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    in fact until the game starts I won't even open this thread anymore so if I vote people who aren't in the game that's why
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    he fucked an ogre so hard in the ass last night
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    say what you want but the real winner was myself for not having to play multiball
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    Town LVP for the mason who claimed d1 Town MVP for the guy asking masons to claim d1 All good tho, i had fun
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    soph LVP, made critical mistake need to post memes on day 1, when there are more players alive to give pos rep doing it in mylo is low return
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    My journey actually begins about a month before YCS Pasadena. I had been playing Duel Links since the Six Samurai Box got released because I wanted to play Scraps. Instead of building Scraps, I end up playing Six Samurai for about half a year, whoops. To add onto my recently reacquired taste for Yugioh, I randomly stumble across the fact that there was going to be a YCS in our neck of the woods and that it would have Duel Links side events. My buddy had also recently picked up paper Yugioh again, and as it goes one thing leads to another and I ask him if he’s planning on playing YCS Pasadena. He says that he wasn’t, but would be willing to go if I go. I tell him I want to play Duel Links side events to collect the Spell/Trap dice, but he says that I should just man up and play the main event. This eventually leads to our whole group deciding to pick up paper Yugioh again. This is my first misplay of many. I look into the metagame and see a bunch of decks I don’t understand. One of our other buddies who is a MTG player tells me about a sealed only deck video series that is pretty cool. I end up watching and see that the endgame is a competitive Pendulum deck. Dope. I cobble together a list and start testing with my buddy. Three weeks prior to YCS Pasadena, I go to Franks to pick up a bunch of cards and end up seeing a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in over 3 years. It was a blast and made me super excited to play again. We go to locals a few times and I come to the realization that Pendulums are way too fragile. It doesn’t help that I thought I could just pendulum summon 5 every turn when I was testing. I test Orcust and actually think the deck is super cool, but decided that everyone having a year with the deck would just put me at a huge disadvantage, so I end up on Gren Maju that sides 9 floodgate monsters. The tournament comes around and I go 0-2 drop. I guess that’s what happens when you play a fair deck for 50% or more of a match. Post Pasadena, I heavily contemplate just building Orcust until I see that Block Dragon BAs get a little bit of play at YCS Milan and PPT Dallas. I realize I just should play something I enjoy, and having all the old BA stuff from way back in DUEA format I go with the homies. I consume everything I can about the Block Dragon BA deck and test out a version that has things like Performapals in them. I quickly realized that basically all non-level 3 extenders are just awful and that 1 card Cherubinis are great. I add Scrap Recyclers and more level 3 extenders and the deck really starts feeling like something I could actually put out a good showing with if a few things go my way. On to last Friday, my buddy gets to my place around 4:30 and then I drive to my other buddy’s place to scoop up my 2 other buddies going to Vegas with us. It takes us over 2 hours in traffic to get to his place. We end up eating in his area then heading out to Vegas. We don’t arrive until 12:30. The other people in my room hook up a switch to the hotel tv and play until 3ish. We wake up at 7:30 on Saturday and head to the regional all tired as hell. The regional starts a few hours later than planned and there are quite obviously more people that show up to the event than the planners predicted. It makes me appreciate how well Socal regionals are run in comparison, considering they have to manage 5x more people. I go 0-2 again, and all of us are out by 2. We eat, and then imbibe in some of the fine things Vegas has to offer. Needless to say we’re all asleep by 9. I wake up at 3ish and feel refreshed. We all head over to the PPT event and take forever installing their app that barely works and pay 25 bucks for a field center. Nice. Round 1: Orcust Pendulum Striker Before the game I realize my buddy drew with him at the regionals yesterday, seeing his huge stack of cards I assume he’s on the same deck as yesterday. He ends up telling me he got his bag stolen with 1k in cards, his medication, and wallet. I don’t quite understand how anyone could play after that happened, but more power to him. Game 1 He wins the roll and does Pendulum things. He tries to add counters on an Institution but I remind him that it only gains counters when a Mythical Beast pendulum is destroyed. He ends up going Engage->Drones->Kagari->Drones but pops a Chrono making his Drones dead. He is forced to link away a pendulum summoned Cerberus and ends on IP and Babel. I play through his 2 interruptions and Borrelsword kill him. Game 2 I let him go first he ends on no CIH and I Evenly his board. The lights go off, and he freaks out about people trying to steal stuff. What a reminder about how Yugioh is. M2 I go Appolousa, pop his Babel, and pass back. He draws passes and I Borrelsword him for game. Round 2: Striker Orcust Game 1 He wins the roll and ends on IP, Babel, and a set. I can’t play through the 2 interruptions and Impermanence so we go to game 2. Game 2 I end on Dyna, Avramax, 3 neg Appolousa. He tries to play through it, by Imperming the Dyna but I just neg all his Orcust cards and Borrelsword him when he passes back. Game 3 I’m sitting facing the clock and when we start the game there’s 3 minutes left on the clock. He takes his turn ending on an amazing board, and passes to me with 1 minute left. I Gallis him, which is game but I continue playing until the clock is out. After that I continue playing through to attempt to get to Battle Phase, but time ends and that’s the game. This is one of the many times where my opponent’s playing into one of my broken boards and them reading my cards a million times runs the clock down putting them in Gallis for game range. This continues all day and I am still confused as to why they didn’t just go to the next game to save time and hide information. Round 3: True Draco (Feature) Game 1 There’s honestly not much to say about this one, I win the roll and open Math+2 level 3 extenders and that’s all she wrote. My opponent again plays into the board, and I get to see he’s playing True Draco. Game 2 He goes first and opens fairly mediocre. I do the Burning Abyss combo and get Nibiru’ed way too early and I get to resolve Cir. He summons Nibiru in attack and I just Borrelsword him for game. Round 4: Shaddoll Trains (Feature) The caster comes up to my opponent and says he wants to feature him, but that I was just featured last round. The caster says its my decision on whether or not we play on stream. I can see my opp is excited so I tell him it’s up to him and he enthusiastically says yes. Game 1 To preface, this is probably the worst match I played all day. Potentially the worst match I played between Pasadena, the Regional, and the PPT, and I went 0-2 drop at the previous 2 events. I open nuts, my opponent opens no interruptions, and he let me go first. My first mistake was not making Apollousa on the right zone. I tunnel vision into Avra when I could’ve made Barricade in middle to open up the 2nd left main monster zone for Leviair if I had made Appo on the right. However, Naturia Beast is too good and my opponent plays into the field trying to deck me. He plays his cards and I believe theres no 1 spell card that gets him out of this field. There isn’t and we go to game 2. Game 2 I Gallis into Demise of the land, and then die. Game 3 I make Appo dante with Nibiru in hand and feel relatively safe. I set Galaxy Cyclone to bait him into setting so I can get it into grave. He falls for it and I active the card he chains chalice to make Appo 0. I’m dumb and dont make a link 2 so I don’t die to his trains. As soon as I pass back I realize my blunder, but still feel safe because of Nibiru. He summons 4 cards and I die. RIP. It was an extremely sloppy match from me and I deserved to lose 100%. I refocus myself and move onto the next round. Round 5: Cyber Dragons Game 1 He wins the roll and makes me go first. I make Appolousa, IP, and Block Dragon. My opponent SSes Cydra and I Ip-> Unicorn it back discarding Cir and adding another Block Dragon thinking I can take out 1 effect with Appo before he contacts it away. Instead, he SSes a Second Cydra and I lose Appo. He makes the Cydra Link puts an Infinity behind it and snatches my Unicorn. He then Overload Fusions and I let out an audible gasp. He makes Cyber Twin and misses killing me by 300. I force Infinity, make a Curious to dump Gizmek, summon Gizmek and swing over Infinity and Cydra. Next I hard make Dingirsu to send Cyber Twin. Leaving him on no CIH and a core in gy. I make Avra with Ding and Curious so I can mitigate getting contacted. He activates core and also gets another monster on the field. I spin back the monster when he contacts with Avra. He swings with megafleet and i gizmek in defense. I pop his mon with Gizmek and make a 9k+ Zeroboros for game. Game 2 I go first attempting to make an Appolousa in the Main monster zone by summoning a Baricade Blocker under Cherubini on the right. I get Nibiru’ed. I hard make Dingirsu again to send Nibiru and end on IP, Block Dragon. He sets a guy attempting to contact and I Unicorn it back discarding cir to ss dante. He swings with guys but has no interruptions after he passes back and I Borrelsword him for game. After the match we chit chat and my opponents says his only loss before me was to trains, I laugh and say what a coincidence, my only loss is to trains. Round 6: Salamangreats Game 1 He wins the roll ends on double Baelynx, with one set. I do my plays and he Phantazmays me in def. He roars my Dante, and then I just Borrelsword him for game. Game 2 He goes first again opening significantly stronger. I make Cherubini and he Phantazmays. My buddies were watching and later told me he draws Ash, Nibiru off the Phantaz. He ashes my Graff and then proceeds to Nibiru me when I am about to go Borrelsword. I make IP and he rages it. Game 3 I go first and make Appo, Dyna, Avra and that was all she wrote. Round 7: Striker Orcust Game 1 He goes first and draws a million cards and ends on Babel, Ip, 2 sets (1 is a Shark Cannon), and EP goes skeli summon Gal. Of interest during my turn we end up resolving an 8 card long chain, CL1 Phoenix target Babel, CL2 Block Dragon, CL3 Cir, CL4 Dante, CL5 Called to the Grave target Block Drag, CL6 Harp, CL7 Knightmare, CL8 Skel. Game 2 I open the broken board with a Dyna, it gets impermed and he tries to play through but scoops it up since he doesn’t want to waste time. Again I felt like if he wanted to scoop for g3 he should’ve done it way earlier. Game 3 He does normal Orcust plays and I make the read that he has a lot Striker cards in hand. I Nibiru on Ding attach to cut off an interruption. He thinks the attempted attach goes to grave so we call a judge, and it’s ruled in my favor. He ends on IP, Tea, Babel set 3. The rest of my hand however is Block Dragx2, Olion, and Gigantes. I draw wheelder for turn. Banish my guys for Block Drag and normal Olion make Phoenix and he Bombers me for gg. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a Bomber summoned and I now realize how powerful Ip->Bomber is in this matchup. So I lose my win and in, and now have to win on the bubble to top. Round 8: Striker Orcust Game 1 He wins the roll and proceeds to draw a lot of cards. I get Bombered again and realize how bad this matchup is. Game 2 I open Avra, dyna, Appo and we move on to g3. Game 3 I open Earth Kaiju, 2 Gigantes, 1 Block Dragon, Tracker. He does the Scrap Wyvern combo and ends on 4 neg Appo, IP, Tea, Babel. I draw Wheeleder and know it’s over. I Kaiju Appo, normal Wheeleder he Bombers me. I ss Block Drag in def no CIH and pass. He tries to bomber the block dragon not realizing it protects itself. He unicorns it back and I shake his hand. I proceed to leave the event to find my homies who had scrubbed by round 3 drinking in the Hard Rock, we all go to my car and I proceed to drive home. I’m secretly happy I didn’t top because that would’ve added a minimum of 2 more hours playing Yugioh, and the tradeoff for 50 bucks and cloth playmat doesn’t seem worth those 2 hours. We stop in Primm for gas, and decide to stop at In and out in Barstow for dinner. 30 minutes after leaving Primm my buddy starts vomiting in the back of my car. We have to drive 30 more minutes until we hit a gas station to get rid of the bags of vomit and try to clean as much of it up as possible. We get In and Out, get to my buddies place at 12:30 and then get to my place at 1. I am even more grateful we got to leave early because getting back home at 3 or later seems awful. In the end I decided to write this report to put my money where my mouth is and create some Yugioh content in this desolate empty space that is the dgz Yugioh section. I learned a lot from the forums when I was more active, and coming back to the game without being able to read up on what has happened while I’ve been gone made coming back a lot harder. Hopefully, it was slightly entertaining or informative, and I guess if you made it this far congrats.
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    This has been a really long day 1, hope the next game has shorter phases
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    The real MVP was the d20 that gave us a no lynch
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    Solstice was lynched - vanilla scum Day starts tomorrow or when all night actions are in
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    Francis J Underwood has been banned from the section for the next 30 games.
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    obi wan and qui gon should have been combined in to a single character called obi wan
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    Not laziness. i made it clear that (1) i wasnt going to explain; and (2) i wasnt going to claim. I already explained why directly to you mind you about i wouldnt and how its a waste of time that leads to fighting. Maybe now ppl will realize that i am 100% serious about that. if we want to talk about lazy, id ask rei about that one. Further, ppl lost cause they cant read. JC flat out told you twice we werent masons. If we want to talk about lazy, how about we talk about ppl being unwilling to read what was there instead of opting to demand it be force fed to them
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    Soph you are really arrogant and it's difficult to play with you. Please improve your attitude. This is not fun.
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    I shut my eyes. And await the rush of light, as I pull the trigger. vote solstice
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    Day 2 Final VC Walia (3) - Jazz, TGT, Sophocles Solstice (2) - Malcolm, Walia Malcolm (1) - Solstice Not Voting (2) - Sage, Macer Walia was lynched. They were a Werewolf. Macer missed quota and was modkilled. His role was retroactively changed from Vanilla Town to Survivor. Night 2 begins now, and ends at 6AM EST on Monday, December 30th, 2019 or when both night kills have been submitted.
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    if it's too much right now you could just delay it and someone else can take over running a game
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    jc told me to go fuck myself and die when i asked him to play so my self esteem is crushed i couldnt bear to ask anyone else.
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    Scum were Solstice and MBA, both vanilla Diana was watcher, Malcolm was desperado, no other abilities. MVP was Jazz No LVPs there were some not-ideal plays but nothing that super fucked town over
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    Fuck it I'll play I will be even more terrible than I used to be and you're all going to have to fucking deal with it Also doing this purely cos Malcolm's games are generally fun and I would like to play another fuck you mafia at some point
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    @rei i think faint was hacked. Check the ACP
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    Something else I wanted to bring up after reading the discord... Scum were not given any safe claims. It was the very first thing I asked for in the chat, but we didn't get any kind of response until over a day later. (MBA must have asked rei through some other method because he later said rei told us we could use Near and Mello.) If town had decided to go for a mass flavor solve day 1 we probably would have been outed immediately. I agree with Francis's discord comment that there should be a rule that flavor games either must provided safe claims for scum or exclude flavor claiming altogether, though I have a strong preference for the latter as I'm about to explain. Even if we had gotten fake claims to start with, Diana got a free pass to never getting lynched once she claimed L (watcher honestly matters less as it's easier to fake in a closed setup) and nobody CCed. It's like someone claiming Naruto in a Naruto themed mafia game; even if they claimed VT they're still not getting lynched because nobody makes the protagonist a safeclaim. Certain flavor claims by themselves are just too strong and essentially act as an inno child, and scum are never given anything to balance around this. Flavor claiming should just be banned outright. Even what people are given as "safe claims" usually come with their own set of problems, which is a major reason I chose not to go with the Mello claim. For one thing it was stated in the signups the game would have spoilers up until episode 26, but checking the wiki episode 26 is where Near and Mello make their first appearance which already makes their believability questionable at best. And from what I could gather reading the wiki their characters are so closely tied that it wouldn't make sense to have one in the game without the other, so if one of us claimed and flipped the safe claim the other used is immediately called into scrutiny. Also Mello just seemed like an evil character to the point where I'd question he'd be town even as a standalone claim, but of course I haven't watched the show so it's possible I'm misinterpreting things. TLDR; Having flavor in games is cool and makes things interesting, but being able to claim flavor shouldn't be allowed because it tips the balance to favor town and hurts scum.
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    I used to do that with my scotch but I soon realised I’d never drink it. Don’t wait for occasions, the best occasion is no occasion. Just light up and smoke.
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    BuildTheWalia was killed overnight! He was vanilla town! LYNCH OR LOSE. DAY ENDS IN A BIT OVER 36 HOURS - 9 AM ON THE 13TH, EASTERN TIME
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    you barely play either way, so that's hard to believe.
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    and yet somehow you're still here
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    Players: 1. @BuildTheWalia 2. @TheGoldenTyranno 3. @The Lyncher 4. @rei 5. @hazmah 6. @Sophocles 7. @JC. Standard rules apply. Flavor claiming is allowed. Role claiming is allowed. Ties result in a random lynch between most voted. No Lynch votes are allowed. Phase length is 36/12 (48 hours). Day phases will start at 6AM EST and end at 6PM EST, or when all night actions have been submitted / majority vote hammers a lynch. Days will be split into "Mornings" and "Evenings". Quota is 6 posts per day sub-phase. This means people can't get by with massive bursts of activity near the end of day. 1 OMGUS post allowed after day. No game content. Discord servers will be set up for relevant faction-talk. GAME WILL START AT 9PM EST 12/30/2019. HOWEVER, THE 36 HOUR CLOCK WILL ONLY START AT 6AM EST 12/31/2019, AS PLANNED. Flavor will be posted at 6am as well. Use this time to get all your memes and such out of the way. Roles have been sent through discord.
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    > be sage > don't like writing flavor > skip flavor in OP > make it a 7-player, 2 scum game and don't mention mylo so you can say the game ended too quick to write flavor > genius.jpg
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    I can't force players to play any which way. Otherwise I'd make it a rule for TGT not to claim Mason page 1
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    I'm getting married 30th july 2020, honeymoon booked for kenya safari 3 week trip which is pretty cool. Kind of trip I'd never be able to afford normally (£10k + pp) but been saving for years for it My job is still pretty awesome Ive cut out booze for the last few weeks and gonna continue it into 2020- want to lose this shitty skinny fat look before I get married. Thoroughly enjoying the extended period of sobriety so far