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    I worry for anyone who has to hire you to defend them.
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    This is kinda toxic, I should be able to post since I’m host jeez
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    I wouldnt be surprised if scumwoods real target is himself
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    ........did tyranno really just claim scum page 1 LOL
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    whats important is, i won another game as scum and all it took were four modkills, irl circumstances, and two of the other strongest players as my teammates.
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    I wanted to give my perspective on things as an outsider who had no stake in the game. DAY ONE DAY 2 ROLES Off the top of my head I think that’s everything I wanted to say for the moment. I’m probably not going to be able to play in anything for quite awhile as my schedule is so hectic atm, but I really enjoy reading through the games regardless.
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    any game that bb is not playing is worth signing up for
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    Also im ditching the dark crystal and doing Care Bears mafia instead
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    Ftr i had fun every day except the second Even if you think/know someone is scum please don't tell them not to post bc of that, it's really obnoxious to be told not to play the game.
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    Can we please add The Hammer mechanic some of us would like to get on with our lives @scumwood
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    I'm so mad. Probably played the best game of my dgz career for a fucking dunce game
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    I still can't play so I can take a look I think we can all agree I do an excellent job of this
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    Bahahahahahaha get fucked
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    Shoutout to soph and rei rolling scum 3 times out of the past 4 games
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    Btw if it wasn't clear Malcolm gets LVP
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    Hi, day hasn't started yet but I just wanted to say a big fuck you to Mike Zimmer for not using your $84 million quarterback and 2 elite WRs instead doing bootlegs like you're a highschool team and just running the ball. Also, day should be starting soon much love and a big thank you to everyone who has played <3
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    And to address soph saying I’m nonchalant this game, it’s because I am. The game is bastard and also a no flip. I’m just out here policing the streets of this god forsaken town and it’s gotten to me
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    Day will also extend 3 hours to 6 PM central because 3 PM seems like a bad time to have end of day madness
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    sir this is cheating you are not allowed to change the text in a quote like this
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    i was so used to the malcolm hype i accidentally wrote malcom instead of francis in the above post
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    assuming the section hasn't destroyed itself by the time the games currently in the queue have resolved, i will probably run a Pokémon game of some sort. we've done them like 4 or 5 times in the past, but luckily there are 1000 of these things
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    Flavor packets are garbage, it's well worth it to switch to actual seasonings and meat
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    "god damn everyone tryna fight today. what next? pokemon too???" yes actually guys PLEASE fight me in pokemon i havent had anyone to battle for 3000 years i will play any format on PokemonShowdown.com and I also have over 100 competitively bred pokemon on my Ultra Sun cartridge if you prefer that. :upside_down:
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    god damn everyone tryna fight today. in yugioh in mafia what next? pokemon too??? Though, in all seriousness, my one main qualm @2k19 with your play was your tendency to simply dispel other people's arguments. It's a simple thing, if you cannot counter or fight someone else's argument, you will lose credibility and so will your argument. All BB does is undermine, and whilst it gets him townread, no one listens to his points as a result. A gut feeling is simply a thought process people struggle to put into words. Whilst gut instincts can be valuable, it is important to understand the reasoning of your points. If you can't put it into words, do not listen to that gut feeling, as it can be completely off and bullshit. It also will not convince anyone. Most players in general, and especially here, need to understand how their gameplay can affect the game. There are 3 things to consider when posting: 1) Is this convincing? 2) Is this going to make me look town aligned? 3) Does this post actually further the game in some way? The game is always going to fundamentally revolve around these 3 points, so pay attention to these 3 things. Do not attempt to play like Malcolm. It will backfire.
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    Thanks for hosting, JC. Sorry for ditching, but I really did not like being called a cheater... especially by the admin of the site. Other than the flake I'm happy with how I played. Here's how it would have gone down for me: As stated in the thread, I was confident that the last 4 mafia were in rei, Jazz, malcolm, hazmah. Since nobody claimed the message I received, I was reasonably confident that rei sent it to me in a felonious manner, which is why I was trying to egg Jazz into stumping. rei saying "imagine 2k didn't even get a message" was what tipped me off onto that. My lynch choice for that day would have been rei and from there who knows what would happen. As for the other stuff that happened I'm discussing it in private and I won't comment on it here
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    Cant modkill me if I am already dead - JC, Overlord Mafia
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    What drives a man to Mafia? Is it social interaction? A longing for 'family' from outcasts with nowhere else to belong? Systemic inequality leading to no other option but to join if they wish to survive? Of course not! It's the money! Those greedy capitalist pigs have been running communist countries for decades. Despite being only 1% of the population, the top 1% make up...more than 1% of the wealth. Idk. It's probably some ridiculous number. 10%? 20%? 50%? 80%? 99.9%? Eh, whatever. That doesn't matter. Just make up a number so you can join the hip crowd. There is only one solution: Eat the Rich! ...That being said, of course I'd like to come in work some overtime for them to get extra cash. Thank you, benevolent rulers. I like money, and you should too. The average American manages to save only 6% of their income, despite standard advice suggesting 15% or more. At 6% savings, assuming your investments grow at 5% + inflation, you will be able to retire after 62 years of work. If the college graduate starts working at 22 or 23, it is easy to see why people believe it is not possible to ever retire in America. But, if we pay our employees more, how are we supposed to trickle down on them while they pull their bootstraps? Rules: 1. Ties are no lynch. 2. Majority = Hammer 3. Don't paste your role PM. [edit: 4. Quota is 5. 5. Full claim. ] 6. etc. Player List: 1. Jazz 2. Broken Brilliance 3. Malcolm 4. 2k19 5. BuildTheWalia - Modkilled Day 1 6. TheGoldenTyranno 7. Faint 8. rei 9. mba 10. Francis J Underwood - Lynched Day 1 11. Hazmah Day 1 starts now, and ends Sunday at 6PM New York Time.
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    Francis this isn't a game thread
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    Can we take a minute to acknowledge how hilarious the default title 'The Forbidden One' is coupled with a picture of Kevin Spacey?
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    Its not worth anything if you cant translate it to reasoning and convince other players. This is exactly how i felt at EoD 1, i had an eery feeling we were going TvT, and thought of switching to rei, but I couldnt bring myself to do it because there was no real meat to these suspicions and it would be shady and too risky to switch targets that late. However!, Francis revealed town should have auto made rei the next lynch. 2k19 I was rooting for you from the grave Props to JC for giving scum cop safeclaim. I liked that
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    2k take some time away from the thread and chill for a bit, come back tomorrow to play
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    tyranno playing town :')
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    What about his gameplay was so telling?
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    we need more european players. it's getting lonely in here mid-workday
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    I'd like to make a deal with the working class of this game... if you don't mess with me, you can have a job in the kitchen of Trump Tower
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    https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/anime-profile-pictures https://prnt.sc/p7ztde
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    https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/UQMDrbjxUcZ33 - for those interested.
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    In the interest of getting night actions, I will update this with flavor later. Soph was lynched. He was