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    I like it Reggie. Best of luck. It's more fulfilling than w.e that Aaron guy is doing. Fuck that guy.
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    Having caught up on Higurashi (meaning the current season only), I have a whole new found appreciation for why this season was such aa shock to fans out of nowhere. The last few episodes finally provided the context that was soreely needed to viewers that had not seen the previous seasons. To that end, I think the author and directors did a good job of giving ols fans something new while also providing new fans with the original experience, which, needless to say, is difficult to execute. The show itself to me is not all that impressive, but the execution is nonetheless. Should definitely get consideration for something at AOTY 2021 (directing, original story, whatever you want to call it)
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    So i got into investing a little. Anyone interested, get TSNP. BLSP too. I'm also into MITI which I'm 15% down on today. I'm 40% up today TSNP. 200% up on BLSP.
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    I wanted to start this, but then we got the reboot which is just so much nicer looking. May still watch, but its a huge investment I've heard good things, but slice of life doesn't really do it fo me (he says after just watching Rent-A-Girlfriend) As for what I'm watching Carryovers: Black Clover - The new wave Jujutsu Kaisen - Seems overrated as fuck. Very disappointed. Higarashi - Feel like I will need to rewatch it to appreciate it. Rwby - Poking the show begging for it to actually do something this season S-Tier Re:Zero - If Part 2 lives up to the hype of Part 1, then it will be anime of the year - And I am saying this with A NEW CODE GEASS ANIME and 86 (who's soundtrack is authored by the hypegod Hiroyuki Sawano) on tap for Spring 2021. I hated Re;Zero Season 1, but Season 2 is like a completely different anime. Beastars Season 2- I don't know why I enjoyed Season 1, but if it can match it, we have a contender for AOTY. A-Tier Attack On Titan - I feel like this is getting overhyped. Don't get me wrong, its good, but its not the god tier people are making it out to be. Feel like it has no chance of beating out the above. Promised Neverland - See above. Season 1 was okay. Slime Season 2 - I want it to be good, but I am seriously fearing it will get repetitive and lose its charm. Dr. Stone S2 - Feel the same way about Dr. Stone that I do about Slime Season 2. Let's see where it goes. B-Tier 2:43 Sein HS Volleyball Club - What if Kageyama from Haikyuu met Hinata one year later? Stay Tuned for the result Next Time on Edgelord Volleyball Fantasy 2:43 Watchlist/Catch-up Queue Empty - The pandemic has really given me more time than I thought so I am open to suggestions.
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    Skyrim is good tho. I switched from feral to balance druid last night and im not totally getting it so far but its so good at the moment i had to give it a go but im not sold, think ill give it a few more hours tonight and if im not doing good ill switch back. My partner and i both gained weight this last year being together and we decided that we'd eat a bit better after christmas and hes just woken me up with a mcdonalds breakfast, oops.
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    Im beyond hyped for Yuru Camp S2 first season i found like a month ago and it was p much the perfect series for me - Shimarin is my spirit animal
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    @MalcolmWatched Chihayafuru and am caught up. I can see why you like it. It's very pretty. and charming, if not a tad trite.
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    Getting fit. I’m already on my way there. I lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of November so far.
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    Hey folks. It's been a long while since this thread was made, and I've been doing some reminiscing. Thank you for supporting our beginnings.
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    finishing 4 sessions of chemotherapy. grateful to be healthy at the end of it.
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    Reading this has just put so much more perspective on things for me. Im glad this exists
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    mine's better.