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New to the Game

Where to begin?

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Chris Buraseru

Chris Buraseru

    Shadow the Edgehog

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So I just recently started playing this on the official site, and it is addictive as all hell. I also have some packs already opened and am looking to make a Dark Deck. Anyway, can anyone give me some tips on deckbuilding, what cards are legal and which to use, and other shit like that?



    Plain Old Duelist

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In a month or two the sets are gonna be rotated so that any set from Black and White onwards will be legal and anything from Call of Legends backwards will not.
The best decks of this format include;
Zekrom eel
Dark decks with darkrai ex




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KlinKlang seems pretty solid!



    Knight of the Abyss

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Question: I was looking at some tournament decklists too see whats been going on, and I noticed that some decks, when using an evolutionary line, run a 3-1-3 ratio or something. (Such as the Darkrai-Hydreigon deck thats did well in Japan.) With only 1 of the Stage 1, how do you consistently get it out? And once you do evolve your way up to Stage 2, do the other copies of that Stage 2 become useless? What if the Stage 1 ends up as a prize at the start?

Note: I haven't played in about...7 years or so.

Metal Gear Salad

Metal Gear Salad

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Rare candy skips stage 1, but you play the 3-1-3 line for trainer lock or just to add a little consistency in case you don't see your candies.

Once you get one stage 2 out, you start setting up another. With junk arm around atm, finding that candy is far easier too so you can set up one while you attack with the other.

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