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    We played row B, meaning the only power role was town cop (Mascis) who scanned Jazz night 1 and nelrick night 2. Scum team was Wunter and Zero. QT link: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/7KKEie4qkjEw Scum MVP is Zero for successfully winning in lylo despite losing his partner day 1. Really didn’t think that’d pay off, but he proved me wrong. Please don’t let scum get away with this again. Huge thanks to Crei for helping me host; I was glad to have someone I could direct questions to. I hope you all thought I did alright despite having no prior experience. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns this is place to discuss them.
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    im just glad this meme is still relevant
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    Please stop being toxic, nelrick identifies as duckkin
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    real talk you take neg rep way too seriously, it's not toxic to neg a post you disagree with you guys are also being assholes bitching about his no-neg rule. He's host, he can make w/e the fuck rules he wants within section rules. Either put up or shut up, don't join or deal with it.
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    Disagree strongly with this, if you make a shit post you deserve to be negged for it, and if you care about your rep then grow the fuck up. (not in, I'm going on holiday soon)
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    A lynch on Mascis would've been nothing more than a long-term "policy" lynch or a "lynch all liars" to prevent it in the future, yea he was confirmed town despite faking a red check because the set-up is open and the last scum can't CC except in MYLO/LYLO I think temporarily faking red checks to see how people respond is fine (maybe they're scum and they will claim back? and now you caught scum), but I wouldn't have pushed it till Tyranno's death tbh, I can see how people see it as "game throwing" and how it's unwanted in the dgz meta. And it's not the first time Mascis fakeclaimed as town which cost the loss for town either, feel like you're trying to get too cute with those plays tbh but they aren't paying off at all (as compared to, say, claiming VT as PR to survive a nightkill, or claiming doc instead of BP in matrix6 in scenario's where it can't backfire. those are good examples of fake claiming as town in a way that it works). and if you claim doc early you're just baiting other PR's to claim Didn't read all but well played guys
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    People who are good at mafia dont put themselves in a position to claim PR on day 1
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    Imo if you allow daytalk (like we always do) 12 hours should be sufficient, scum can just communicate during the day about their plans as well. I like 36 hours because 24 can feel a little rushed sometimes while 48h can have very silent days. 24h nights also means a really long time for non-scum people to just sit around doing nothing, while they're the majority of the players. I find 36/12 ideal but I don't mind other formats terribly
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    i was away when this all happened but i just wanna say warring so far has been fun and it helped me top Nats so uno, keep it goin it's cool.
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    There is literally not a single person telling him not to run the system he likes, including the people in the spectator chat right now.
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    Fuck you guys for not letting jazz introduce the rep rule though, on his own game Hosting is a lot of time and effort and its not like hes asking for much in return. Hes just saying "can we try thus as an experiment cos it may make all of our experience better" Get off his duck etc (Saw i mistyped "dick" as "duck". Went to correct it then decided it was way better as duck)
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    Seriously lol this site is toxic af and I'm getting negged for trying to make it more positive should have seen it coming
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    Honestly a card like mystic tomato is exactly what this game needs
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    i miss #yugioh-discussion pre-teams too
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    New box contains; Vampire Lord Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Gozuki Pahunder Pafather Buster Blader Dark Paladin lol Trade-In for Red-Eyes LOL Soul Ressurection (Call of the Haunted for Normal type monsters) Blazing Impachi 1850 ATK Normal Monster Knight of the Red Lotus which can Monster Reborn LV4 Normal Monsters... THIS PACK IS FUCKING NUTS LOL
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    i did not think i'd get away with that bus, especially considering i'd be in a position to where i'd either flip my world to lynch francis, bus my partner, or just not post rest of day. fortunately for me francis was fooled by it and all things considered (my biggest threat imo), the rest of the town was as well. i was not purposefully trying to potato the game at all since i was in a good position but i didn't want to implicate myself to the jazz night kill (who i had killed because i thought they were indeed trying to draw a heal to themselves as a pr with the thought that mascis was doc). doc was able to self heal once but it is still a good nk on jazz in any case wild game!
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    Scum team wins. Aftergame thread is up:
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    I just don't get dodging good players. It's like admitting you're terrible AND that you can't learn through failure. I mean, if you're sure you can't beat allen/perovic at goats, then why bother playing the format at all?
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    Yeah but again when you choose to do cross format, this is almost always going to happen to some extent. Its the tradeoff you make. If the priority was to ensure and encourage everyone to play above all else, endurance format guarantees that. The problem is that it will just take much longer. I mean we are blaming the above for dodging, but Markus implies that he felt like he was being targeted when two different members msgd him to war. I am not saying thats what happened but in general it does happen. The difference between targeting and dodging is that targeting is harder to prove. Further, we have a built in safeguard for dealing with it I believe where if you lose 2x, you're done. Maybe the thing to do is just to alter it to one and done. While that creates issues of resolving wars by activity issues, it takes care of the targeting and dodging problem for the most part as continued dodging would just result in that team losing the war by way of time. Idk I agree with ACP punishing them for intentionally trying to skirt the rules, but to me it isn't that big of a deal as it hard to regulate and will happen on some level regardless.
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    Got a monthly (Exarion) Goat tournament started at my local shop (All the King's Men in Pitman NJ) and swept it with this Zoo list today: Monsters: 17 3 Berserk Gorilla 3 Exarion Universe 2 Abyss Soldier 1 Sinister Serpent 1 Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 Tribe-Infecting Virus 1 D.D. Assailant 1 Exiled Force 1 D.D. Warrior Lady 1 Blade Knight 1 Bazoo the Soul Eater 1 Sangan Spells: 9 2 Nobleman of Crossout 1 Pot of Greed 1 Premature Burial 1 Graceful Charity 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Delinquent Duo 1 Heavy Storm Traps: 14 3 Trap Dustshoot 2 Dust Tornado 2 Sakuretsu Armor 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Ring of Destruction 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Call of the Haunted 1 Skill Drain Side: 2 Book of Moon 1 Sakuretsu Armor 2 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive 2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 1 Mobius the Frost Monarch 1 Mystic Swordsman Lv2 2 Smashing Ground 3 Mind Crush 1 Dust Tornado Compulses were pretty sweet, an answer to TER that doubles as a monster in a pinch by protecting a dude from removal was pretty sweet. Blade Knight didn't come up too much, in the 4 rounds I played it killed a Jar, and poked for damage a few times. Not exciting, but did what I expected it to do. Only played against actual goat control twice, the other two rounds were a Zoo mirror, and Zombies, so the tech cards weren't at their best there. Compulses traded with Sakuretsus a lot. The other Zoo deck in the tournament was the guy I beat round 1, who won out to claim 2nd place. Turnout wasn't exciting, hoping to get a few more people for next month's event. Bunch of people cancelled last minute which was unfortunate.
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    @ACP requesting site ban
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    I'd love to start this game Friday morning. I'm going to implement a couple personal rules that I think will make the game more fun and inclusive. Format: - closed set-up - claiming is allowed - no copy+pasting of PMs - no character/flavor claiming - no duplicate roles - NK must be assigned to a player - mafia members will have safe claims - moderate number of roles (more vanilla than my other games) - no bastard mechanics (alignment conversions, flawed investigators, cults, lynch proof, etc.) - 17 players - 32/16 phases - 4 post quota New Features: - strictly no toxicity, no excessive insults (1st offense = warning, 2nd offense = modkill) - ties result in a random lynch between tied players - majority lynch is not in effect on day 1 Players: 1. Wunterslaus 2. Francis 3. Broken 4. crei 5. Winter 6. Nelrick 7. Sophocles 8. Malcolm 9. Zappdos 10. Silver 11. Tyranno 12. Kahu 13. 2k17 14. PSK 15. rei 16. Slick 17. Markus Subs: 1. Antag 2.
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    i had my vote parked on mascis since i voted him early in d1 lol i am officially retiring as champion and riding my chariot off to crack open a cold one with the retirees
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    I just have the people that can play on my team. rest of my team is not playing anymore only person that is not on that list is @N3sh
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    The fake red check was a bad play but I think he panicked because he was one vote away from majority himself, for no good reason. He could have fessed up possibly. He was put in a bad situation by his fellow town though. Someone should have stated that we were in either Column C or Row 2, and that the cop/tracker must have claimed vanilla and softed a green-check. If I was in the game, I would have stated that. Town blew the "seer cover" by forcing everyone to come forward and demanding an unnecessary mass claim.
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    I think town hurt more by being blind rather than the actual play Mascis was forced to claim d1 and rightfully didnt claim cop because he would be dead n1 if there is no doc. FWIW mascis never claimed doc or even softed it, people just assumed he claimed doc. Day 2 he switched it up to cop, and knowing he was dead n2 he faked the red in the world's most obvious fake red to push his agenda. It is anti-town, yes, but it isnt a game throw nor does it make day auto. If he came in 10 seconds into the day and claimed it then yeah, that would have been cancer. But the minute you start using your brain you realize there is no universe in which mascis has a red on last scum and waits like 20 hours to share it. That lack of understanding is what turnt the day to auto.
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    on dgz we lynch all liars and we discourage town reads feels good to be back
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    Noone cc'ing = mascis is confirmed town PR. And you are advocating on lynching said confirmed town PR just because he lied about the content of his role pm. He auto'd the day because u wanted to believe the check was real. if you saw that the check was fake, like everyone in the spectators chat did, the day wouldnt have been auto. People lie underwood. Doesnt make them scum.
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    Haruki doesn't play maf right. He got warned but if he does it again I think a ban from the site for one mafia game would be warranted a @ACP - For someone that doesnt play mafia interfereing with a game, does this sound like a fair punishment to you?
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    How about this shit: day start - 5am pst - 8am est - 12:00 gmt - 15:00 athens - 21:00 kahu 32 hour day period day end - 1pm pst - 4pm est - 20:00 gmt - 23:00 athens - 05:00 kahu 16 hour night period sound good?
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    Honestly i am defo gonna use duckhead as a consistent insult moving forward i quite like it vote wunterslaus Getting in there and calling wunterslaus scum before the game begins #NextLevelled
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    I thought mascis was Tracker and Tyranno was doctor. When mascis told Tyranno that he healed him I thought that was a signal to Tyranno saying that Mascis knew Tyranno targeted him. Mascis also wanted to lynch Silver at start of day. If Tyranno or another VT had the balls to fake claim tracker and confirm that mascis visited Tyranno that would have been epic. You could have confirmed mascis and yourself as town and kept the set up concealed. I think.
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    Mascis didn't play well but there was no reason to go so hard on him D2 and have everyone claim. There's one scum left, either he's lying about being a PR and you win by CC, or he's really a PR and you're only screwing him over by revealing the set-up. (In this case that he was actually cop)
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    Nice. I like stranger things. In!
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    so admittingly my thoughts for reading back and voting faint were to see how scum night kills. if i die then francis is left alive with 2 players who he'd struggle to see who to lynch. however, if francis was the night kill, i have to an extent scumread both of you, which gives a little hesitation. however, francis was a little more inclined to townread silver out of anything, which due to the nk, can be very much indicative of silver trying to pocket francis this phase. i was more ready to scumread silver so his lynch could go through, which makes it indicative of nelrick being scum to get the silver lynch off although another thing that has crossed my mind as i have read was could silver try to bs his way through this phase with defending himself with "ermagersh guys they are gonna lynch me" regardless of the wifomery, i cannot ignore silver's previous day actions at all. actions > wifom vote: silver @Solstice @confuse rei
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    Sounds like it's time to bring back Crossfire wars then? I mean this was always part of Hearts double elim but back in the day the best way to angle shoot was to not add shit players to your team if you cared about winning that much. Wars aren't learning through failure though, wars are where people actually care about the result and want to be regarded as #1 team on DGz to make your dick feel large.
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    Since the war isn't over yet and at least 8 matches have been played, you guys will qualify for the 3-day extension. Keep dueling, guys.
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    ^go fuck yourself mods, requesting ban from section etc @PSK
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    ^get out of the game thread while it's still going- as that can be viewed as relevant. thanks!
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    Finished Uncharted 3 in preparation for 4 (I play all my games a year later after release minimum). Uncharted 3 on PS4... beautiful experience, but so flawed. I felt like I was playing an interactive film. The quicktime events were awful, the hand to hand combat was the worst I've experienced from a third person action game, the shooting was okay but the AI was thick as shit. But.. cinematically beautiful. Characters awesome for what they are, atmosphere great, story excellent for what it is, set pieces gold standard in video games, but SO much of it is out of my control. Rather than thinking "what shall I do", I'm thinking "what does the game designer want me to do next". No linearity in ANYTHING apart from a few optional stealth or go guns blazing. The worst thing about the franchise is the platforming. This is NOT a platformer.. its just a pseudo movie experience. A platformer is something like Mario with tight as fuck controls and a genuinely skill based and challenging system of learning. You really realise how good a video game is when it can live and die by its gameplay. Mario does it with platforming, Dark souls does it with combat. For all the cinematic draw it does hold, The Last of Us trounces it in every department which makes me feel like.. .is this really worth it. Enjoyed the experience but Tomb Raider (2013) >>>>>>>>>>> Uncharted 3 in every way. The inorganic set pieces which Naughty Dog put into place are too much for me. Next game I've picked up is Witcher 1. Instantly drawn into the lore of the story, characterisation seems really solid, combat is shit but addictive, the depth of the combat system though is quite phenomenal. For the first time in a video game, I'm reading the books I can purchase in game for hints and tips on how to deal with certain monsters. Its just a step up from uncharted 3 in so many ways yet so backwards in a presentation perspective. Once I've finished this I'm going to play: Red Dead Redemption Mass Effect 2 Cold Steel 2 Witcher 2 Dark Souls 2
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    mushishi is probs one of the best televised anime series of all time