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    man they fucking blew it. so mad.
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    http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Poki_Draco   Poki Draco Level 3 FIRE Dragon-Type Effect Monster ATK 200 DEF 100   When this card is Normal Summoned You can add 1 "Poki Draco" from your Deck to your hand.    Okay, okay. Hear me out:   Pros Debris target. Fire attribute dump for Blaster. Lvl 3 non-tuner. Dragon! Self-repenishing. Floater? At least it's an extra body. Look how cute it is.   Hopefully no one's talked about this card in dragon rulers, so if they have, I apologize.   Tell me what you guys think, I'm really liking it with testing.  
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    1 trigon. only used because brake used it. 1700 defender. meh.
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