NK on Hazmah, maybe. Francis has more than enough activity and content that he doesn't have to post this to gain townie points.
  10. Francis analysis is gonna be a bit summarised because wtf so many posts. Francis starts out with a joke vote on Jazz over some out of game shit and it leads to a big slapfight, this doesn't tell me anything imo. Defending faint He has neither Faint, Auri or Antag in this - of course none of them had done anything of not, on the other hand he does think it's worth noting PSK floated. Two pushes on antag but this is really weak and doesn't go anywhere defends me, hmmm lmao this never gets old Francis votes Faint at a bit more than 1 hour left in the game which gets him townread the next day. He responds to a post by Hazmah who break a 1-1-1-1 tie by voting Faint. It would seem a bit uncharacteristic for scum francis to bus day 1. But I wouldn't put it past him that he'd jump on that train to get points for being one of the first to be on a faint lynch if it got traction. He does it under mild protest and switches back to Jazz at the first opportunity.
  11. padding, not relevant Defending me, I wonder if he's trying to link up with me at this point...Still, I don't think he needed to defend me here as scum, he hadn't backed me before this so he had no need to defend me, could've just not posted this. Kerfuffly with BB, don't think it tells me anything bc BB was being weird af there. Both as town and scum you'd explain where you were coming from to a confirmed town Idk about the reasoning regarding the EU defense, that sort of stuff seems pretty whatever. Not mentioning Francis doing the same thing is a point, but Francis then points that out later. That's another thing that makes auri/Francis team unlikely to me of note is the implicit townread on Antag
  12. other than maybe this post on D1, too, where he asks me some questions about where I stand on Jazz - I was already sleeping at this point so I didn't answer. If we were scum together this would be a pretty forced way to link with me
  13. This is w/e, not really indicative of anything Defending Faint might not be a great look, but it seems uncharacteristic to explicitly come out and say he doesn't want to lynch faint as the first thing in the post, when he was just pressed on giving his opinion on 'the matter at hand' (in this case lynching Jazz vs Faint) these are the only relevant posts I see on D1, really
  14. Contradicts his post from yesterday irrele then two analysis posts of me and auri Suspecting Francis but not analysing him is kinda ??? @The Antagonist would like for you to do the same for Francis you did w/ us (yeah I know he posted a shitton, would still like to see a cursory effort)
  15. Antag townreading Francis here is interesting here. I'm not convinced by this reasoning as I said then, but it's not awful. Makes me a little more inclined to think him and Francis are a team, but not exactly conclusive. Bolded bit is the part where he says he's fine with equipping Francis, hazmah or bb This was pretty bad. Of note is that auri claims in response to this. Francis throws some dirt on on Antag, Antag bristles a bit. This isn't pressed on so it's kind of whatever.
  16. kill scumwood today and we can let them sweat over who to nk
  17. the game is effectively over. i am safe and will lead town to victory
  18. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    Demonstrating my last post
  19. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    This read doesn't even make any sense. Antag - Soph/Auri Myself - Antag/Auri Soph - Antag and either me/auri I need useful information from you. Assuming you won't get off me, who do you think the other one is.
  20. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    If there is one hallmark to my game (scum or town) in general, it's that I make mechanically sound decisions. In no world is leaving a confirmed town Malcolm alive a mechanically sound decision.
  21. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    Yeah I will also buss my teammate and win the game living out the wet dream you could never realize, ./sarcasm. Assuming your vote has any validity (it doesn't), explain why you are alive then. Apparently, if I am scum, I end threats. rei makes sense because he is rei. You get subbed in during the night phase and somehow make it to this glorious day without being nk'd. Does that sound like something scum francis would allow? Inb4 Hazmah had the goggles. Even assuming he got me with them, autoing a day and going to final 4 between the walia votes and hazmah seems pretty beneficial for scum (obv scum isnt gonna know he was backup cop). So how about trying again and using your brain this time.
  22. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    If I let you live will you nk yourself?
  23. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    Neither scummate put each other in their likely team scenario, either interesting!
  24. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    Scumwood seems to be on the same page with someone this phase! Wonder who!
  25. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    Vote scumwood i think the scumteam is scumwood and someone else that I’m not going to mention because I feel we need to kill him today and they can go ahead and nk whoever they want since I’m alive to fuck them
  26. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 3)

    @Malcolm - Get your useless lady of the lake ass in here and bestow some wisdom to help me kill scum. @aurirevoir - If you continue to hideout, I promise I am going to end you.
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