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    since we don't have any coaches this game i want to give general advice to the newer players if you try to lynch me for being "helpful townie" i will personally find you and... complain in the aftergame the #1 thing you can do to improve is to read the thread and post. mafia requires slightly more effort than malcolm or rei make it look, especially when you aren't on their level. when you post, explain your reads. it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. listing out the process will make people understand why you are doing what you do; they will either disagree with it and offer counters, which you can use as part of your reasoning later, or they will agree with it because you've presented a reasonable case. post more. make longer posts. reread the thread and find how people interact. if you do that you'll probably be fine. Mickey, have you played mafia before?
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    I kinda like this format over other retro formats. It's a balanced version of troop dupe format. Here's the banlist: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/September_2007_Lists_(TCG) First thing you see is Brain Control, Trap Dustshoot and Card Trooper (recognition cards of Troop Dup format) are all limited to 1. Ring of Destruction is banned, Confiscation is banned, Breaker and Faith are unbanned and back to one, Snipe Hunter, the Transmigration Prophecy and Smashing Ground got limited and Jinzo, Malicious, all the Gadgets, Pot of Avarice and NoC are all semi-limited. Synchros weren't out yet. I would highly recommend banning Light and Darkness Dragon as he alters this format so so so much, and I would recommend to play post-LaDD as a separate format from this one (that would be January 2008 I think). I think that LaDD is a card that nailed first nail into the coffin of this game as it used to be (advantage based mostly) and altered the way we look at the game. I will leave that for discussion. Also, I would ban SJC exclusive cards, which, at the time were Crush Card Virus and Gold Sarcophagus. Back then just a handful of people had acces to them and including them will not represent the format as it actually happened (not to mention that you just can't play around CCV, it's not balanced) Top tier decks were zombies and perfect circle. Zombies got nice support in TAEV in form of Zombie Master and Il Blud, and three Card of Safe Return were legal back then, and Perfect Circle didn't get a boost from the banlist, banlist instead made it balanced. I can't remember other top tier decks, if there's other, write it down and I'll edit. Deck Breakdown: Perfect Circle Monarch Example Decklists: Perfect Circle (Monarchs) - Johnathan Labounty's SJC Washington D.C. List (1st Place) Zombies - Matt Peddle's SJC Washington D.C. List Volcanics (w/ Conversion Sideboard) Return from the Different Dimension HERO Baboon Burn
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    You're a fucking legend
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    town bb would NEVER EVER go against malcolm's will vote broken brilliance why do you care? do you think you'll be voted off before you get back? do you remember last game where we thought people were suspicious for going after quota and lfoat? tyranno why did you put in a role that instantly dies after day 1?
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    i give thanks to our missing saviour aurirevoir for this blessed day
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    well, I am PROUD to make the following OFFICIAL DGZ ANNOUNCEMENT I AM town THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME
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    RIP Max Max changed my opinion on Americans. He was the first person I heard speak with a southern drawl that was intelligent. He was a fun, chill dude and I think if we lived close we would have become good friends. I hope his friends and family can find peace. This just sucks...
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    So as some of you might have heard, one of the original legends of Duelistgroundz has passed away. In his honor, we would like to remember him in the best way we know how, and how we knew him, through a Goat Format tournament. If you would like to sign up for the Goat Format tournament, you will need to paypal $5 to paypal@masonoliver.com. All proceeds from this tournament will be given to the funeral proceedings with a small cash prize of $50 to first place. Please include your DG name in the note. We would like to have at least 16 people for this tournament, money will be refunded if we cannot get enough. Please also post below if you signed up so I can check. It will be Best of 3s with siding, same rules as Goat Warring, and will be run over a few weeks (tournament begins on 10/23) similar to how we have run DGCS's in the past. The current list of registered participants can be found at the Challonge bracket here. People with (unpaid) next to their name still need to paypal the money; don't forget! Also, to all participants, PLEASE join the Duelistgroundz Discord channel to assist in finding games with your opponents. Your matches will count towards warring ratings and rankings, so we need you to be in the Discord in order for your matches to count. Remember to report your losses to the WarBot by typing the following command in Discord: !goatlossvs <tag your opponent here> WR1+WR2: 10/24/2017 - 10/31/2017 WQF+LR1: 11/1/2017 - 11/6/2017 WSF+LR2: 11/7/2017 - 11/12/2017 WF+LR3: 11/13/2017 - 11/18/2017 LR4: 11/19/2017 - 11/22/2017 LQF: 11/22/2017 - 11/27/2017 LSF: 11/28/2017 - 11/30-2017 LF: 11/30-2017 - TBD GF: TBD
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    For those who haven't kept up, Cyber Angel are the best deck. You can gain all cards through Alexis, except for Senju and Sonic Bird. Senju, Sonic Bird, Cyber Petit Angel. Ideally you play 2/3 of each (or some do 1 Bird 3 senju), but from a budget PoV Senju is more important than Sonic Bird: since you can just play more ritual spells to compensate, but you can't play more than 3 Dakini 3 Benthem 1 Idaten (which you want to do). These cards are the best cards of the deck for multiple reasons. They tutor every card you need, Senju/Angel are searchable, they provide a good T1 play if you go first, they make OTK's possible, but most importantly it means you can end on 2 monsters if you ritual summon. This is important since duel links has no MP2, so even ending on a weak monster like Petit Angel + Dakini means if your opp uses Dakini, you can send Petit Angel to the graveyard. This also prevents OTK's. If you leave your field with 0 or 1 monster no Sphere Kuriboh or defensive S/T, you'll often get OTK'd in the mirror. You don't want to play too many non-engine pieces, maybe 2/3 is correct atm. The most important one is Enemy Controller, since it blocks OTK's, makes OTK's possible, and you can chain it to your opponent's Dakini. If you don't have Bird/Senju yet, you could play Dimensional Alchemist as a temporary replacement. Best skill is likely Balance or Restart for consistency: the only downside of balance is you'd want to run 5 ritual spells to open 1, but if you play E-Con this conflicts. You could play Sphere Kuriboh instead, but the card is less powerful than E-Con. Example decks (not including more than 2 pack UR's per deck because most don't have them. If you do have them, I think 1-3 Sonic Bird and 3 Senju are correct.) Balance 2 Sphere Kuriboh 2 Senju 1 Sonic Bird 2 Petit Angel 3 Dakini 1 Idaten 3 Benten 3 Angel Ritual 2 Absolute Ritual 1 Free spot (Sphere Kuriboh, a Trap, Senju, Bird, or Dimensional Alchemist for example). Spell count must be 5 but monster / trap can be 14/1: that means you draw 2 monsters and the last draw has 4/5 odds of being a monster and 1/5 odds of being a trap. Could also do more traps instead of Sphere Kuriboh. Restart 2 Cyber Petit Angel 2 Senju 1 Sonic Bird 3 Dakini 1 Idaten 3 Benten 3 Enemy Controller 3 Angel Ritual 2 Absolute Ritual Possible good traps: Divine Wrath is an out to Horus/Dark Paladin that is also decent in the mirror and vs rogue. (Hit Senju/Angel/Bird, if you try to hit the rituals you'll get fucked by timing if they Benten, or they banish the ritual spell from grave). I generally don't think negating a spell is ever worth it (Magic Jammer/Providence) since they can have a 2nd copy easily. Cursed Seal however, may be nuts going first. I don't think Mirror Wall, Headlong etc. are good because of Dakini. And spells don't out Dark Paladin either. I don't think Cyber Gymnast is good because people can / will / should summon stuff in defense pretty often. Discuss the best deck this game has ever seen, by far.
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    Honestly i will throw my phone out the window
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    check out this garbage DGz Mafia Mafia - JC rolls scum Family Mafia - JC rolls scum Cat Mafia - JC coaches Solstice (who rolls scum) Relax Mafia - JC rolls scum
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    unvote Vote little bug This honestly feels like a fake anger bluff
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    shitposting is the most powerful force on the internet. i'll never neg a shitpost in my life.
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    I just need the 2nd cyber petit and I'm done with it. Gonna be a long grinding road hopefully I can level up as much as possible during the exp bonus
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    Imagine caring this much about categories on Discord. Sad.
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    My apologies had to work late on a house foundation. I'm gonna start getting PMs rolled out shortly
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    got u, be sure to join discord too so your games can be counted for ranking
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    so i guess its some play on the fact rick and morty fans are annoying as shit.
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    your IQ clearly isn't high enough to appreciate this
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    Merchant won't resolve, your opp will just Dakini it away. You also don't want to Mill your Dakini's, especially if you only have 1-2. I think the idea is just bad. Even if you only have 0 Bird 0 Senju (although getting at least 1 Senju is recommended since it's searchable), I think you should just play other beaters (fairy/Warrior LV4) and some defensive cards instead. I actually think Dimensional Alchemist isn't bad, but that's also a UR so I imagine not everyone has it. The main problems if you don't have Senju Bird are: Consistency (somewhat managable since the deck is just very consistent, and you can play Balance or Restart and max out on all CA cards you can get). Not having enough tribute fodder (Since they're essentially "free". Also, not being able to send Senju back for Absolute). Not being able to get 2 monsters on the field so you can send the weaker one to the graveyard if you're opponent uses Dakini. Less OTK possibilities (tied to consistency). Not all of these problems are solvable, but I think having monsters that are either tribute fodder in some way (from T1 of the game), or that are LV4 fairy/warrior beaters comes close. At least you'll have a decent early game, and you should use the "space" you have to play techs that other decks can't play: 3 E-Con, maybe Floodgate, etc. Turn your disadvantage into an advantage, as far as possible.
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    [8:45 PM] N3sh.: @ACP stop to be a bird
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    [6:08 PM] Mickey: green stripes are ugly on dragons even though my favorite color is green
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    With hindsight, the deck to beat is cyber stein variants and it's not even close. Just look what happened next format.
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    You should talk to Perovic, he loves that deck. You should know that the win condition is to OTK or overwhelm with advantage generated from Return or DF. It's really rare to win any other way. The deck is designed to set up the GY and the RFG pile quickly to get massive pluses off it. Divine Sword Phoenix Blade is probably the key to the entire deck that most people overlook. I won a game against *Sinister Serpent* recently by preemptively using 2 DD Crows to banish 2 copies of Divine Sword after someone flipped a Morphing Jar. He and I have been playing this format a lot lately and having a total blast. It's really great once you delve deeper into it and get over the opening Dustshoot and Troop+Dup shenanigans. We're hoping to update this intro in the near future with some "modern" lists. There are a lot of solid decks. Another amazing thing about the deck is it is a great anti-meta choice against all the 3x Trap Dustshoot. It runs 2 RotA and a very low monster count. RotA is the single best answer to Dustshoot and the fact that all Hero decks didn't run 2 is the single biggest mistake I see people making in the old top cut lists on metagame.
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     agree with the people bashing on this format, that said I will still play it whenever.   The problem with this format is it's way too brainless. It doesn't take any kind of deep thought to use goldd, reaper, smashing ground, etc. And the mirage dragon type monsters are sickening. The decks play themselves. Every move is way too obvious.   I'm pretty sure a 10 year old won nationals in 2006. Just goes to show.   Also, # of viable deck types =/= skill required to win in said format.
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    please drop me from this, something came up for me unfortunately
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    I maintain this poll is a rigged conspiracy because the no categories were winning in the loyalist forum so the deep state decided to make a public poll so they can keep their categories to defraud the proletariat of their clean simple UI Vote no categories so we can go back to Discord channels the way they were meant to be
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    honestly dont understand why this is funny
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    the caliber of people voting no is about what i expected lol
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    my girlfriend is visiting from australia in december and im gonna rawdog the shit out of her so actually yeah im like infinitely better than you lol
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