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Question regarding Wind-Up Rabbit

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Player A attacks with Wind-Up Rabbit
Player B activates Mirror Force
Player A banishes WU Rabbit w/ it's effect
Player B chains Book of Moon

Would Wind-Up Rabbit banish itself and return to the field on Player A's next stand-by phase as a face-down card or would it just be flipped face-down on the field? Thanks.



    The Forbidden One

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The effect will work even if Windup Rabbit is facedown, and when you special summon it its in face-up attack or defence just like in the rules. There is no mechanic which would ever lead to a card being special summoned facedown except specific card effects.



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But isn't the monster returned to the field, and not special summoned back?

Interdimensional Matter Transporter returns the monster in the same position as it left, wouldn't rabbit work the same?



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It's returned not Summoned. It would return in whatever position it was when it left...face down in this situation.



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Nichigo is correct, Rabbit will banish itself face down and will return face down.

Aside from opponent misplays, main use of this interaction is so you can avoid it being stolen by a Leviair if you need to, imo.

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