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    Hey guys, In honor of my first win in a "major" Goat Format tournament, I decided to do a post-game commentary series of all my matches, and write up this mini report. I'll explain my deck real quick, then leave the commentary below as the main source of analysis on my matches. Even though it was only an 8-person tournament, I knew it would be fun and extremely competitive. I expected every player to take it seriously and bring what he thought was his best deck to the tournament. So, even though I had recent success with PACMAN in a DGz Live, I really wanted to test my abilities with Goat Control in this new Chaos-heavy DGz meta. I was expecting to see about 2:1 Chaos Control decks to Goat Control decks, and maybe some anti-meta decks sprinkled in. I think this prediction was about correct. Here's my deck list: There's some explanation of my list in the videos if you'd like to skip reading this, but I think some people would appreciate the extra details. I'm playing the typical Goat Control list that was developed with Team Detox, but it really dates back to the days when KP won the 2014 Goat Format War League with a very similar list, which then became the "Standard" goat list that everybody net decked. The only difference in the main deck is that we've replaced 2 copies of Exarion Universe with 1 D.D. Warrior Lady and 1 Asura Priest, a couple solid level 4 beaters that help to fill the roles that Exarion Universe played in the original deck. The side deck was meant to cover Burn, OTK, and other Alt-Win stuff. I specifically tweaked it for the metagame I was expecting to face, however. That's why I sided 2 copies of Dark Mimic LV1 and a third Book of Moon. When I played against Angel Chaos Control, I would take out D.D. Warrior Lady, a card I consider a liability in that matchup, as well as 2 Dust Tornado, which are not as useful as they are in the Goat Control mirror, where I can save them to stop Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial (Chaos Control does not play either of those cards). Dark Mimic is strong against the Chaos Control deck, as it never loses value to Chaos Sorcerer, and it can soak up attacks from Shining Angels and D.D. Warrior Lady. Importantly, now that I've gotten rid of D.D. Warrior Lady and added a couple more flip effects, none of my monsters will be left in face-up position without having already given me value (except Sangan which I will be setting more frequently instead). I ended up setting monsters a lot and playing more passively to avoid Chaos Sorcerer, which worked out quite well. This change also bumps my deck up to 17 monsters, which I feel gives me a slightly stronger early game that helps me respond to early Shining Angels from my opponent. Finally, I am bringing in the 3rd Book of Moon which does a few things: (1) provides extra synergy with a weak flip effect monster like Dark Mimic LV1, (2) functionally helps to replicate the ability of the Dust Tornadoes I sided out to block Snatch Steal, and (3) blocks the Angel Chaos Control player's Thousand-Eyes Restrict more effectively than they can block mine, since a Book on their Thousand-Eyes will never result in them tributing it for Airknight (since they choose not to play Airknight, while I still do). In hindsight, my side deck was not very good against Aggro decks like Chaos Recruiter, which I struggled against in the Finals. I would have liked to have found space for a third Sakuretsu Armor and 2 Legendary Jujitsu Master for that matchup. I took these cards out at the last minute for 2 Mobius the Frost Monarch and the third Book of Moon. I think it was worth it for the Book of Moon, but I'm skeptical about the Mobius. I'm also skeptical about my decision to include Seven Tools of the Bandit. I was happy at the end of the day to include Trap Dustshoot however. It remains one of my favorite side deck cards. Finally, thanks to MMF for hosting the tournament. Thanks to The Seraphim (the team I'm on currently) for the support and advice on my deck and how to play. Thanks to the commentators in Voice Chat who joined MMF's streams, the coverage you guys did was fantastic. And finally, thanks to my opponents for being positive human beings and good sports. You guys made the tournament a great experience. 10/10 would play again. Round 1 vs Markus (Chaos Angel Control) - Win Round 2 vs Tango (Chaos Angel(?) Control) - Win Round 3 vs Lucas (Chaos Angel Control) - Win Round 4 vs Loli (Chaos Recruiter) - Loss Round 5 vs Loli (Chaos Recruiter) - Win
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    Team Captain: Paraliel Co-Leader: TheGoldenTyranno Members: Audioslayne Gojira inky 14Henderson7 rei War Record: 0-0
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    GoatStats I guess I should go ahead and put a thread up for this. I'm working on compiling a database of Goat Format tournament statistics, in the vein of Tafostats. I ended up splitting the project into three separate Google docs, which I'll link separately here: Goat-List: This is a list of the top cut and final results for every major Goat Format tournament since April 2005. GoatTopDecks: This is a database of top decks from Goat Format tournaments, including links to every premier event top cut decklist from April to August of 2005. GoatRank: This is my attempt to port the ChampRank system over to Goat Format. Every player with a top cut finish at a major Goat Format tournament is "ranked" with a point system. I split the data up into three distinct eras: the Historic era, e.g. 2005, the Exarion era, e.g. 2012-2014, and the Modern era, e.g. 2015-present. As is the case with our DGz WarBot Elo ratings, none of this is intended to be a perfect or objective ranking of skill, especially not all-time skill, in Goat Format. The GR rankings are intended more as year-to-year "Power Rankings" that focus on results. Most of the decks in GTD are not what I'd call good, as the vast majority (right now) are included for historical purposes. Nonetheless, I expect this data to be helpful in at least some way to Goat Format duelists at all levels of play. Right now I'm working on the H2H tab of GR. Right now, only the Modern era is completed; I'm working on the Exarion era ones right now, and will do the Historic ones after that. Remember that all 4 Seasonal Playoff events in 2018 will count as Majors and all 4 Goat format DCSes will count as Regionals!
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    Well, y'all were some of the dumbest nigga last year, and that has not changed this year. God DAMN this was embarrassing. /sarcasm It was a decent game to say the least. Town was a bit too wrapped up on Faint, although their play less than decent. Unfrotunately the Cop scanned Faint n1 and didn't attempt to save them in order to move the lynch elsewhere. The reasons scum were caught were correct, though. Scum did not coordinate any attempt to move agenda, whether it was because of not being online, or inability to do so. Scum shot themselves in the foot. The one thing i noticed were the WiFoM assumptions and the "i wouldn't do this as scum" sort of things said that should be avoided as indicative of a certain alignment. i think some players did not think as critical of the phase as they could have, but we'll work on it. Another thing we should all realize that this is a game where ANYTHING is suspicious. Don't get mad that you're being called out. Scum QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/bUfyEZYps4CVk Host QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/jxD7NWPmR2A The players who so rightfully went through the trials and tribulations necessary to finish this game. My thoughts as a whole... TheGoldenTyranno: One downfall was too much credit to Solstice for the "i'm TOWN! YAY" post in the beginning. Good catch on Solstice for them discussing a potential jailkeep as the doctor. Nothing else of note other than trying to act like scum was already caught in the beginning which I don't perceive as helpful. Rather cocky. Jazz: I thought you played well. I think you should have reconsidered other poor play over Faint when it occurred. BuildTheWalia: Your cop play was less than to be desired. You kept silent on Faint and could have pushed an endgame where scum would have to NK you and Faint. The lynch very well could have went to Solstice in the case you were more vocal on the lynch rather than passive. Jazz scan I thought was a tad peculiar and would have been better on someone else. Be more aggressive and not a sheep. Sophocles: You were an immense asset to town. Your reads are unrivaled in the community and your positivity is an example to us all. The way you outsmarted the scumteam by getting Night killed N1, right after nailing the crucial evidence on the wall against them, was marvelous to watch. Your posting style is gracious and your mechanical mafia skill impeccable. Most of all, despite all this, you remains a humble part of the community. Better than Tyranno's cocky attitude. Solstice: I think you need to panic less and plan more. Spread an agenda, don't watch town roll you over the game, even though you have rolled scum many times in a row. I also think you need to be less critical on others, as well as less defensive and push instead. The low post thing you defended was not a good look. Faint: When you keep getting lynched, it may not be idiot town all the time. You need to make more clear what you're trying to say as some stuff may be simple to you, but not so much to others. Less partner connections, more people on their own. Certain scenarios that "had to have happened" are not always what have happened, either. Jap Nick: Your notes are cluttered and lists do not project towniness on their own. This section also does not have maturity issues when one person says fuck you to you, although I agree what Solstice said was poor. Don't call the site a bunch of idiots when your play meets those idiot standards. The players have to know you are not afk but busy instead, right? They might as well have read your mind and knew you should have been the lynch of the day anyway. The pace of MafiaUniverse is much faster than here, and believe me, you'd be chewed up and spit right out the way you played here. If you want to encourage activity, then push it regardless of alignment. Push your own agenda, especially as scum. The pace of this game would be comparable to that of DNF back in the day. If you're going to leave, leave quietly. You have nothing to defend if we are all idiots. Wunterslaus: I didn't see much of note from you this game. I think you need to more aggressive and less a sheep. Mascis: I would peg you to be the player who was the most correct, but the least into the game. Less lists, less dumb floaty nigga, more pushy pushy and communicate. Thanks for playing, everyone!
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    Health...what is that? How can I be healthier other than through the usage of electronics in 2018? One way is to actually workout and become like our other simian relatives! The best way to do so is lifting as it coordinates our muscles and turns those not so athletic people into athletes! (Disclaimer: this may not work for everyone) So go out to the gym and punch those elementary school bullies in the face when you have MUSCLES OF STEEL. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL DAY ONE VOTE COUNT Solstice (L-4) (Mascis) Jap Nick (L-1) (Walia, Sophocles, Tyranno, Jazz) Walia (L-3) (Faint, Wunter) NV: Solstice, Jap Nick Jap Nick has been lynched. Jap Nick was a Mafia Goon! Day is officially over and might start at 5 PM CST on 1/10/17 (11 PM GMT)
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    I forgive you bro. If you honestly really want to change, and really show that you do (like not hanging around morons anymore), then I accept you apology. I didn't really understand your post much, but I've always believed that every one has some sort of traumatic past that makes them the way they are. I'm not sure how you related to me, but I hope you can put your past behind you and become a good person. ♥
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    TEAM DUELISTGROUNDZ[.COM] »»Noxjja / Noxjja »»MMF / MMF »»Jazz / Jazz »»Soul / Soul »»A Loli / Dance Gavin Dance TEAM PRO PLAY GAMES »»Gabe / ppg gabe 2-0 »»Desmond / he just played on justins account lol »»Dale / »»Avery / AveryFoster »»Justin / ppgjustindelhon I'll be honest, I really didn't think we were gonna be able to make this one happen. Damage Step and the Seraphim have joined forces in this crew battle against Pro-Play Games featuring the legendary Dale Bellido. This will be the first of hopefully many events for the new Team Duelistgroundz[.com]. Shouts out to Morphing Jar, aka Big P, aka Dewloren, Tiger King of Goats, aka Exiled Force, aka Dubai, aka pimp on dn, aka Mustang, aka Guerilla Warfare, aka Brybry, former NHL sniper. Shouts out to Bullet Club aka Mullet Club aka Masha Fan Club. This event will be recorded/streamed on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Be sure to check out PPG's YouTube here as well! WAR STORY:
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    New Years Backup Mafia Gameplay/Rules: - 4 post quota per phase - 48 hr days / 24 hr nights - regardless of if NA's are submitted. - Days will shorten 24 hrs per scum death. - Day and Night will not be specified in the game title. Look for yourselves. - Scum will have a quicktopic to use for this game. Fuck discord. - Standard DGZ Mafia rules apply. - You can vote for yourself. - I will post vote counts when I can. - Majority ends day early. - Tie = No Lynch. - You can vote for no lynch. A No Lynch majority ends day early. - I will modkill at my own discretion. Be smart; you guys should know what is acceptable by now. - This will include asking for a sub in the game thread. Don't do that, PM me instead. - Any modkills will occur at the end of the day phase unless necessary to modkill ASAP. In the latter case, the modkill will end day early. - Don't scream about modkills/x should be modkilled stuff in thread. I will deal with it eventually. - We play under Backup 6 matrix. I rolled a die to choose the set up (Columns A,B,C are 4,5,6 respectively). https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Backup6 - PM me any game related questions. I may make a game announcement if necessary to prevent confusion. If you ask in thread I'm ignoring it. Roles: - The following power roles will operate as follows, but the role descriptions may not be the same from role pms. - Town Jailkeeper: Roleblock and protect one player per night. - Town Cop: Scan a player and get a Town or Scum result. - Town Doctor: Protect a player per night. You cannot self heal consecutive nights. - Town Universal Backup: You take on the first Town Power Role that dies. - Town Tracker: Watch where one player goes per night. - Mafia Roleblocker: Roleblock any player at night. - Mafia Roleblocker will resolve first over Town Jailkeeper. - Mafia Roleblocker can roleblock and carry out the same kill at night. Players: @TheGoldenTyranno @Jazz - Killed Night 2, Vanilla Town @BuildTheWalia @Sophocles - Killed Night 1, Vanilla Town @Solstice @Faint - Lynched Day 2, Vanilla Town @ニック - Lynched Day 1, Mafia Goon @Wunterslaus @Mascis
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    Well, here we are guys. It is 2018. We have all come a long way from hence we've came. We decided to celebrate with Champagne in a tall skyscraper, whatever you want to call it. All 10 of us, celebrating an upcoming year and reflecting on all that has happened in 2017. Trump becoming President, the Falcons choking a 28-3 lead, the Penguins winning yet another Stanley Cup, how we did not lose our virginity, and mafia. God damn mafia. I've had enough of mafia for a long time. If anyone wants to play mafia or even say we should play maf.. "Hey guys, who wants to play mafia?" "NO! NO! NO NO NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I decided to jump out the window and fall to my death instead. Then I woke up from that horrid nightmare... "Oh...shit....thank god that wasn't real...wait a second...I have to host a game instead? AHHHH...." And so we are where we are today as I rethink my entire life to look toward a brighter future, and a better me. And host a game of mafia. Exciting!
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    Ay, where my FuZe gang at? Just out here enjoying life on the DuelistGroundz discord server and wondered if any of my friends were online from FuZe. Looking to enjoy some cool and funny memes from my fellow members from FuZe. I also wanted to know if anyone whi is not from FuZe wants to join our very own Discord server. It’s pretty funny and awesome, we enjoy sharing funny images and long “wall of texts”. For the wild users who are out here on Discord we have a Not Safe For Work channel were users share interesting images of women’s physique. It can be a real, human girl or a girl from your favourite anime! There aren’t any rules in our Discord server, but once you join, it is required you add a (FuZe) tag to your username. Once Discord registers that you are in or server, there is no turning back. We are a unique clan. Once you witness what happens behind-the-scenes there is no turning back. You have been baptised in the holy chatroom of FuZe. Pretty cool, right? On that note, just wondering if anyone who is apart from that FuZe clan is online right now. The moderators and administrators on DuelistGroundz are relaxing and it is our duty to put them to work and make them take moderator actions on us. Anytime we assemble and share cool images and funny jokes, the moderators get angry and remove us from the DualingGround community. This is an awful shame as we love the DuelingGroundz users very much. One day, we will become administrators on that Discord server and make that place “FuZe DGz”, if you pardon the pun! So, how are you guys on DuelistGroundz? I’m just sitting back, relaxing on my desktop version of Discord on your DuelistGround server wondering if anyone from FuZe clan wants to chat? Let me know, you guys!
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    Requirements to join Hang Wire: - From NYC - Not from the South - Took a psychology course - Did drama and theater at least once
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    FuZe Gang Sponsored by Harverd Universte and Alfred Eibstiem Members thugalicious/❀thugalıcıous❀#0061 !nf!del/!nf!del#8740 - Dueling Nexus' True King of Games IorI/IorI#9195 Serl of the three/Serlthree#8867 -Disciple of Yu-Gi-NoNo StayFrosty310/Stayfrosty310#5387 Mickey/Mickey#2287 Livd/Livd#1506 -Make you're dad suck the big bottle : - ) Kekler/Kekler#7251 -Play Burning Abysse bezt Decke
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    I checked the game thread and I literally saw no one vote Nick for being inactive, or even mention his activity level at all for that matter
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    I don't do it that consistently, i just have good games where I succeed in pointing out some good stuff and can act constructively off that if i dont find anything i just drool on myself D1 also it's easy to appear town when you're actually right about your scumreads ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ best tip i have that i executed well this game is if you're town, don't be afraid to make gut reads early and act transparently upon them - e.g. I townread faint, said so, and engaged with him constructively and argued against his lynch. (Which =/= posting a reads list because that's relatively nocommittal) Scum has to take care not to be too transparent because it might lead to ppl figuring out their true agenda. Just be ready to revise those reads based on good arguments and analysis, bc I also townread you D1 haha
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    It wasn't your list of notes or lack of activity. What made you scum to me was (1) you listed me as 'likely VT', (2) your reads were contradictory and looked like hedging, (3) you didn't vote anyone, (4) you didn't ask anyone questions. Come on dude. This is "scrub mentality", i.e. blaming your personal short comings in a game on the play of others. In case you didn't realize it the town wasn't on your team.
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    The "Joy to the World" thing popped in my head when I signed up before I even knew my alignment due to a combination of too much Christmas music, me figuring I'd finally get to be town this time since I got scum three times prior, and trying to figure out how I wanted to enter the thread when it went up since my first post is usually what gets attacked the most. Even though I ended up rolling scum I thought I'd post it anyway since it was still somewhat close to Christmas and it should help me look townish since it didn't come from a scum perspective. Tyranno was technically correct that the idea came from town Solstice, but everyone else was also very correct on saying it's easy to fake and so should be taken with a grain of salt. Time for my usual thoughts on everybody I guess. Walia: If walia had been VT I think I'd have had him as MVP for sure considering how good his analysis on nick's stuff was, but unfortunately his play as a power role wasn't the best. He should have claimed to save faint as there was always the chance of doc being there to save him, and even if there wasn't a doc him dying N 2 would prevent scum from fake claiming doc later like I did. I also should have 100% been the scan N 2 seeing as how everybody wanted to lynch me. Wunter: You didn't start out great but I think you hit your stride at the very end. You were 100% correct that the comment I made about faint, walia, and your day 1 read history was a way to set up future mislynches for the three of you. Unfortunately it didn't pan out, but I have nobody to blame but myself for that considering how bad I messed up with the jailkeeper thing. Mascis: Despite being right on your reads very early on I don't think you played that well. You didn't explain your reads and trustlists much if at all, and didn't do much to work with the rest of town. Though to be honest I was terrified of you being a PR as I thought you'd target and out me for sure, but decided I had to risk it as killing you when you'd done nothing but tunnel me would have made me look way too suspicious. Soph: very good, much wow, I had to kill you early on again as usual. Sorry. I don't know how you manage to project town that easy but I'm super envious and would love any pointers you have. Nick: Sorry again for letting my temper get the better of me and not taking a cool down period first. I suppose I should have made more of an effort to save you even if it'd have looked forced considering it was your first game back after so long and dying right off the bat couldn't have been very fun. I need to learn to focus more on the long term effects of things rather than the here and now. Faint: Unfortunately this was one of the worst games I've seen out of you, and that made you a very easy lynch target despite how bad nick slipped up on me. One or two people pushing you could just be scum or misguided town, but when you have a horde on your tail it's usually a sign your play has been sloppy and you need to kick it up a notch. I have problems with this too and it's something I need to work on improving, but you're a far better player than I am so I'm sure you won't be stuck in a rut for too long. Jazz: Way to bait me into killing you Jazz. PR mechanics aside you were pretty much leading the town anyway, so leaving you alive would still have been risky unless I thought you'd keep your townread on me or I could turn everyone else against you. Obviously I read the gamestate very poorly as I think you said in discord you'd begun suspecting tyranno and I thought someone in thread mentioned it was weird you got killed when you were starting to be suspected, but live and learn I guess. I wish I knew how you always got the thread to follow you, it'd be nice for pushing all these scum agendas I seem to be stuck with lately. >.> Tyranno: I don't really have a lot to say on your play other than sadness that you caught my huge slip up. Though reading the OP more carefully probably would be a good start since I was apparently the only one that knew doc could self heal, so if there had actually been a doc and you guys voted them because "docs don't self heal" then you would have shot yourselves in the foot. Otherwise you weren't ever really suspected for scum much so good job on that I guess. ZP: Thank you for hosting, thank you for putting up with the drama in the QT, and thanks for taking the time go go through and analyze everybody's play and offer tips for improvement. I know it takes quite a while when I do it, and I think yours are far more in depth than mine. Also huge thanks for the host notes so we can see what you thought of everything as it was unfolding, I really wish more people would do these as I love reading them (even though it's usually saying how I messed up ). After walia caught the slip up about me in the nick post I think I would have always had at least a small target on my back even if I had managed to radiate "shining beacon of town" throughout the game, but obviously I fell way short of that and then made a major slip up of my own to boot. I just want to be town again where I don't have to worry about dying, getting outed by PRs, or stressing over the wording of every post. Unfortunately work is getting busy again so it likely won't be for awhile, but I hope I can put up a better challenge for you guys next time. Anyways I had fun for the most part, and I hope you all enjoyed ending my triple scum win streak.
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    Walia's a meme btw Vote Solstice 'Kill wunter' Peace
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    It is the end as we know it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL DAY 3 VOTE COUNT Solstice (LYNCH!) (Walia, Tyranno, Wunter) Wunter (L-2) (Solstice) NV: Mascis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another New Years resolution I have for myself is to read properly, and read more. I'm not a book person myself, but I think it helps to look at stuff and see what is actual said instead of things that could be implied instead. Otherwise, I'll just think that person is high or drunk if they don't look at things properly. ; ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solstice has been lynched. Solstice was the final Mafia Goon. I had checked the vote count to make sure and Walia never unvoted Solstice. Town wins.
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    Boy I bet the mafia spec chat is laughing their asses off at our collective incompetence
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    Because it's a new year, let's keep up with a few New Year's thoughts, shall we? How can we possibly keep up with our New Years Resolutions, like working out, instead of dropping it within 3 weeks? Well, motivation is so hard to come by these days. Go easy instead of going hard in the beginning. You're not going to make a meal with a snap of your fingers, it takes time and preparation. Enjoy the ride. Progress is beauty, not punishment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOTE COUNT 1.01 Solstice (L-4) (Mascis) Mascis (L-4) (Tyranno) Tyranno (L-4) (Faint) Faint (L-4) (Jazz) NV: Walia, Sophocles, Solstice, Jap Nick, Wunter With 9 players alive it takes 5 votes for majority.
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    i already did that in ssb64 mafia i won by modkilling jazz (who wasn't in the game) like 4+ times
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    Looks like I'm gonna have to modkill nick already smh
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    welcome to duelistgroundz we help and support each other and end our sentences with single punctuation points, or none at all - freestyle!
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    this is the best Star Wars film to be released in 3 decades but okay the hate is strong in this thread I had my gripes with either the amount of the subplots or screen time of the subplots (not sure which) but the way this film turned plot conventions on their head, then tied those subversions to its overall theme was a huge gamble that I felt largely paid off the only objective problem was perhaps amount of subplots. I had no issue with any specific subplot but I felt it just made everything too busy and they should have just left one on the chopping block and shifted it to the third film. would have allowed more attention on rey+kylo.
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    on the first day of christmas my lord and saviour jc gave to me 1 vote count (i defy your rhyme and syllable requirements) faint - zeropassion, markus, psk tyranno - tyranno, jazz markus - faint jazz - mascis mascis - soph psk - wunter
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    solid playing in that iron man last night.
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    Hang Wire They're going higher Wind is whistling on the barbs Your head's a hammer That man is a liar The day is like a warm night Salt rusts the cold line Every morning and every day I'll bossanova with ya If there were a fire Can we scratch beneath this Roster: Haruki - Discord: @Kyousuke#7939 Urthor - Discord: @Urthor#5265 Sykotic - Discord: @Primary#0241 gone - Discord: @Shane#3447 staunch patrician grant - Discord: N/A Danissgar - Discord: N/A
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    frogman is the shadow the hedgehog of goat format
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    Jeff Fisher: Case Keenum is a top 10 QB by our numbers The prophecy is coming true.
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    I'm guessing you mean this post by Jazz: Ironically that's him voicing doubts about your lynch (because scum wants to survive so would therefore try extra hard not to get lynched) so it only benefited you in Jazz's case (Btw get wrecked, Jazz, Re: the italicized bit) Then in this post he goes on to say your shortage in activity is not alignment indicative. I think you're just projecting a feeling of frustration on other people's posts, as far as I saw there was no conscious decision to lynch you over activity
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    I did it by not doing it
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    good morning salty princess
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    It is you who is the fool
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    My great grandpapa was from Scicily
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    @TheGoldenTyranno @Jazz @BuildTheWalia @Sophocles @Solstice @Faint @ニック @Wunterslaus @Mascis I will start the game tomorrow at 5 PM CST (GMT -6), maybe earlier. LMK if this time could be earlier or whatnot but we will go with that!
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    ShiningBlue-eyes (Goat Control) > MMF (Angel Chaos) 2-0
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    Just saw this, wow it was awful an somebody tell me why Han and the Leia went on that whole journey again? The whole thing could have been avoided if they just scanned for astroid worms, or fixed the stupid hyperdrive. Not to mention their journey was totally pointless and ended in Han frozen in a block.
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    I can be whatever you want me to be, handsome
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    @Jazz @TheGoldenTyranno @The Antagonist @BuildTheWalia @Faint - Arsonist Survivor @Sophocles @Wunterslaus @Mascis @PSK - Some Weeaboo @ZeroPassion @markus T'was the night before the night before the night before Christmas, and 11 creatures were stirring, but not the user Creature because that was actually just a multi so it is no longer used. A year of DGz mafia was coming to a close, and JC thought to himself, "Well, I haven't hosted a game in a while, and I guess I'm obligated to do something as a mafioso. How can I continue the streak of having terribly balanced games, but NOT have everyone yell at me for it this time?" And so the powerpuff girls were born. Or was it this game? Eh, whatever. Rules: We have a sticky, you know. Also, JC reserves the right to modkill all of you at any time for any reason. Notice: No Mandatory Quota. Like a terrible homework assignment, Day 1 will end at 11:59PM NYC Time on Christmas Eve. That's right, Christmas will be a night phase so you don't have to pay nearly any attention to the game. Aren't I great host? You're welcome. "But that's like 5 AM and we live in the UK," you may say. And that's a pretty good point, so other days will probably end at an earlier time. Probably around 6PM EST, if that works for everyone. If I forgot to send you a role or forgot you signed up or forgot to list important stuff here, let me know and I'll respond within 3-5 business days. uhh, ties are no lynch you may vote to kill yourself if you really want to claiming is okay Cheers, buggers. Day 1: Faint Dies Day 2:
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    fuck just read this. i was on AO with this guy for ages. great guy, really sad. the ammount of 1o1s we did, testing his decks for nationals and worlds was incredible. its the first time playing ygo online i realised i was playing/was one of the best in the world when my sparring partner online for it is future nats champ. if i'd known about his death earlier, i would have picked up ygo again just to compete in this tournament in his memory. good luck guys and rip max.
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    Hey, thought it'd be cool to write a list of shit we'd advise to ppl 10 years our junior or ourselves 10 years ago 1. Drink alcohol in moderation and sparingly ; i get it, we're at university/college and want to party but alcohol is very counterproductive to everything and learning to party without getting smashed is great for your health, ability to take opportunities, develop social skills and ur bigger goals studying/fitness/activities during the day Understand sacrificing alcohol and partying now will allow you in 3-5 years time to go to Vegas/Ibiza ripped, hench and rich with great skin. Infinitely better time and 10x more oppurtunity and quality. 2. Know your goals in what you want to attain in the next year and 5 years and work towards them 3. Always wake up early, if you wake up at 6AM you can get most of your jobs done by 12PM and have the rest of the day to do wtf you want 4. Keep an eye on stocks and investments. Maybe 10 hours of research a month and risk money you can on ventures and let the investments sit 5. Buy stuff which will last and not drop its value so fast, e.g. camera lenses, as opposed to shitty disposable clothing 6. Don't take girls for granted in uni/college, they might seem a bit dumb and annoying but they're smarter than 95% of people you will meet in your working life afterwards 7. Prioritise fitness + health - bulk bulk bulk until age 21-23, only cut to get to 15% bodyfat, don't let alcohol get in the way of your goals, train smart + avoid injury 8. Grow your hair ; take a year and grow your hair and see what it looks like, if it suits you, you will look better than 99% of people and it'll help you stand out A LOT and is a lot more versatile than any shitty buzz cut. Muscle + long hair = epic, good looking + long hair = epic. Maybe if you look like ur meant to be in a video game store, then get it cut. 9. Don't invest too much or any time in religous societies.. shits a waste of time. Instead do some society shit which will help u long term aka dancing, salsa etc. 10. Learn another language 11. Play the BEST video games/films etc. whilst u have the time 12. Travel when you can at any oppurtunity
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    guys its been a year since the rouge one thing and i still don't get it please stop using it
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    your jealousy was expected. god himself willed my victory. my cause was truly the most just. give yourself unto the lord and you too can experience his holy power flow through you. praise swinub