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    March 2010's format has recently had an incredible resurgence, but not in the way most of us were familiar with, but with one of the greatest decks ever provided to DGZ being shared in the discord by "Tom Brady da G.O.A.T", the deck originally created by Arvin, the DGZ member of which this format is named after. This deck, simply known as "Arvin's Deck", is arguably the most balanced and fair mirror match deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! history, with many players scrambling to find matches in it to prove their true skill. The two pioneers of the format, Me. and Tristan, have been testing the mirror match extensively. An obvious note about the deck is that it is at 38 cards, this is done purposefully to ensure drawing into the power cards of the deck more consistently. To play with 38 cards on DB, you must include 2 proxies in your deck, and remove them from the deck at the beginning of the game. Card Choice Breakdown: D.D. Scout Plane is an important combo piece in the deck, having strong interactions with Soul Release, Witch Doctor of Chaos and Dark Armed Dragon, as well as countering the opponent's Dark Core and Karma Cut. Spirit Reaper is one of, if not, the most powerful card in the deck, it can singlehandedly change the tide of a match. Being indestructible in battle, it can be very difficult to out, having to use either a discard trap or Lightning Vortex on it, ensuring a -1 to the opponent. It also provides excellent tribute fodder for Caius the Shadow Monarch. Witch Doctor of Chaos is a very underrated card in the format, having offensive and defensive capabilities. Offensively it can set-up stronger Return plays, as well as banishing Scout Plane for an extra body on board. Defensively it can remove threatening trap cards from the grave to prevent them being retrieved by Mask of Darkness, as well as removing Darks to prevent the opponent summoning Dark Armed Dragon. Mask of Darkness is a key card in maintaining advantage and indirectly providing answers to otherwise troublesome monsters by returning Karma Cut or Raigeki Break to the hand after already using them. Kryuel's defense stat is impressive at 1700, being able to withstand attacks from most of the attackers in the format, only being attacked over by Regenerating Mummy, Kycoo, Caius and DAD. When it does get destroyed by battle however, it has a 50% chance of destroying a monster without targetting. Also worth noting that it can crash with Plague Wolf for extra value. Plague Wolf is another underrated card, being able to attack over Mummy and Kycoo, making the opponent hesitant to stop it because it will die in the end phase, often providing a safe out to the big beaters. It can also be summoned by Tomato, essentially giving you a 2000 attacker in your following turn. 2 Mystic Tomato provide constant board presence, often forcing the opponent to Lightning Vortex them to prevent them recruiting other threatening monsters like Spirit Reaper. Snipe Hunter is another powerful card in the format, being able to out any card on the field, and being recruitable by Mystic Tomato. Pitch-Black Warwolf's 1600 attack means it can attack over Snipe Hunter, and forces the opponent to out it in Main Phase 1, potentially allowing you to continue your plays and still go into the Battle Phase. It's also very powerful in combination with Return, as special summoning it during the Battle Phase prevents your opponent from using Torrential Tribute or any of the discard traps to prevent an OTK. Regenerating Mummy counters the opponent's Spirit Reaper, by returning itself to hand when discarded by an opponents card effect, also very prominent in countering the opponents Card Destruction. It being at 2 makes this even more prevalent, as you can attack with 1, and keep the other in hand for such circumstances. Kycoo is an excellent counter late game to prevent a DAD from dropping, however it can set-up the opponent's Return, so banishing the weaker monsters first can be very important. Caius is the strongest normal summon in the deck, also providing a lot of damage as it will always inflict 1000 damage since all of the monsters in the deck are DARK, potentially banishing itself for game in some cases. It's also a strong card to special summon with Call of the Haunted and Return, putting a lot of pressure on the opponent and demanding an answer. Dark Armed Dragon is the most feared card in the deck, you always play around it whenever possible, preventing the opponent from getting 3 DARKs in grave, and you trying to maintain the same. The mere threat of it can be game changing. Magical Stone Excavation can set-up your DARK count the most efficiently, while also being able to retrieve powerful spells in the late game such as Soul Release. Foolish Burial sets up your DARK count, as well as providing fodder for Call of the Haunted. Card Destruction is one of the better draw cards of the deck, discarding dead cards in hand, or DARK monsters to aid in summoning DAD. However, be wary when using this, as it can benefit the opponent too. Lightning Vortex is the most prevalent card in the deck, being at 3 copies, so it should be consistently played around, having multiple monsters face-up on the field provides the opponent with an opportunity to break even with their Lightning Vortex, or even go +, so setting monsters to play around this is a very strong move. Dark Core acts like a 4th Lightning Vortex but significantly weaker, however it does banish the monster, so it can play around DAD and Call of the Haunted. Linear Accelerator Cannon and Mass Driver both fill similar roles, LAC can provide a higher damage output, being able to seal games later. While Mass Driver can provide a constant stream of damage every turn. They can also be used to put DARKs in the graveyard for DAD. Soul Release is a power card in the later game, setting up OTKs with Return, as well as resetting the opponents DARK count in grave. Monster Reincarnation oftens returns Spirit Reaper to the hand, after the opponent has used one of the few outs to it, putting even more pressure on the opponent as they have to deal with a 2nd Reaper. It can also return discarded Caius' or DADs to make use of them again. Pot of Avarice is best combo'd with Card Destruction for maximum value, being able to return DAD to the deck is powerful as it provides that looming threat once again. Big Bang Shot is important for being able to deal damage through a Spirit Reaper. Mystical Space Typhoon is best held for a Call of the Haunted, however in some cases it is necessary to use it to build a chain for Accumulated Fortune plays. Return from the Different Dimension is another extremely powerful card, being very difficult to play around in most cases, and often ending games once activated. Call of the Haunted is the best counter to Raigeki Break, instantly reviving the monster that was destroyed. Karma Cut and Raigeki Break are both very similar, one banishing the other destroying. Raigeki Break also has the added bonus of being able to hit face-down cards, which can come up when trying to attack with Spirit Reaper. Torrential Tribute is another card, like Lightning Vortex, that is often played around, despite being at 1, it is very powerful and can be game changing if flipped at a crucial moment. Divine Wrath is best saved to counter Spirit Reaper, being a very easy out to it. However it would also be powerful against Caius or DAD in theory. Jar of Greed and Accumulated Fortune are the decks draw power, being very good when drawn together as Accumulated Fortune needs to be Chain Link 4, resolving this provides you with a +1 in card advantage, so it's often worth setting up that play.
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2017/10/06/rip-aim-aol-instant-messenger-dies-december/739076001/ Get fucked
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    So as some of you might have heard, one of the original legends of Duelistgroundz has passed away. In his honor, we would like to remember him in the best way we know how, and how we knew him, through a Goat Format tournament. If you would like to sign up for the Goat Format tournament, you will need to paypal $5 to paypal@masonoliver.com. All proceeds from this tournament will be given to the funeral proceedings with a small cash prize of $50 to first place. Please include your DG name in the note. We would like to have at least 16 people for this tournament, money will be refunded if we cannot get enough. Please also post below if you signed up so I can check. It will be Best of 3s with siding, same rules as Goat Warring, and will be run over a few weeks (tournament begins on 10/23) similar to how we have run DGCS's in the past. The current list of registered participants can be found at the Challonge bracket here. People with (unpaid) next to their name still need to paypal the money; don't forget! Current list of registered duelists: 1 Audioslayne 2 TS Fearless (unpaid) 3 MZAAZM 4 Mascis 5 Jared 6 Projector (unpaid) 7 rei (unpaid) 8 Soul (unpaid) 9 2k17 10 BuildTheWalia 11 Gospel 12 Tristan 13 Sophocles
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    If you're one of the three people with sigs still on, you know this already, but RiWork Consulting is my own firm, thus I have re-assumed ownership of DuelistGroundz. I am... very happy. But I also am not going to be the owner I was from 2013-2016. I like this place and want it to thrive. I don't agree with every one of allen's decisions but he did a lot of good for the site and its activity - much of the processes he's put in place will stay - changes are coming in some areas though and I can't wait to share them
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    Remember this? Well I got really bored and decided to try and make one that condenses all the information in one place as you guys have three relevant sticked threads as far as this stuff goes. So without further ado, here's my attempt at making a guide. What is mafia? Mafia (and its related variants like Werewolf and Witchhunt) is a social deduction game which pits the uninformed majority against the informed minority. Players are divided into groups of either “town” or “mafia/scum” (with occasional third parties being added) and the game is broken down into alternating phases of “day” and “night”. During the day phase, players may vote to “lynch” or kill off another player who they think has the highest chance of being scum based on their posting. Town does not know who the other town are, but mafia are able to talk with each other outside the thread and can communicate to try and get town to “mislych” or kill one of their own members. After the day phase is over the night phase begins, during which mafia get together and decide on a player to kill by themselves. There are many “power roles” with special abilities on both the town and mafia side that can be used during this phase as well. When mafia have decided on a kill and the night ends, the next day phase begins. This cycle repeats until all threats to town are eliminated or when mafia equal or outnumber the town, resulting in their win. How do I play? I recommend reading through previously completed games or reading through an ongoing game as it unfolds in order to get an idea for the feel of the game and what’s expected. There’s also a nice flash tutorial that briefly explains the rules, common roles, FAQs, and plays out a demo game for you to watch. http://cataldo.freeshell.org/mafia/mafiascum04.swf Mafia Tutorial Basically there’s really only three things you need to focus on while playing: 1. Projecting Town Basically look like a townie instead of like scum. This can be done by showing a continued effort to try and solve the game using reasonable logic and conclusions. This prevents you from getting lynched and gives your opinions greater weight as if people think you’re town, they’re less likely to try and kill you and more likely to be swayed to your perspective. 2. Identify threats to your faction. As town this means finding and killing the mafia and any anti-town third parties. As scum, this means finding the townies that are most likely to be able to find and convince people to lynch you or your teammates, and getting rid of them ASAP. Mislynching consistently as town or constantly making incorrect night kills as scum is usually what causes a faction to lose. 3. Convince people to follow your agenda. Even if you manage to find all the scum, that doesn’t do your team any good if you can’t convince the rest of them you’re right. You need to be able to explain why person A is a better or worse lynch than person B. This goes for scum as well since you can’t win off night kills alone; you need to get town to mislynch, which means pushing them in the wrong direction without getting caught. You need to be able to make cases for why a random town member is a better lynch than your scumbuddy. Once you understand the basics, you’re probably good to jump in a game yourself and figure it out as you go. During signups you can also ask for a coach, which is a more experienced player that will mentor you throughout the game and help you with any questions you may have. Just be sure you mind the rules when playing. Rules Roles Remember those power roles I mentioned earlier? You’ll get to take a look at some of them now. While by no means all inclusive, this list features the ten most common roles you’re likely to see in a game, as well as a few freebies thrown in the descriptions. If you see people talking about a role that isn’t listed here, Google is your friend. Mafia terminology I WANT TO HOST A GAME I recommend playing through a couple of games yourself first to get an idea of how everything works, but as long as you’ve got a few games under your belt we’d be happy to have you hosting! Games need to be approved by a Mafioso before they can be hosted, so PM one of them with an outline of the game you want to run and include the following information: (taken from: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/170249-new-mafia-rules-and-punishments/) - full claiming or no claiming at all - anonymous or not X claiming Ties will end in X All questions for the host are to be made via PM Day phase will last X hours or until a voting majority of X is reached Night phase will last X hours or until all night actions are received Lylo/Mylo will/won’t be announced Minimum posting quota is X. Failure to meet this will result in X Scum can/can’t communicate in the QT posthumously There will/won’t be an ability table There will/won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early Self-voting is not allowed You can find a Mafioso and submit your game for approval here: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/154383-mafia-new-games-hosting-queue/ FAQs To be added at a later date; I'm not really sure what you guys would like to see here. I'm thinking it should mostly be a "catch all" for anything that wasn't covered in the above sections. ...And that's pretty much what I got. So how'd I do? Too much information or not enough? Is it easy to understand? Is it different enough from other guides? Any questions, comments, or concerns?
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    TLDR this probably means that Tits or GTFO is coming back.
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    You're a fucking legend
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    a friend showed me the site and i decided to hop in!
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    TFW the level of play in this thread is higher than in actual games
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    your IQ clearly isn't high enough to appreciate this
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    I saw that other troll post which probably should have been moved to Deck Garage but wasn't, but anyways, I figured this is a good place as any to post this. The way to build a competitive Fish or WATER deck nowadays is: In case you guys don't see why this is really strong in Link Format, consider having 1 Rank 4 WATER XYZ in the Extra Deck Monster Zone, e.g.: So you XYZ Remora that WATER Rank 4, to end up with 3 WATER monsters in your monster zones: That lets you make: And Shark has 3100 ATK and Toad has 2700 ATK, all for little to no effort. The LV 3 Sharks have a nice niche because you can revive a LV 3 Tuner, and have Level Modulation: Note the second effect, if you Link with Rebarian Shark for Mistar Boy, you can stack RUM 7th One. Shark Stickers being LV 3 is better now that you can Link irrespective of Levels andMermaid Shark's Stratos body finally has a use Silent Angler and Beatunaful Princess are great as always, and Rare Fish gives you a LV 4 WATER Fish Special Summon. Keep in mind, So Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is just a 1 for 1, not a -3. ABJS also can't affect Salvage as it is from the grave to the hand, so the deck isn't hit as hard as say Trade In, Cards of Consonance, Pot of Desires, etc. And that's only the tip of the iceberg, because you have: Now that Rescue Rabbit is at 3, we have 7 Colored Fish and Space Mambo as our 6 targets, and you could even go the SDKC route. Enchanting Mermaid and Root Water are garbage LV 3s for Lebarian Shark but they are salvaged by Shark Stickers and Hammer Shark, if that matters. Thoughts?
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    hey im rapture and im here to say that this poster is really gay
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    I'm at work I'll catch up later tonight
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    I had a big thread explaining each card but it got deleted, so here is the half-assed version just for the sake of having a thread. I'm going to work on re-writing this, but I lost two hours of work today and I don't want to not have a thread up since this deck is going to be pretty important very soon. Thanks for understanding! S P Y R A L SPYRAL was a previous TCG exclusive theme based off of James Bond lore. The Deck revolves around spying on the top cards of your opponent's deck to generate advantage by searching for cards and summoning monsters. Like all modern decks, you are attempting to build a board in which your opponent can't break. If they don break it, you can simply go off again since you gained so much card advantage. DECK B R E A K D O W N Your goal turn one to summon SPYRAL Quick-Fix to search SPYRAL GEAR-Drone, then summon Drone and look at the top three cards of your opponent's deck. From there you can go into Spyral Double Helix ---> Double Helix allows you to get SPYRAL Master Plan from your deck ---> Master Plan leads to Resort ---> Which leads you to the boss monster, Sleeper ---> Your goal is to end with Sleeper equipped with Last Resort. Last Resort not only protects Sleeper, buy allows you target Sleeper for his own effect and not have Sleeper be destroyed due to Last Resort and destroying up to two cards your opponent controls at a quick effect. The deck is effective in summoning tons of Links and has a great chunk of support options that you can play around with. Here is an in-depth guide created by The Organization that explains the Double Helix combos better than i can via text: S A M P L E DECKLIST MONSTER CARDS (19): 3 SPYRAL GEAR – Drone 3 SPYRAL Quik-Fix 1 Maxx “C” 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort 3 SPYRAL Super Agent 1 SPYRAL Master Plan 1 SPYRAL Sleeper 3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 3 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit 1 Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson SPELL CARDS (21): 1 Foolish Burial 3 Machine Duplication 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Soul Charge 3 Terraforming 1 One for One 3 Set Rotation 3 SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red 3 SPYRAL Resort 1 Oracle of Zefra 1 Dragon Ravine TRAP CARDS (2): 1 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire 1 SPYRAL MISSION – Rescue EXTRA DECK (15): 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Decode Talker 3 SPYRAL Double Helix 3 Proxy Dragon 1 Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior 2 Decode Talker 1 Borreload Dragon 2 Firewall Dragon
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    RiWork Consulting is a database and security consulting firm that has assumed ownership and management of DuelistGroundz. More info coming shortly.
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    i don't get the joke but i bet it isn't funny
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    Most, when reading the title of this thread, likely immedately thought of the classic "Play to Win" series by David Sirlin. Although the term scrub has been used since virtually the dawn of gaming, Sirlin was one of the first to explicitly describe the nature of the scrub. "In Street Fighter, the scrub labels a wide variety of tactics and situations “cheap.” This “cheapness” is truly the mantra of the scrub. Performing a throw on someone is often called cheap. A throw is a special kind of move that grabs an opponent and damages him, even when the opponent is defending against all other kinds of attacks. The entire purpose of the throw is to be able to damage an opponent who sits and blocks and doesn’t attack. As far as the game is concerned, throwing is an integral part of the design—it’s meant to be there—yet the scrub has constructed his own set of principles in his mind that state he should be totally impervious to all attacks while blocking. The scrub thinks of blocking as a kind of magic shield that will protect him indefinitely. Why? Exploring the reasoning is futile since the notion is ridiculous from the start." So what is a scrub? Stating simply, it's someone who lets their own subjective interpretation of "fun" get in the way of winning, pretty simple. So what do I have to say that David Sirlin didn't? Am I just trying to reinvent the wheel? Not exactly. Yugioh is a very unique game, and it has one of the most unique competitive communities in particular. I am not writing today to talk about the people who unironically say phrases like "meta noob" and criticize people for not being original enough. There are new scrubs in Yugioh that people are not talking about. Some of them are very good. A few even have YCS tops. Some can talk about the game at great length while sounding somewhat intelligent. They likely conduct a lot of playtesting, travel to far away events, and check out winning decklists regularly. Doesn't sound like a scrub? I don't blame you for thinking that. Unfortunately, being a scrub has nothing to do with the amount of effort put into winning. It has to do with putting artificial barriers on your growth as a player due to refusing to adopt certain strategies or tactics that increase your ability to win. In Signal and the Noise, world-renowned statistician Nate Silver says, "We focus on those signals that tell a story about the world as we would like it to be, not how it really is." I believe that this mentality is the #1 thing holding back the competitive Yugioh player of the modern era. I've seen it happen time and time again. What do all of these decks have in common? - Stein in 2006 - Explosion in 2008 - Lightsworn in 2009 - Frog FTK in 2010 - Gravekeeper's in 2010 - Dark World in 2011 - Dino Rabbit in 2012 - Gishkill in 2013 - Domain Monarch in 2016 - Most recently, Drazo Zoodiac in 2017 These were all viable decks that were largely written off by the "Fun Police", people who masquerade as competitive players but are largely focused on convincing people to not play decks that are unfun to play against. This is the modern-day scrub. They try their hardest to convince the rest of the community that these decks aren't viable solely because they would hate to live in a universe where these decks are viable. The more unfun the deck is, the more vehement they are in their in their insistence that it's totally unplayable. Wouldn't the game be boring if the optimal strategy for 2016 nats was to activate Domain and lock up the game? Yes. Wouldn't it be boring if the optimal strategy for 2017 nats was to use the Zoodiac engine to pump out a bunch of Draco nonsense on t1 and lock up the game? Yes. But that doesn't affect the truth of whether those strategies are in fact optimal. Not only will The Fun Police try to convince you that these strategies aren't optimal, they'll tell you that they are completely unviable and that you're a bad player for even considering them. One of the players that I was talking to before 2017 nats explained to me how I could be right, that Draco Zoo was in fact a good meta call for that event, but that winning all of his matches by jamming a bunch of Draco cards would not "showcase his skill as well as winning Pure Zoo mirrors would." He of course scrubbed the tournament. This the consequence of a world populated by Fun Police. People are more interested in winning the approval of their peers than winning actual Yugioh tournaments. Thoughts on how to prevent this herd mentality from perpetuating in the future? Or do you guys just think I'm just full of shit? Discuss. I was thinking of fleshing this out into a full article, but I'd rather just let you guys contribute your opinions and continue to develop my cynical perspective on Yugioh history.
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    may these words always ring true
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    Never forget http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh0347.html?tabid=61&EventId=74 He topped at 2007 nationals too. One of his features: http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugiohddf0.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=8613 Finished 17th here, one spot from top cut. I remember netting his deck list http://kperovic.com/metagame/yugioh3e3f.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=8225
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    Hi dgz people, I'm here to discuss yugioh, mostly old yugioh, as it were 5, 6, 10 or more years ago. I know this site has the best support for this kind of topics so I decided to give it a shot Anyone interested in goat format, october 2005 format, september 2006 format, troop dupe, september 2007 format and more can speak to me, it will be my pleasure. I hope I will have great experience here!!!
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    can i use my yearly name change to change markus' name to "elitedarklord"?
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    It has been a while since a mafia post has made me go blind with rage so thanks for reminded me why I don't play this game.
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    malcolm could claim cop and be CCed by 3 diff ppl and dgz town would still probably follow him
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    I though that was aimed at walia for being an idiot and not claiming. But tbh i just pos everthing psk says.
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    Hello friends I passed my last CPA exam; as soon as I finish the experience requirement I'll officially be certified
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    i don't pretend to be emotionally invested in this HOT INTERNET DEBATE but jazz made a farewell thread for attention and never left, i feel cheated and lied to honestly
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    Vote Jc i don't like it when scum tries to pocket me
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    Advertising has been changed to Google Adsense. Please let us know if you encounter any issues
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    By and large, the reason that YCSs do not have much in the way of accommodations for physically handicapped players is because their resources are already very constrained by needing to accommodate the massive number of mentally handicapped players. Hope this helps.
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    You can get 9999 gems, and they never expire anything above that will be send to your mail box, which you should leave there and not pick up, and then they'll expire after a month so basically - keep saving gems untill you hit 9999 - keep saving gems but don't pick them up from your mailbox for a month - just before the month is over (or, whenever you need them of course), decide which pack is the best investment and spend some gems on them, pick up the mail box gems that are about to expire - continue kc cup will be in november so in all likelyness you'll know what to buy before you ever reach the month tbh
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    Yay king of games only 1 cyber petit
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    We're back, albeit on short notice. NB96 wasn't gonna be able to do one this weekend, but I'm going to step up and run this one solo so as to keep with the original plan of one every two weeks. This tournament will begin at 4:00PM EASTERN TIME on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2017. Please join the Duelistgroundz Discord server if you haven't already, as this will be your primary means of contacting your opponents. This is a DOUBLE-ELIMINATION bracket, meaning that you have to lose twice to be eliminated. All matches are played in best-of-3s, and the player coming out of loser's bracket will need to win two full matches in Grand Finals in order to win the tournament. All matches will count towards your Goat Format ranking for Season 2 of the DGz War League. The format is, once again, April 2005 Goat Format. Cybernetic Revolution and Exarion Universe are not legal. In the event of a ruling dispute, please contact a member of the DGz War Council on Duelistgroundz.com, or on our Discord server, via the @War Council tag. The default choice for all duels should be Lackey, but players are allowed to play on Duelingbook if they both agree to it or if one player cannot download or install Lackey (e.g. they are on a Mac and do not want to use Wine/dualboots). Grand Finals will be streamed on the DGz Facebook page, and the VOD will be posted afterwards on our YouTube channel. For a list of all registered players and bracket updates, check the event's Challonge page. This will be how you figure out who you are playing against in each round. Decklists are locked for this tournament; be sure to PM your decklist to MMF on Discord before the tournament starts. In addition, if you don't want your decklist to be featured during coverage or after the tournament, please let me know so that I don't talk about your list on stream or post it in the thread after the tournament is over. To register, all you need to do is post here with your usernames on Duelistgroundz and Discord like so: My DGz username / My Discord username
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    If you guys enjoy this format, try arvn's actual deck from September 2009
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    So after being informed (thanks) I spent the rest of the day trying to make this ftk still works. It does, unfortunately or fortunately i guess if you are playing to go into time game 1 it takes me around 36 min to preform new combo. Given the video below is only about the 4th time preforming the new combo so I am a bit slow as there are a lot of mini loops within the greater loop. I am sure this loop can also be done far better, and play around any counter burn hand traps to just end with near unbreakable boards,, along with I am almost positive there is a way to add almost every dark monster from your deck to hand, but for now I just went with the simple do 8k T1. Obviously this is assuming link kuriboh is the next jump promo and will come out before level eater gets banned. I am aware this loses to every hand trap commonly played today but I was fucking around with post link kuriboh things and discovered this (I think I discovered this lmk if this is known) Vision hero Vyon + Exodius -Ftk FTK is Grepher + level eater or Grepher + mali 3 card ftk is Arma + level eater/mali + way to discard level eater/ mali arma 2 card ftk is foolish + arma 3 card Arma is One for one + arma+ monster 4 Card grepher is dark, monster, one for one, grepher grepher 3 card ftk is dark + grepher + foolish Obviously monk + Spell Ftk's with mali/ level eater in hand or foolish. Sample list 3 Vision Hero Vyon 3 Exodius 3 Mali 3 level eater 3 Grepher 3 Monk 3 Aknight 1 Gravekeepers Curse 1 Shadow Mist 3 D.D.R 1 Foolish 1 One for One 1 Rota 1 Poly 1 Upstart 9 slots open for more a knight discards/ draw cards/ cards that make it so if you draw the shadow mist/ multiple mali etc/ Soul charge/ whatever 15 (all are used) 3 Firewall 3 Tri-gate 3 Kuriboh 3 proxy 1 akashic magician 1 D- hero deadlyguy 1 beatrice With new list you basically win when you have 2 exodius level eater on board as that is when loop starts. I can upload vyon ftk video (grepher and A knoght are reltively the same except no longer needing destrudo) if people want it.
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    15 players full claim 24 hour day phases, 24 hour night phases this is bastard and i am a horrible host with awful game design the flavor will be delicious antag approved game so it's all his fault if it goes badly 1. little bug 2. BuildTheWalia 3. TheGoldenTyranno 4. Broken Brilliance 5. Sophocles 6. Wunter 7. Mickey 8. Silver 9. Nelrick 10. 11. rei 12. 13. Malcolm 14. 15.
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    Markus crossed the line when he said Tyranno was worse than me
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    no you guys are wrong this is how everybody played me: oopsy daisy walia: oh well you know tyranno: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ mark: an innocent villager slaughtered in the name of god gemstone: oh whoops, i dropped my monster condom for my magnum dong solstice: hey nobody expects i have a big dick now, guess i'm gonna win. nelrick: I CAN'T READ jc.: *WOKE_EYES.png*
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    Yeah if you're really good at making memes and they bring a shit ton of people to DGZ, you absolutely will get paid for that.
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    Hello. This section is pretty inactive, and our pinned introduction thread is from 2013. This is bad, because a Yu-Gi-Oh! player checking out this side of the forum would likely leave completely lost about it. So, I've decided to write up a quick guide to getting started with this game online. Note: This is designed for people that haven't played before and might be interested in trying it out. Unlike the simulators many Yu-Gi-Oh! players are used to, Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) differs: it is an automated, official client. It does not start you out with a full collection, meaning you will need to build up a collection of cards. This guide will revolve around the steps needed to take you from the starter decks they give you to actually building meta decks. Step 1: Ready, Set, Go! You can find the client downloads all right here on this page: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/download/ PC and tablet versions exist for both Microsoft and Apple devices. Once you download the game, you will go through a short tutorial on a guest account that will teach you the basic rules of the game. After this is done, click on the Upgrade option to register a full account and transfer your guest progress to it. Step 1.5: Pay to Play If you want to entirely avoid the ramp-up experience of the app and head immediately into playing the best decks in the format, go to ebay and find a stack of "PTCGO Pack Codes". At the time of writing, Guardian Rising packs are the standard pack of choice. Skip ahead to Step 7. As a note, if you do things this way, the cost to skip the grind is roughly $20, which is enough to buy ~50 pack codes. This will get you a complete, powerful deck filled with reusable staple cards at a price less than a regular retail game ($40-60). Step 2: Five Formats PTCGO offers five formats. Unlike Yu-Gi-Oh, but like MTG, Hearthstone, and many others, the PTCG uses a Rotating format. Each year, around September, old cards rotate out of the Standard Format to keep the game fresh. If you're considering getting "into" the game, Standard is likely the format you're aiming for. If you play for a while and build up a collection, the cards aren't worthless once they rotate out. Two additional formats, Expanded, Legacy, and Unlimited allow for a wider variety of card pools. Naturally, decks in these formats are rather powerful, due to the ability to mix and match the strongest cards out of a much larger pool. The fourth and final format, Theme, is where new players are best to start out. This is the equivalent of a Structure Decks Only format in Yu-Gi-Oh. It features simple, preconstructed decks, meaning you don't have to worry about veterans with large collections stomping on you repeatedly. The game will give you the Mental Might Theme deck to start out with. Step 3: Getting Your First Cards The Mental Might structure deck is only one of a few goodies that you can get at the start of the game. If you go to Cart (3rd option on the top of your screen) -> Redeem Codes, you can obtain another deck and a couple of other goodies. Here are the codes: plasmastorm: Rallying Cry (deck) darkexplorers: Pokemon-EX Hat (avatar item) 1pikachu4u: Pikachu (a card) Additionally, you can unlock three decks named Born of Fire, Hidden Depths, and Crushing Current by playing... Step 4: Trainer Challenge The Trainer Challenge is a vs. AI mode where the player uses the three decks mentioned above or a theme deck they have purchased to earn rewards. If you beat seven different trainers with Born of Fire, Hidden Depths, or Crushing Current, you will unlock the deck, allowing you to use the cards in other modes, including the Theme Deck format. Furthermore, the Trainer Challenge provides rewards in the form of Tokens (the in-game currency) and booster packs. To unlock the maximum rewards, you will need to beat each trainer in the Trainer Challenge with four different decks. A green check mark will appear next to a trainer if you have beaten them with your currently selected deck, and the number of stars under the trainer will show how many decks you've been them with. This will be a useful addition to your early collection. Step 5: Obtaining Currency Once you get your first 500 tokens, you can use it to purchase your first Theme Deck. I will talk about the theme deck format at a later time; for now, just know that the most recent ones are the best. Pick your favourite from Hidden Moon, Rock Steady, Luminous Frost, and Steel Sun. With your shiny new Theme Deck in tow, you're ready to take on the Theme VS. Ladder, where you will be matched up against other players. The rewards you earn come in two sections: (1) Daily Rewards - Each day, your first 11 wins will give you a set reward, such as tokens or lootbox, which contain larger coin bonuses and occasionally a booster pack. (2) Monthly* Rewards - Every three weeks, the ladder updates with a new set of rewards. For each win, you'll gain 10 points, up to a maximum of 2000. You can also gain up to 20 bonus points (30 total) if you go on a winstreak. In the event you lose, you will get 1 point per prize claimed. The rewards include tokens, individual cards, booster packs, and lootchests (coins + a random chest). Note that if you complete the daily rewards, you will have a total of 11*20 wins, which is enough to gain full rewards on the larger ladder, even without the winstreak bonus. In the long term (or, well, a few weeks), it is totally fine for you to concede a theme game a few turns in if you think you have a low chance of winning due to a lack of Energy Cards, draw power, or otherwise. Play competitive games, but there's no need to waste 15 minutes on a game where you just get stomped. The currency you will gain can be spent on booster packs or more theme decks. Here would be a purchase priority list: (1) Any limited-time events that have a promo card you want. (2) Tournaments where you have a strong deck (with Theme format, Hidden Moon is the best deck at the time of writing). See step 6 for more discussion about tournaments. (3) Theme Decks that contain Trainers (Item and Supporter cards) you do not have a playset of. Typically, you can base your decision entirely on those cards, as nearly all staples in the game come in the form of Trainers. A rare exception would be that you need to pick up two copies of Wave Splasher if you want to play a deck known as Greninja BREAK. However, as a new player, you may not want to commit to a certain deck right away. In the future, I may make a guide about the current popular decks, but for now, I'll have to direct you to use outside sources of media. For each new theme deck, you'll also get a complimentary booster pack if you win 12 games in the Trainer Challenge. (3) Booster Packs containing cards you need. (4) Cosmetic Items Furthermore, as you may have already noticed, there are multiple ways to gain currency. Here's a checklist on how to prioritise that: (1) Daily Challenges & Special Challenges. Each day, you will be given a "quest." Completing these give coins and packs as rewards. As you level up, you'll get harder quests with larger rewards. Each quest is related to a certain Type of Pokémon, so it will help to have multiple theme decks that will allow you to pick the appropriate Type. (2) Daily VS Rewards. Like the above, these reset each day, and you'll always want to aim for time-gated rewards first (3) The Trainer Challenge. When you've completed getting your daily rewards, you can work your way through the Trainer Challenge. Aim to use decks that still have unlockable rewards related to them while also progressing. I would suggest going through the challenge entirely (there are three different levels) before trying to get the four-star rewards. Once all trainers are 4-starred, you can aim for to gain the unlockable booster packs by facing the lowest level league. Step 6: Tradelocked and Tradeable Cards If you look at the collection you've started to get from all of the above, you'll notice that they all contain a lock. This means you cannot trade them. In-game rewards earned from the above means will always be trade-locked. There is one method to gaining tradeable events: Tournaments. One of the rewards you'll gain while going through versus mode are Tournament Tickets. These are your tickets (literally) to gaining cards and packs that you can trade with other users. The types and rewards of tournaments are also on a rotation, but they fall into these general categories: Token Tournaments: Pay tokens to play in the tournament. You will be rewarded with Tournament Tickets. Ticket Tournaments: Pay tickets to play in the tournament. You will be rewarded with tradeable booster packs. You can gamble with these and try to open the cards you need, but the pack-cracking urges are best left to tradelocked packs. In this game, packs are the ultimate form of currency. The other method of gaining tradeable items is from IRL products. Every pack, box, tin, and so on will contain unique redeemable codes for tradeable content in the online counterpart. If you go to your LGS to play, there's a chance you'll be able to get a deal on these codes either from the store or from players that don't happen to play the online version of the game. In order to make the jump, you will need to start playing in tournaments at some point. The fastest possible route to getting "out of" playing Theme decks is to buy a strong theme deck (e.g. Hidden Moon), play tournaments using your coins to get tickets, and then using your tickets to get packs. Step 7: Trading At this point, you have some tradeable packs. If you've been following the rest of the guide, you may have even gotten a few cool cards that make you excited to build a deck around. Regardless, it is time to put these packs to good use. You can check out a rough approximation of the value of cards here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c1f_CdC_RIlzz_JMfFjBQmfZmgUXjkBlE86EzcJQOI0/edit#gid=1768215359 As you may have seen earlier in the guide, I suggested using currency for theme decks that contain Trainer cards you don't have. It is worth mentioning again: Trainer cards are the backbone of every deck. Trainer cards are reusables. Staples are trainer cards. A deck with strong Items and Supporters but middling Pokémon will win against a deck that contains powerful Pokémon but has bad trainers. Exceptions in the past to this rule have included Shaymin EX and Tapu Lele GX. The reason? They provided the effects of powerful Trainer cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a crazy game where you can constantly be searching your deck and setting up with powerful cards Lavalval Chain (oops), Pot of Greed (oops x2), or Card Destruction (wow, a recurring theme). In Pokémon, you will be casually throwing down cards like "Discard your hand and draw seven" every turn. The staples will change over time, so I won't include them in this guide, but you will first want generic trainers that help you draw cards regardless of deck (example: Professor Sycamore). Then, you will want generic Trainers that provide supplementary effects regardless of deck (example: Float Stone). After that, you will want more specific Trainers that supplement your deck's Type or strategy (example: Dive Ball). Finally, once all of the trainers are complete, you may then begin trading for the Pokémon that form different deck cores. To actually perform a trade, go to Collection (2nd tab on the top) -> Trade. You'll be able to see offers for items you own and use the search function to narrow down the search to cards you are looking for. You can post your own offers as well. Step 8: Building a Deck When you've finally gotten ready to build a deck by trading some of the packs you've won with tournaments, it is important to note some bad habits that seeing Theme decks may have given you regarding deck balance. (1) You don't need that much energy. 10 energy is fine for most decks. Some use less. Decks that revolve around recycling and discarding energy might use a bit more. (2) Use more trainer cards. Especially cards that let you draw more cards. Trainers make up the majority of your deck. Trainers let you see the cards you want to see. Fit in as many of these cards as possible. (3) Use equal lines of Pokémon. Theme decks will present you with evolution lines that go 2-1, 3-2, 4-3-1, etc. Generally, you will actually generally be wanted to run a number straight down the line (1-1, 4-4-4). This is because if you have good trainer cards, you will be able to get the cards you need. Each non-fully evolved Pokémon you run without an evolved counterpart in the deck is a dead card that will not help you win the game. Take out your weaker Pokémon to either put in better Pokémon or some shiny trainer cards. Welcome to the Pokémon TCG!
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    i think what silver has done is potentially scummy in a vacuum but if you read over his defence i think he's coming from his own place he would have to be partners with jazz but he is coming off as genuinely frustrated compare that to markus who just walks in here with a giant post with weak reasoning attempting to bandwagon onto the current most popular target there's also the obvious attempt to pocket mmf vote markus if markus was town with a scum read on silver he wouldn't have any reason to be so mad about things when it would be a slam dunk free lynch from his pov jc mmf silverdude jazz acp mascis markus there are more but im too lazy to look at the player list rn
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    scum confirmed vote silverdude
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    I mean if he just pays me the $40 that he owes me it's all water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. If he's in a financial position where his bank is bouncing $20 checks, he should've just been upfront about it and not gambled in the first place.