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    Also very humbling lesson for me trading wise. What goes up fast can come down fast. Always remember cash is king, take seed ASAP, ride free shares. I got greedy on lots of plays and paid the piper.
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    Been off work with the rona and finally got round to watching the matrix trilogy and inception. Films are so hard to watch, i dont know how to divert my energy into one thing for that length of time.
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    thats an mvp tier comeback post lol
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    This high-key gave me mental illness
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    yeah bro I acc said it in the intro topic a few months back when I came on here, I was literally fucking 12 years old and said I was 20 or something lmao. Good times, sometimes I wish I was 12 again minus the cringe weeb shit but I still find the bruce lee thing funny and I don't regret it really lol
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    If I supported Arsenal I would stfu about football for a long time, but somehow none of their actual fans do this. Despite the location I support Liverpool, hence my unprovoked attack on Man U.