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    Day 2 Final VC BB (5) - Soph, Jazz, Marjorie, Malcolm, Juan Juan (2) - Macer, BB Not Voting (2) - 2k19, Gemstone ____ Broken Brilliance was lynched. They were: ____ Night 2 begins now, and will end in 24 hours at 5PM EST on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019, or when all night actions have been submitted. ____ TheGoldenTyranno has subbed in over 2k19.
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    guys i was shopping at anime xtreme in Mississauga and i saw something crazy on the news! I'll try to rewrite what I saw for you... it was crazy! rei clicked the pause button on his anime streaming website, and wiped the instant noodle stock dust off of his mouse. "Ahh.. that was a great episode. I really love how deep and developed the plot was and how superior my taste in chinese cartoons is! Well maybe it's about time I get back to my forum moderation duties...." At that very moment, rei's door burst open with a loud crash, and he turned to see the faces of many shitposters past. "B-but... I banned you! How are you back!?" rei exclaimed, as one of the shitposters smashed his priceless 2000$ figure showcase with a bat. "No! Stop! My happy meal MLP collection!" rei's eyes darkened, and he put his palms together and began muttering in an ancient language. His eyes began to glow red and he began to float up in the air. "I have the ability to channel the powers of any mod on my team, old or current... And it is clear to me now, that only the awesome might of KRAV MAGA CAN SAVE ME NOW!" As he said this his arms and legs began to flail wildly in an incredible display of prowess and skill. Again, one of the shitposters smashed another one of rei's figure showcases, this one housing a myriad of undertale memes printed out and framed inside. "NO! MY LIFE'S BLOOD!" rei cried, as if he himself had been smashed apart. He fell to his knees clutching the broken bits of his limited-edition rainbow dash figure with patented tail-brushie capabilities. As he looked up, tears filling his eyes, he saw the figures of the shit posters looming over him. He shut his eyes and held his beloved toys to his chest and awaited the death that would come.
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    "Wait," Faith cut rei off mid-sentence. "You shot a deer?" "That's right, a ten-point buck. Right between its soulful little eyes." This time, Sayaka interjected. "Since when do you hunt, bro?" "Since always. I'm a great hunter." "How does hunting a defenseless creature make you a good hunter?" "Yeah," Faith agreed. "You should go after something that could at least defend itself. You know, a really great hunter would go after something that can hunt him back. Like a man!" "Don't even joke about hunting no man." rei was having none of this. "Who's joking? I'm not joking. I think that hunting a man would be the only true test of a good hunter." "Yeah? I was hunted once." rei's demeanor became more serious. Faith and Sayaka had unwittingly triggered dark memories from within him. "I had just come back from Nam. I was hitching through Oregon and some cop started harassing me. Next thing you know, I had a whole army of cops chasing me through the woods. I had to take 'em all out. It was a bloodbath." "That's Rambo, dude." Now Sophocles chimed in, having listened in on the conversation from nearby. "What?" "You just described the plot of Rambo." "Yeah," nodded Faith, "you're confusing your life with Rambo, bro." The members of the website Duelistgroundz.com had grown used to this. "That's not the first time you've described your life in the way of John Rambo's life." "Yeah," said Sayaka. "You know what? It's actually making me think I can get on board with a manhunt." "Really? Me too, dude." Faith was getting excited at the new idea they had stumbled across. "I'm just throwing that out there." "No." rei was adamant. "You do not go on a manhunt." Faith and Sayaka laughed together. "Screw you." full claiming is allowed players flip on death one mafia member carries out the nightkill 36 hour days, 12 hour nights or whenever majority is reached/all night actions resolved no powers/nightkills on night zero PLAYERS 1. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I AM TYPING THAT USERNAME OUT ON MY KEYBOARD 2. JAZZ 3. MALCOLM 4. BROKEN BRILLIANCE 5. SAGERHAPSODY 6. REI 7. MATERIALMACER 8. GEMSTONE MINE 9. THEGOLDENTYRANNO
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    Town wins by SK surrender rei: Mafia Roleblocker - Lynched day 1 Broken: Mafia Tracker - Lynched day 2 Marjorie: Serial Killer - Surrendered day 5 Macer: Town Roleblocker - Killed night 4 Jazz: Town Tracker Gemstone: Town Doctor - Lynched day 3 2k19/TGT: Vanilla Town (Neighbor) - Lynched day 4 Soph: Vanilla Town (Neighbor) Sage: Vanilla Town (Neighbor) - Killed night 1 Juan: Town Fruit Vendor Malcolm: Town Fruit Vendor - Killed night 2 Every faction complained that the cards were stacked against them. Town MVP: None Town HM: 2k19 Town LVP: The chosen Juan Scum MVP: None Scum LVP: Broken Brilliance
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    Some thoughts from a guy who read 0 posts itt Getting "there's a third party" from literal standard role PMs is hilariously stupid. Every role PM should read like these ones unless your setup is open or you explicitly want to hand out more information about the setup (which is fine if that's what you're looking to do). Scum were slightly underpowered - it wouldn't have mattered this game because they went and got themselves killed but they did need a bit more of something Scum getting eliminated asap was about as poor of an outcome as possible for the balance of this game, it would have been much more interesting otherwise. That's unfortunate. I completely forgot about the existence of safeclaims LOL I have no idea why anyone would claim to be a neutral with a wincon which could clearly steal the win from town
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    Are you two cosplaying jazz and frank
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    sorry jc not just any boy box can get this epic superstar donkey dong
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    changes the source of bitterness and drama in the section
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    With the numbers dwindling, trust was at an all-time low. The crowd gathered to discuss their plans, and they started with sharing their weaknesses. Person 1: I hate to admit it, but I hit my wife the other day. Crowd: That's rough, but we'll sign you up for some anger management classes and relationship therapy. Person 2: I guess I should let you all know that I binge drink, and frequently go driving afterwards for the thrill. Crowd: We've got alcoholics anonymous, we'll get you on the right track. This went on and on, but, eventually, it became the turn of TGT. TheGoldenTyranno: Every now and again, I get home from a long day of work, and I spend an hour or two unwinding by playing video games. Crowd: Get him! Tyranno committed the grave mistake of being a gamer. I think this really says something about our society. There was nothing Tyranno could do. No amount of real combat XP (from the simulations of Call of Duty) could save him now. Tyranno was lynched! He was: The night begins now, and will end when all night actions are submitted, or in 24 hours, whichever comes first.
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    Hi everyone, it's your boi JC. here with yet another vote count. Now, before we get into it, I just wanted to say thanks for checking out our mafia thread. Be sure to Like posts with good reasoning, Comment at least five times per day phase, and Subscribe so you can get notified of new posts in the threads. And don't forget to hit that bell, rate things five stars, or whatever new system we're putting out this month. It really means a lot that you all decided to sign up and play, and that's why I decide to make sure every game is an experience you can really go blind with rage over. We hit the big fifty, that's right, the five o pages, and that's awesome folks. Let's keep it up and see what happens during the rest of the phase. [45 seconds of rotating text and bass-boosted theme music] Vote Count TheGoldenTyranno (2): Di4na, Sophocles Di4na (1): TheGoldenTyranno Alright that's all I've got for you today. Let's all keep it up. It's winter, so you may not need a reminder, but stay cool! [45 second outro] Credits: Host - JC Moderation - JC Flavour Design - JC Role Design - JC Modkills - JC Cool Cats - all of you <3 xd
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    this one took a while to type up so i hope you're all appreciative of it Vote Count Gemstone (1) - Sage
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    there's no reason to claim unless I was on the chopping block, and not only was there no reason I should have been on the chopping block, i wasn't until i left. Soph/tgt/juan were all far better lynches than me.
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    am i supposed to use that new game hosting queue thread for this? fuck it i'm just gonna do it. this game will start whenever diana's game ends or whenever signups are full, whichever happens last faith and sayaka have decided that the only true test of a hunter's skill is their ability to hunt something that can hunt them back. to this end, they have taken to hunting down Duelistgroundz members and doing teabag-related things to them. they drew first blood, not us. they must be stopped this game is based on Matrix 6, a setup from mafiascum A B C 1 Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon 2 Mafia Roleblocker Town Cop Town Doctor 3 1-shot Bulletproof Townie Mafia Goon Town Tracker i will select either a row or a column from this table, add 6 more vanilla roles, and randomly assign roles to players. some of the roles have been slightly tweaked, mostly for flavor purposes. you may read the text for every role below if you're worried about balance. full claiming is allowed players flip on death mafia must choose who carries out the night kill 36 hour days, 12 hour nights no powers/nightkills on night zero and... FSR (FROGMAN'S STUPID RULE): BANNED PLAYERS (AND FRANCIS) MAY PLAY IN THIS GAME ROLE LIST: don't look if you don't want flavor spoilers PLAYERS: 1. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I AM TYPING THAT USERNAME OUT ON MY KEYBOARD 2. JAZZ 3. MALCOLM 4. BROKEN BRILLIANCE 5. SAGERHAPSODY 6. REI 7. MATERIALMACER 8. GEMSTONE MINE 9. THEGOLDENTYRANNO
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    we spend 22 hours discussing 3 completely viable targets, I disappear for 2 fucking hours and you guys go and lose your minds and do literally anything but that. Lesson learned, never leave dgz town alone for more than 5 min if a choices has to be made.
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    also i have no idea what juan was smoking but I want some
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    I Wanted a Peaceful Life with My Wife, but My Best Friend is the Demon Lord and Can Summon Irresistible Crackhead Succubi visual novel based on the life of aaron coming soon
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    what is that like 1 hour and 12 minutes what is this a goddamn math lesson
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    tfw you walk into the thread after having not posted all day and you're 1 vote away from hammer
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    tfw you make an account on duelistgroundz to bump a 5 year old thread and defend erin diaz
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    i know you wish she made this thread for you we all know
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    Day 1 Final VC Jazz (1) - rei Shane (1) - Macer rei (6) - Shane, Soph, Sage, Gemstone, Marjorie, Malcolm Malcolm (2) - BB, Juan Not Voting (1) - Jazz ______ rei was lynched. They were: _____ Night 1 begins now, and ends in 24 hours or when all night actions have been submitted.
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    You three morons are liike the trolls from that Gandalf story. Come daylight we're all gonna be stone if you keep your rant up.
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    well after your display from last game i hope you found the best fucking ophthalmologist money can buy going through the thread
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    On the one hand, no. On the other hand, Malcom/Malcolm scum team when?
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    cancelled A nice, flavorless no-reveal game designed for maximum fun by yours truly. Standard game rules: Ties NL. Majority hammers. Don't C/P any part of your role PM. 5 post quota. This game is full claim. Feel free to claim whatever you like as long as you aren't copy/pasting to angleshoot. 48/24. Scum has no posthumous communication. No activity modkills if the day is hammered. Playerlist: medusa fat TheGoldenTyranno Subbed Out For Woawa Died n1 Gemstone Mine ButtPlug1929 JerichoTheUnwise SageRhapsody Broken Brilliance Malcolm/Malcolm's Multi rei BuildTheWalia Mod Killed D1 MaterialMacer
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    Depends on the dosage (read as character count)
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    my only misplay was signing up
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    Commenting on how flacko getting a title is a disgrace as a joke =\= crying about it. But considering your history of believing your own bs, I am not surprised.
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    This really coming from the dude who cried for like two weeks about flacko getting the meaningless mafia god role... yikes
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    i am not pro-ban on anyone, but i think it is worth noting both have a pretty long history of arguing with not just each other, but other players. scumwood has always argued with everyone about what they think is correct play jazz tends to get into big fights with 1 person at a time. e.g. right now it is "scumwood vs jazz arguments are ruining everything", but it used to be "mark vs jazz arguments are ruining everything", and i feel there is probably a third one i am forgetting in between. i don't think just blaming a player is the right way to go about it, either, though almost every game we play has at least 1 person getting super upset--e.g. faint in the last couple of games they were in, myself back in Arrow mafia, the untold number of scum meltdowns previously i have joked before that the solution is to ban everyone, but the truth is that everyone should just really take the time to make sure that (1) they enjoy being here, and (2) they aren't making other people not enjoy being here--regardless of whether they feel they are justified in doing things that make people upset. this is a public forum, so your arguments with individual users negatively affect everyone else that has to read it too
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    >Always Angry Mafia Aftergame working as intended tbh
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    gemstone you were horrific and you can die on that hill every day of the week. you ignored the vast majority of my posts and applied rules to me that you didn't apply to anyone else.
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    £5 on whether or not I actually get to play for more than one phase in the next game :^))))))
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    Not that they could, anyway. I weigh 250 pounds (all fat, to soften the blows of their punches) and i am basically a master of krav manga after hearing Mark talk about it one time
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    Final Vote Count Malcolm (4) - Jazz, Gemstone Mine, Woawa, Diana Gemstone Mine (3) - BuildTheWalia, Malcolm, Hazmah Jazz (1) - SageRhapsody Deaths "Hunting dittos? I'm too weak, I already caved and bought the game. I'll be playing that and not mafia you nerds." "Speaking of games, Malcolm is not sharing his loot with the party. That sounds secretive. And you know who holds secrets? Scum." Malcolm tried to fight back against the crowd calling for his death, but his efforts were to no avail. He was But that's not all. Broken Brilliance did not meet quota! With only 4 posts, he has been killed. Subs Aurirevoir has been subbed out by TheGoldenTyranno. Night 2 begins now and ends in 24 hours.
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    Everyone has said things and acted in ways that they would love to take back. I had zero recollection that something like this was even a thing, let alone being a part of it. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m certainly not that person and it was mortifying to see me having been involved. At first I thought it wasn’t me that posted this because more than one person used this account ten years ago. I checked the ip log and saw that it wasn’t someone else. Pretty gross
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