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    Presumably the ride ended when the tire burst.
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    Final Vote Count: Faint(2)-Solstice, Crei Walia(1)-Faint Chrome(1)-Macer Faint was lynched! They where... Vanilla Town! Please get ur night actions in as quickly as possible. The night should last 24 hrs unless it needs adjusting for some reason
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    yeah faint's dead irl sorry he cant come to post rn
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    just remember your vegetarian score doesnt matter except to you and dont take shit for it either way if you go back ro you dont
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    That doesn't make Oppression poorly designed. That makes the ban list fucked up, because they knew the card was good (putting it at 1), yet didn't care enough to give people more opportunities to get rid of it. And, as mentioned earlier, it was released a long ass time ago... Expecting them to have a 6-7 year insight on how special summon reliant the game would become would be a ridiculous expectation. Back when it came out, it negated like... 4 popular cards, none of which being negated granted either player a game loss, or ruined their turn. Back at that time, and in a few of the sets to come afterwards, it was a great card in design as all it did was stop overpowered (and poorly designed) cards from hitting the field. However, the game has now become so dependent on having to special summon in order to do anything on their turn, if a person is able to do that then set this, it shuts their opponent down. Which, isn't poor card design, its bad game design. I can't put Konami at fault for not having the foresight to see the game would come this way, which is what made the card overpowered. But, I can put them at fault for not adequately planning and figuring out how good the card actually is in today's game. It's almost always been a pretty good card, but the direction of the game made it an amazing card. Unless we're looking at the cards in terms of today's game only, and not when they came out. In which case, the list of poorly designed cards is going to get a LOT longer.
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