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    Sorry for the inconvenience, we had to restore a nine day old backup in order to address a security breach and an ongoing criminal investigation.
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    I went back to the gym this week but I'm not enjoying it as I used to. My form is still there and the base strength to build upon is starting to come back, but mentally I'm just not enjoying it anymore. I'll stick to cycling for now. I find that quite relaxing even though it's exercise. I also started at the driving range once a week recently which is incredibly fun.
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    I hit a weight today that i havent seen before so i went for a run this evening. Went surprisingly well and im excited for good things like not being a fat piece of shit
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    There's a LOT of people looking for you.
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    I'm rewatching Re:Zero as I remember fucking loving it but I've forgotten most of the characters and plot twists from season 1.
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    I got fed up of the cat pissing everywhere so she now lives outside in a little house with a flap and even a window on the side
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    I suppose. I think I should just deactivate FB for the time being. Considering if I just went on a unfriending spree, I’d probably only have some family and close friends...might as well save me some time and deactivate it. Twitter I’m still 50/50 about on what I would like to do with that, despite my gripes it is the main way I find other online communities and find out shit that happens in the world. Might end up unfollowing some people though. Instagram, whenever I get around to it again, I’m definitely unfollowing people.
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    can we get the gossip on the ongoing criminal investigation pls @rei
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    2/6 years in and I finally have a research topic for my thesis.
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    i know you wish she made this thread for you we all know
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    This game is awful. If you're still playing it for anything else outside of friendship then you're doing it all wrong.
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    Nah, that’s just what happens. You have a few people you want, then you just venture out and add more people you randomly met once or twice. For me, started with some people I knew from high school, then middle school, then college, then deleted FB for two years, then made a new one and did the same shit all over again and then added family, etc.
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    Dropped my phone on my face in bed and gave myself a black eye.
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    not much just reading old threads
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