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  2. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    I mean tbf jazz wasn't mafia last game, just a different faction (I don't even think they could NK)
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  4. it's not the same faint subtly says "are you joking" implying that my vote is so ridiculous bc he knows you are town and he is just avoiding an analysis of rei altogether
  5. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Feel like thats not a playstyle thing so much as Jazz just isn't mailing it in this game.
  6. vote psk because I miss him jazz being aggressive, i like it. not doing the last minute float so jazz must be town!
  7. I believe this is the vote count. Francis J Underwood (1): rei Jazz (1): The Antagonist Sophocles (1): PSK Faint (1): Jazz
  8. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Faint isn't even making a read there. He is literally just advocating for common sense to read you.
  9. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    By this logic, I also must have perfect info since faint sheeped the read from me.
  10. Higher expectations (including rei )
  11. This sounds like perfect info Vote faint
  12. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    How am i different than every other player here (including rei)?
  13. My vote was on you for contributing to the shitposting fest rather than progressing the game which is pro scum-creates confusion
  14. That flavor warning was pretty townie
  15. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    @rei confirmed not to read the OP
  16. Here's what I know. I am a character in the main party, and I am town. I assume that the main party are prob all gonna be town so the dude saying hes gender-ambiguous better hardclaim if my thoughts turn out right on this cos there aren't exactly many gender-ambiguous peope in konosuba of course we find out there's five diff isekais in here then its moot but yknow how it is i got one day to get anything i notice out.
  17. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    I'm not preventing jazz from answering. If he says that's his reason, he hangs himself. If he fails to respond, he hangs himself. Me pointing this out adds actual pressure to give him a reason to answer.
  18. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    we should lynch jazz or walia or rei
  19. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Thought you were a masochist not a dom. But seriously wtf gives with this shit. Both of you are apparently okay with killing me but also fos each other despite being on the same train.
  20. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    don't like this. let jazz answer requesting ban
  21. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Not really. I demanded safe claims from rei the second you guys started pulling that bs.
  22. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    It would've been beneficial for @Sophocles last game :^)
  23. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    I just want an aqua claim man
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