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  2. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Fair point but I don't think anything here was in that territory. It’s all relatively generic (Kyouma’s dive into the KnY manga excepted)
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  4. Daytrading free money thread

    shit man make a thread about that ive been trying to make dg cars be a thing for like nine years and its literally never worked rofl
  5. Daytrading free money thread

    Yep but even my suboptimal strategy is still profitable, so it is possible. I will have to trade smaller though. But yeah sometimes there aren't any good setups and I don't make any trades for the day. DIA 265.93 QQQ 187.53 /ES 2940.40 VXX 26.28 or 26.68 If any 2+ hit at the same time intraday as support (resistance for VXX), I'll dump all of my money in longs
  6. Daytrading free money thread

    sometimes winning move is not to play right? like if the data is bad and there's not a known good play savin the cash for tomorrow is prob the right move right?
  7. Daytrading free money thread

    I got rejected for a WRX because Toyota Finance fucked me like a bitch (Subaru in Canada does their financing through Toyota Finance. My dad, who owns a Lexus and has my same first and last name, came up as owing them 60 grand and they wouldn't listen to reason or logic or "we have different middle names" so I fucked off) I have a Focus ST now. I wish it was AWD but I like it. GOod deal cars that can 'do anything' are few and far between that I can actually fit in (I'm 6'5 but im like all torso)
  8. Daytrading free money thread

    Market hitting all time highs. There are therefore no price levels to work with so I'll have to change my strategy to a worse one. Not sure where to go from here yet.
  9. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    yeah not like kart racing games' biggest appeal is local multiplayer or anything
  10. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    Okay well enjoy playing diddy kong racing against the AI I'm sure you wont get tired of it after a week or so
  11. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    spoilers guys
  12. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    Online racing no way
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  14. anyone with a decent PC... botw...

    / top is a graphical mod available on cemu. feels like playing a really high end anime game. bottom is 4k 60fps vanilla botw. i prefer vanilla i think. theres something just perfect about the colour grading and the white haze which seems to add depth and mystery and disguise things a bit better. feels like playing an animated film..
  15. Daytrading free money thread

    Sounds like a Subaru WRX. I'm rally into cars too, there are several modified ones at the auto shop where I work. Done some crazy driving...I think you have as well lol. Did well today. Today was FOMC and when they were talking about what they'd do with interest rates, the algorithms went crazy as they always do. I used the lines to predict where the buys and sells would be and it worked out amazingly. On the 11AM candle, the price dropped and hit 2 support lines, one on /ES and one on QQQ at the same time. That would have been my entry if I was quick enough. Blinked and the price shot up like crazy. It went high to the point where both DIA and QQQ hit at the same time on highs of the day. I managed to catch that one but closed it quick- values were fluctuating more than Trump's tweets on a good (bad?) day. Up 4% on the day. Could have been more but could have lost money too- a lot of people got killed out there. Trading against the multimillion dollar hedge fund and institution computers is tough. And again, yesterday's chart can be used to verify that these price points were generated well in advance, not after the fact. I hope I can make enough to quit my job soon and become a full time trader.
  16. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    there is no haha react big enough
  17. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    Now that you mention Diddy Kong Racing I wonder why theres no Wizpig spirit in smash. He could have been a spirit or a boss
  18. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    It's your loss seeing as CTR is better than both and has online racing and tons of unlockable characters, skins, stickers decals karts and future content in the Grand Prix. They are even adding Crash's GF Tawna from Crash 1. This game is a must buy for anybody who enjoys kart racers in my opinion. I debated getting Team Sonic Racing earlier this month but decided to save my money and I think it was the right decision. The driving mechanics have depth and rewards the player for learning it more than Mario Kart. Like Diddy Kong Racing there is an adventure mode which is lots of fun. I beat it 100% on CTR original.
  19. Final Fantasy 7 Remake!!

    Confirmed cross dressing mission is in but updated for more modern take.
  20. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    If I didn't want to play Mario Kart I'd play diddy kong racing
  21. Is anybody getting this game? I am for the Switch, it comes out on Friday. CTR is significatly better than Mario Kart and this one looks like it has tons of content.
  22. Daytrading free money thread

    im too tall for supercars : ( im super into cars in general tho ill find something fun hell i already drive something fun it just looks like an economy car ;p
  23. Daytrading free money thread

    Man, exits are tough to pick. If I held for another 5 min, could have had 5-6% up on the account. But a big green candle came in and would have wiped some of that profit. The thing is that with options, because of the theta, if the price of the stock itself returns to the point of entry, the value of the option erodes and one will be at a loss- even if it goes in your direction. But they can gain- and lose- value really quickly. Its a commonly held belief that trading options, particularly short term 'weeklys' is a losing game and just gambling. Futures generally provide a better risk:reward ratio, apparently, as they function linearly. I will probably switch over to using them. Even if the absolute gain amounts are lower, the r:r profile is improved. I pretty much dump my whole paycheck in my account each month and all my money is sitting in the account with almost nothing in the bank. Its a scary game...I usually put in at least 20% of life savings per trade in the riskiest weeklys. High risk high reward. Just gotta keep grinding it up. Its funny, but I used to be obsessed with YGO. Now that its come to trading, its the exact same thing, spending hours every day on the markets. It's not so much about the money (its a great thing to have, no doubt) but about passion for the game. Its just really fun. I like posting here I guess because its a bit like a journal and trading reminds me of ygo and the old days. Documenting brief moments of the thought process over time. I have a bunch of old trading notebooks (I started trading 3 years ago) and I believed in a lot of stuff about trading I'd read from books and online that never worked and lost a lot of money. I went through those in case I had forgotten a good technique but its just notebook after notebook of trash.
  24. Daytrading free money thread

    I see, it'd be cool if we all got rich and got a bunch of supercars and raced down the streets of Vegas throwing money to homeless people. Also, DIA 265.93 on the dot. Upped life savings by over 2% on that one.
  25. Daytrading free money thread

    i'm enjoying reading it but i dont have much to say
  26. Daytrading free money thread

    265.93 on DIA will probably be a short if it hits before FOMC due to lack of momentum but it is a single inflection reversal trade.
  27. Daytrading free money thread

    FOMC today. So the market will likely stay in tight range until the interest rate announcement. Then the market should make huge candles. The question is, in what direction? It is possible to take both the long and short side via a strangle (an options strategy that hopes the market moves big either up or down. If the market moves enough in a direction, the value of the option will become over 100% while the other loses almost all its value, thus turning a profit. The Realized Move needs to be greater than the Expected Move- that is, Implied Volatility vs Realized Volatility). It often happens that the initial move should be faded- so if the market moves up, they should short it, and vice versa. This does not always happen, and generally one needs to be quick to get in and out in the event of reversals. It will probably be a tricky day.
  28. Daytrading free money thread

    Also wondering if I should keep posting if there's even a point and if so, what? Forecasts? Methodology? Live trades? The market is nearing all time highs too so if it gets there, there won't be so many lines to play with so I'll have to rely on individual stocks which I am not as good on, unlike the simultaneous hit strategy... trend trading is better but I kind of suck at just buying and holding. Its easy but being this high makes me secondguess...I'd love the market to crash though.
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