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  2. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I think it's less about animation quality per se than how the story is told visually. My two favorite shows from last season (Kemurikusa and Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai) both used cgi character models throughout their runs which is honestly the exact opposite of what I'd consider to be good animation quality. Neither of these shows were strengthened by this and honestly there were times where the cgi was absolutely jarring, although tatsuki was able to do a damn great job with Kemurikusa, the emotion he was able to put behind the cgi charas was definitely the best I've ever seen. For me the two tenets I tend to live by in anime is that you can show anything since you're doing animation and that creativity can solve any problems that you have during the process of bringing your visual work to life. I consider Ping Pong the Animation to be one of the best anime series of all time. It's not because of some huge budget, years of production, slick movements, etc. It's because Yuasa used the animation to flesh out his characters. One of my favorite scenes in ppta, is when smile and peco first meet china. There's a damn match cut of the ping pong ball and an airplane. One of china's biggest character motivations is his longing to return home. Like damn. Yuasa giving us this match cut after he absolutely destroys peco is fucking genius. And the craziest part is that there's even more to that scene. Peco sinking as he loses, visually showing the difference in skill between china and peco at the time. I mean peco is literally on the ground at the end of the scene. The thing that irritates me about a lot of anime series is that they tend to forget that. They forget that they can show the audience anything. Voice actors are given too many fucking lines. Sometimes directors even mess up their own spectacularly crafted visual scenes by adding a bunch of dialogue to the scene. In Heaven's Feel I. presage flower, the scene where shirou gives sakura his key is amazingly visual. Everything we need to know about the characters feeling during this scene is shown visually. Then the director adds a shit ton of unnecessary dialogue to it. Like everyone and their mother understands this shit we don't need the characters to explain the feelings to us. I've been watching every show this season, and Kenja no mago is the biggest offender. There's so much explanation of the plot that I swear that the seiyuu are paid by word or something. I feel like this is a huge problem with the entire isekai genre. Too much exposition through dialogue. I don't have time for that shit. Maybe it's because a lot of these shows are adapted from lns so they feel like they have to have huge fucking chunks of dialogue. Bakemonogatari never did this shit and isin wrote fucking blocks. Even fucking Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon never had these huge ass exposition through dialogue dumps and their lns are renowned for being telephone book sized. Honestly the reason I consume anime series now compared to when I first started heavily watching this shit has changed a lot. I understand that the expectations and desires of the general audience for many of these shows, especially the japanese otaku are vastly different from what I want. I understand that really the vast majority of directors only care about catering to the domestic market with these shows, but so far it's been promising that places like netflix have been giving auteurs like Yuasa and Watanabe a place to make shows that aren't expected to bump sales of some sort of media (manga, ln, brs, etc) or licensed merchandise. Even though I was disappointed in something like Devilman Crybaby, it's refreshing to see netflix make a space for people to make series/films that care about Japan's long legacy of visual excellence. For god's sake Akio Jissoji directed episodes of ultraman. I think that's another reason why SSSS.Gridman is one of the best shows of this decade. Akemiya was able to trojan horse one of the most interesting visual shows for ages into something that will also appeal to the otaku who keep up this whole industry. On that note, I recently saw Penguin Highway directed by Hiroyasu Ishida. It was fucking amazing. It's easy if you only consume televised series to forget that there's lots of promising people still in the industry, and Penguin Highway is a great debut feature from an interesting director. Excited to see what Ishida has in store for us next.
  3. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Thats cool. I hope it gets better because the last couple of episodes were pathetic. I mean a fucking glorified horse riding race using shitty magical skills when the big bad villain comes to threaten the village... I hate when animes have these shitty episodes. I like good world building. My favorite video game of all time is probably Trails in the sky for example. You can do world building without it being boring or predictable as fuck. Hoepfully those were just bad episodes. I was enjoying it until then, especially the showdown between spear hero and shield hero... then it just went to shit randomly.
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    My god is this season of anime awful
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  6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    As rei said, amazingly awesome gameplay and best-in-class platforming left me still enjoying it a lot. Although my biggest gripe with Mario Odyssey is sadly just how forgiving it is compared to older Mario Games (Even SMG). Also, the lack of fear of death on the majority of the levels and the very very lack luster boss fights didn't help. However it has simply world-class platforming, awesome tight control of Mario, one of the best in-game cameras ever, beautifully created worlds, hardly any cut scene reliance, amazingly creative and beautiful game mechanic design [the new cappy mechanic is genius], best-in-class level/world design especially compared to other AAA games... I'm thinking something more akin to Mass Effect, Uncharted etc.
  7. The Flash

    I fell asleep in the middle of it.
  8. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    24 episodes vs 12 episodes. It's called world building and the episode you are bored with is a great example of building out the world for the series. Neverland doesn't really have any need to world build because its a prologue. I expect that to come next season. To build on this:The best part of Shield Hero is its world-building i.e. the exploration, quests, and different characters that you meet. The side plots are just as enjoyable as the main plot and they all seem to be tied together seamlessly in Naofumi's quest to overcome his sense of betrayal and redeem himself in the eyes of the people as well as himself. To that effect, Shield Hero creates a masterful story by developing its characters tying several different but related plot lines together. You will find that every arc/quest/etc . . . ties into the overall theme while keeping you entertained which I appreciate. Having watched the entire series so far, I can say that there are some episode that could be ordered better, but I think you'll find the pacing isn't bad. Neverland is not that type of show. Tbh it is a Xanatos Roulette abusing nightmare. Shows like that hinge on suspension of disbelief and to do that effectively you need to create a defined universe with a set of rules. My opinion is Neverland failed in doing that and accordingly I did not find much of it to be believable. Pacing factored into that, but even with 24 episodes, I don't think it would have mattered. I don't know your preferences well, but it seems like that you don't care for that as much as you do twists and turns. That's fine. I know @HououinKyouma really values animation quality over plot (imo animation is a plus factor).
  9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    might have to do with the super crisp and satisfying gameplay just a thought
  10. The Flash

    Just another average episode. This show sucks these days why do I keep coming back
  11. The Flash

    Did anybody see the Godspeed episode yesterday? I'm about to watch it, hopefully it's good.
  12. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Does Super Mario Odyssey fit that criteria though? I thought you said you really enjoyed that game.
  13. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I Iove the challenge. I think playing something easy with a subpar storyline is more so pissing time away. Like Divinity Original sin 2, I've put about 80 hours into it. If I'd played on normal difficulty, I'd be finished by now but every single boss fight required a high level of strategy which I loved.
  14. The Shows You Heard Were Good But Never Seen Thread

    but i mean every meme video out there has "Tutturu!" in it so i guess i gotta
  15. The Shows You Heard Were Good But Never Seen Thread

    I dont enjoy shonen series at all these dyas i dont think im gonna dig hxh steins is one i just know well enough by reputation and background its gonna be good but havent gotten around to it for one reason or another. I've seen maybe half of KLK just havent had any urge to go back
  16. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    like I praise the shit out of IWBTG for a reason but i havent finished it either
  17. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I def enjoy the feel of accomplishment in hard games, but i dont like the feeling of 'pissing time away' in a sense (ironic cos i have no problem spacing out and grinding in JRPGs) - so if it feels like im 'never gonna get it' i get burned out
  18. The Shows You Heard Were Good But Never Seen Thread

    WTF. I thought you recommended me Stein's Gate ?? It seems totallty up your street. Its a 5-8 episode investment but really good. KLK is good. FMP sucks. Mushishi is nice but overrated. The new HXH is AMAZING. Please watch if rei. I haven't watched any of the Jojos past season 1.
  19. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I've picked up that shield hero anime. I'm on episode 7. It was getting quite good up to episode 5 but the pacing just seems to have fallen off a cliff. The last couple of episodes have been painful to watch, especially the episode where they have a race. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that these episodes are setting up something epic but I never went through a period of boredom with Neverland.
  20. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Also FYI I'm naturally shit at video games. I'm not some difficulty whore trying to look down on people who are shitter than me. Its very likely both of you are better than me. I've tried to get into a few competitive games throughout the years and outside of YVD [which I think i was amazing at when Maxxx was in his prime], I've been distinctly average or shit.
  21. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I absolutely love it! The feeling and accomplishment is unparalleled from ANY other form of media. I hate games where the difficulty is organically amped just because. But when difficulty is well thought out, its brilliant. Examples are Cuphead, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Fire Emblem Awakening (on hard mode), Divinity Original Sin games. It makes going back to games which don't challenge you really meh. For example KH3.. Every boss until the last one, I was like.. hmm.. meh. In Dark Souls I'm literally terrified every time I see a portal. I'm like ah fuck should I just backtrack and find a bonfire to cash in these souls first... Then when you see them. If you haven't spoilered yourself, I think nearly every single boss will be totally shocking and gross. I get it though, some people don't like frustration or difficulty but I find what sets gaming apart from films, movies is the fact it can actively challenge you by making you a very active participant. Now games like Uncharted where hard mode just means more of the same but more annoying.. now thats fucking horrible., Similarly Skyrims default difficulties without mods was just annoying AF, but with mods it made enemies be able to detect you from further away if you make too much noise, react to light sources, gang up on you, actually interact with a healer in their gang, parry you and play defensively when necessary, strafe you. I love difficulties like that. But again, it took me a while to realize this (hence my many failed attempts to get into Dark Souls),.
  22. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I decided not to buy this game since my experience with Cuphead made me not want to play games that are designed to be highly difficult. The reward of beating a tough boss or section is not worth the hours of frustration to me. @rei I thought that Dark Souls 3 was easier to get into than Dark Souls 1 even though 1 is supposed to be a better game. I think 3 is quite a good starting point, it was my first Souls game and not quite as difficult as the other two afaik.
  23. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I'll check it out. Wrapping up Noragami. Very average, very shounen. Not sure why people loved it so much.
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  25. HERO Deck Editing

    I'd like to replace my Monster Reborns with some other cards that work as a good backup
  26. Adding to The "Legendary Hero" HERO Deck

    So, I'm wondering if there's any way I can add some firepower to my Destiny HERO deck. Since I'm wanting to play tournaments and Texarkana has a surprising amount of Elitists compared to what I originally thought, I'll need a few good cards to run in place of the banned cards in my deck. If anyone has a PDF of the banlist, I'll need that to verify whether or not I can use the deck.
  27. What exactly is meta?

    That's true. In being shown the ropes through Duel Links and Sacred Cards (that game is awful btw), I learned the hard way that playing some spam cards and hoping for lucky pulls with a deck that looks nice doesn't work. I didn't run any good archetypes at first, but eventually, I managed to get the Swordbound Silence Structure Deck, (Note: Silent Swordsman is an absolute killer if untouched for around 12 turns and a few combos are added. I once got to 12500 ATK against a friend online) which helped a lot in the ranked duels. Hated the Yubel event, though. From what I learned, relying on god cards and aces is the equivalent to hoping your glass cannon will beat the level 99 boss.
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