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    Too many scans. Way too many scans. Faint's role was too good sup biases towards my favourite character i guess Mascis getting NKed made me actually angry. Shout outs to Malcolm who made the decision all by himself Shout outs to no claiming being a fucking awful idea i will never do again, and shout outs to town shrugging off three modkills - i actually thought the game was almost balanced like halfway thru so much for that MVP is faint and LFN, and honestly getting 20 of you guys to come out and jam that was fucking amazing and im so glad it happened LVP is overall game design Dead QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/maSFxS8hLW3 Conspiracy QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/gZbDAkCVnk8 (Your friendly neighborhood Tyranno says hi)
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    makes sense that you wouldn't be into consensual love given that you still have a kevin spacey avatar
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    extremely frustrating game. Extremely frustrating scum team except my bb soph. Aside from the game being impossible to win, I thoroughly enjoyed many people in town losing their minds in anger. Stefanos dying day one was great I appreciate anyone hosting and trying to run things because it’s a lot of work modding a role madness game. Thanks ash for trying your best. Lots of lessons learned no doubt
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    Shout outs to not bombing Underwood Night ends at 6 pm eastern tomorrow so I don't need to start day on mobile
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    this is unrelated but i also found this from an old thread i was reading earlier and thought it was a nice thing for us all to keep in mind while playing
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    im glad this hasnt started yet since i totally forgot about it Jazz can you ping me in our quicktopic when the thread goes up?
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    rei has nudes of me so in If someone could please hit me up when days start that would be cool because I dont come here anymore and fully expect to forget I'm in a game
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    I have a custom game ready
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    mod claimed your role for you in start of day flavour we'll have to give you a warning point for this faint, don't let it happen again
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    The phantom thieves and their associates (town) are locked in battle with a corrupt Conspiracy (scum) The following rules must be heeded: Each day will be approximately 48 hours, and each night will be 24 - the thread will be set to lock at a certain time - anyone with permission to post afterwards and does so will have their post removed on the first offense and will be violently murdered on the second. There will be no claiming of roles. I expect six posts per day phase, however you will not be modkilled if i did not successfully get in touch with you within three hours of the deadline. During each vote you may vote for BEST GIRL (bold a 'vote [name] best girl' or 'vote best girl [name]' - if that player is playing a female character they will gain a special ability that night. Feel free to ask questions about further rules in the thread if any clarification is needed. There are 12 players left in the game: 1: @Silver 3: @Faint 4: @Wunterslaus 5: @Malcolm's Multi @Malcolm 6: @Sophocles 8: @BuildTheWalia 9: @slickz 11: @LFN 14: @hazmah 16: @The Antagonist 18: @Solstice 20: @Mascis Role PMS are being distributed now. Day will end at 9:30 PM EDT on Tues Jul 31
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    Still better than the ACP ads with trojans in em btw
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    where's the old jazz the disagree=scum jazz the i solved the day on game 1 jazz actually nvm the new one is better
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    yeah, because ive ever been that concerned about quotas.
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    I'll be the last ace in town's lost hand
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    im sure your full name is on much dodgier sites than pojo and probably some lists too
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    one of the rules im running with is activity prods - if i dont prod you for inactivity you have a bye on the modkill - i want this to be a game for the ages and im gonna do everything i can to make sure it works
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    To be fair I hired the nerd guy and he fucking sucked and lost his job within a month.
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    Thoughts Overall getting the 20 people to play in a game is an accomplishment in itself so kudo to rei and the section overall on that. It really gave us a chance to see if people's skills improved. Game Design and Modding I won't harp on this too long since rei already mentioned it, but design wise, the game was very town friendly. Also, keeping up the flavor even tho no one read it makes the game better so thank you for that. I think the best girl mechanic is very interesting, but I think scum needed something to balance it out. Jazz asked me what I would have done and I told him I probably would have made everyone but scum vanilla unless voted best girl. That gives people an incentive to fight for best girl, doesn't reveal scum doesn't want it, and just overall balances things out. It's a slightly boring answer since VT don't have a ton of incentive to be active, but its what came to mind. PSA - If you have information in a no-claim game, don't be a douchebag. I get why rei is done with no claiming. Modding it is a lot of work and people just can't seem to understand no-claim means not giving away info that reveals you're role. We had a modkill on JC for softing a role. Slickz got warned for revealing another player's role. Tyranno literally claimed part of his role. Stop trying to fucking push the envelope to see how far you can go before the mod kills you. It's no claim for a reason. The info is for your benefit so you can steer town in the right direction WITHOUT REVEALING YOU HAVE PERFECT INFO. The reason its no claim is because claiming wouldn't let him put certain roles into the game because said roles would break the game. Like my god, could you imagine if I lived day 2 and just posted the name of every girl itt and said I think all of the girls are town based on the votes. Honestly, I think most players on DG cannot handle playing like this and games will have to be designed to be full claim from now on, which limits what can be done and forces scum to get good at fake and counterclaiming. Using foreign languages - I get that we all have google translate and can figure out what it means, but it makes more work for the mod in these type of games. I don't want police this, but it's something we have to consider a little bit after this since the mod shouldn't have to go through every post in the game and then google translate them to see if youre pulling some shit or not. PSA - Toxicity Before anyone says it, no this isn't only referencing Jazz. Jazz was the worst example of it this game to be sure, but myself, slickz, lfn, hazmah etc . . . all played a role in it (centered around Jazz but still). I get this DG and some players should just grow a set and realize its not that serious, but antagonizing players just do antagonize them doesn't help you win the game and it drives people away from the community. As scum (hazmah), you don't want to do this either because as you saw it gets the antagonized player town read. Moreover, without fail, every single time I see one of these toxic fights break out, I don't want to continue to play because its uncomfortable to deal with that. Fwiw, I literally asked rei before the game to warn and threaten to kill ppl for toxicity. People's Play and The Game itself 1: Silver - I thought he was super apparent town the moment he went after Gaia hard. As I explained itt, going after Gaia is a great way to get yourself killed and there;s no way Silver does that as scum. 2: TheGoldenTyranno - The modkill was probably a little harsh, but given how my role turned out, it's fine. Tyranno - stop fucking defending people's alignments who you aren't sure on. As town, you want a real to kill the person, not a reason to keep them slive. My defense of Silver was directly related to my desire to lynch Gaia because I thought his reasons for lynching Silver were trash and reasoning behind reads weren't that great. As hilarious as my town read on you was, I shouldnt have to be put in that position to make that call. You can make yourself obv town without that. 3: Faint- Probably the first time in awhile where you weren't an easy town read for me on d1. Idk if that was intentional or the bigger game threw you off. 4: Wunterslaus - If you don't believe that someone is going to kill you, you don't try, hence why I made sure you believed that I would end you (and if you didn't try, believe me I would have gotten town to lynch you for it). Your reads were good so try. That's effort, that's not lack of ability. 5: Malcolm - Worst thing you could have done was outed Mascis as neutral and then asking me about it. I was never letting him die after that. iThe vote on Silver was a really good opportunity for you and I think you should have rammed it down town's throat. Like you said in the QT, the Gaia lynch was the most +EV lynch for scum ever. In hindsight, pointing out Mascis was a perfect info slip that everyone missed. 6: Sophocles - I made my thoughts known on you in dead chat. While your play with the vote counts was obv and got called out, I didn't think you were the best lynch by far on most dates. I think you had it right in the QT where town just decided to kill you and wouldn't move off it. 7: Jazz - If you get mad, walk the fuck away. Pm rei for a sub. DO LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE THAN WHAT YOU DID. Also, you have to learn to watch the thread and post with an objective. I shouldn't have to control you itt. We don't need you every damn thought on every post. Seriously look at the dead qt and it was almost unanimous that after you got the TR from a player, they ignored your posts completely. Like honestly, give yourself a self-imposed posting restriction of X posts per page. It will make you a better player. 8: BuildtheWalia - People townreading you truly disgusted me. I feel like you got the reverse treatment of Soph. Ppl townread you over nothing and then just never re-evaluated. For everyone else, if you can't explain what someone's agenda is or why you are townreading them, you need to re-evaluate. Asking questions is something any player can do and I guarantee if I did it without taking a stance on anything, I'd be lynched for it. Hold town to a higher standard ppl. 9: Slickz - Probably town's MVP in all honestly. Was right and kept the schedule. 10: Confuse rei - I'm sorry about the timing of my post, but I had work. If I posted when you were on or you posted more than one post before like 6-8 hrs left on d1, you probably don't die, but realize that 8 people killed you and only 1 was scum. 11: LFN - Really good game. Right behind Slickz for MVP for me. 12: PSK - THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY TOWN AND GET YOURSELF TOWNREAD PPL. TAKE NOTES. Psk didn't have to post much, but he offered unique insight to certain situations, was unafraid to comment on big name players (Gaia), and it was clear what his agenda was with each post. This was easiest townread of the game. I thought the shot on Brandis was shit, but I get why PSK made it and ultimately it kept town on schedule so no harm no foul. 15: haz - Really underrated player from reading the QT. His scum game will get better but he was an easy tr on d1 and gave more content than most players. 16: JC - Punted d1 and got better as the days went along so that's fair. 17: The Antagonist - I didn't have any problems with your posting style or the content therein. I think you just went contrarian with a few things and it was hard to get a read on you. Gaia probably had the best read in that something about your posts struck him as town, 18: Brandis72 - Not enough to really talk about it. Getting killed on night 1 after a very empty d1. 19: Solstice - Decent recovery day 2, but same deal with Jazz. Post with an objective. No one wants a stream of conciousness 20: ZeroPassion - Youre usually pretty good from what I remember and I think you kind of knew you were trading yourself for Gaia with that vote. That's a trade I am okay with. Good job putting the team on your back with that one. 20: Mascis - The "no chance we are the same alignment" comment is the shit I'm talking about with pushing the envelope. Don't be a d-bag, and don't do it. Three factions left that just ambiguous enough to not be construed as a claim, but the mod shouldn't have to make that decision especially when it means potentially removing a faction from the game.
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    Scumwood as a backseat moderator was one of the most annoying things ever, especially early wanting modkills from every post - but he was correct in edging me into modkilling JC
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    No you retard Everyone BUT haz is town Haz is the last scum Seriously if i asked half of you to do "1+1" I swear you'd think for an hour and come up with the answer "egg"
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    Malcolm role (scum) You may select a mentee - while you have a mentee, if you die, your mentee dies as well. If your mentee dies before you, you may select a new player to become mentor to during the night phase. You win when it is no longer possible for your faction to be outvoted.
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    ZEROPASSION WAS KILLED. HE WAS The Archon of Justice and TRAITORISM. YOU ARE GORO 'CROW' AKETCHI, A MEMBER OF THE CONSPIRACY (scum) . If you are scanned by an ability that reveals alignment, you will be identified as a member of the Phantom Thieves (town) You win when it is no longer possible for your faction to be outvoted.
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    jc watches anime. he has no concept for good use of his time.
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    Jazz your post towards hamza reads as downright nasty, please calm the fuck down and don't be a dick to newer players just because you disagree with them. The "lol you have only played 1 game here so you asserting meta" In particular was fucking condescending
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    I can’t tell if slicks meta has changed not detecting the aggro slick vibe maybe he’s started smoking a lot of weed
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    mascis might be good at reads but i have never ever seen him articulate them this well - and i think this is what francis was getting at as well
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    hey man, let's not stoop to the levels of the ygo players ok?
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    vote faint i came in this thread to vote underwood and you have to fuck it up by making such a shitty excuse of a post fuck you we could have killed underwood i like how psk took a stance on you which given the thread momentum is quite bold so i give him a slight-mid town check i really wanna go for best girl because its going to be a bonus to my resume but lets be honest i have no idea if my role is a girl or not and i google imaged it and im still like 60-40 that im a girl
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    Jazz's demand for content at this point is a joke. Here are the posts that weren't mine or rei's when he made said demand based on my quantity of floata posting. If you can pull worthwhile content from this be my guest.
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    Sup hi hello check out DGz Discord channel for 99% of the activity including the Duel links chat. Welcome fren.
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    Stop tagging me in if there is still room
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    fully expecting this game to be the catalyst which tears this site asunder
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    hey man nothing wrong with being honest with yourself / her.
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    This is my exact situation. I'm going to be 30 in three months and I feel like I am pretty good at everything but a master of nothing. I don't have a real passion and don't know how to find it. I even did some personality tests to find what career choices I would be good for. Well the results were literally even across the board with sometimes having maybe 1 section lower than the rest that I should avoid. Anyway I decided after taking a 2 year hiatus from university, get my shit together and go back to finish my bachelor. I learned there are situations in life that are out of your control but instead of giving up, you should seriously evaluate the situation, costs and benefits of your options, and come to an informed decision to work your way around the challenges that pop up. What I would tell myself from 10 years ago? 1. Do not half ass anything in life, from school to your choice in friends. 2. Make small goals and when you achieve them make greater goals moving forward toward your grand goal. 3. There will be setbacks you did not account for in many aspects of your life. Do not let them ultimately defeat you. You might be a victim in a situation but do not slave yourself to a victim mindset even in the slightest. Evaluate the situation, deal appropriately with the situation as much as possible, and come to an informed decision to improve your situation and move on. 4. Take the time off needed to grieve losses (deaths, friendships, betrayals etc...). Seek help if you feel you are not improving. 5. As tempting as it is, a nihilistic view of life is detrimental to your state of being and will ultimately destroy you from the inside out. 6. Friends are important but there will be times where you actually do have to cut ties with some friends when they are holding you down. Sometimes your friendships are based more on convenience than they are on an actual friendly relationship. Evaluate your own side of your friendships so that you are also not using people just for your own needs. You want true friendships. If people drop you, and you already reasonably tried to save the friendship, then let it go. You cannot change people, you can only change yourself. 7. When you meet a decent girl in university, put a bit more effort into that relationship, don't just brush them off because it is difficult to find other girls that you will appreciate conversations with in the same way. 8. Don't just get in shape, stay in shape. Keep your routine, and set greater goals, as I said in 2, because you can lose your gains really fast haha. 9. We take many things for granted but we also sometimes become disillusioned with things we grew up thinking or taught were near perfect such as our education and health care systems as examples. Do not let this disillusion deter you from getting what you need when many obstacles that you feel should never have been there are put in front of you. 10. Self reflection is so important. Sometimes you have to evaluate yourself to see how the world sees you so that you do not unintentionally misrepresent yourself. This does not mean to put value on yourself based on what others think, but to improve your own self image and your representation of that image. Sometimes by viewing ourselves with an outside look, we see our own flaws that we ignored or missed unintentionally, and can work on changing ourselves for the better. 11. Life is not fair and it never will be. Never expect things to be done for you. Take advantage of the opportunities that come by and honestly do the best you can with them. Incorporate gratitude into your life.
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    Things are heating up over here... https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=2d3 - Standard rules - Scum will use discord to communicate - 48/24 phases (I thought this worked well last game, I may occasionally cut a few hours from night phases for practicalities so it might be more like 20 hours) - Random lynch on ties - 4 post quota - No majority D1, Majority starts the next phase 1. Wunter 2. Faint 3. Tyranno 4. KimJongUnderballs 5. Antagonist 6. Jazz 7. rei 8. Broken Brilliance 9. Malcolm (if interest) 10. 11. 12. 13.
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    Backstory It is the year 20XX... except in this world, rather than make beings of its own image, man sought to reinvent itself. In a planet where the primary remaining auxiliary lifeform was the superweed, the solution became simple - to eat it. In this new age, the common man was degraded further - this time literally - into the sheep of capitalism. To keep this depraved ecosystem in place, the most gluttonous sheep were further meta-morphed into the Restrictors. The Restrictors, living beings covered in the eyes of misfortune, both consumed inferior animals, and protected them from others of their own kin... at a price. War Roster: Team Leader/CEO - Brandis72 Comité de Salut Public - Morpp - Blair - LightenUpChuckles - GoatPerspective Associates: Scientists - TheMTtakeover And more to come...
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    I'm being frank here but the fact that Jazz gets super personal, furious and borderline ruins the fun of the game half the times he's close to being mislynched as town makes it a lot easier to catch him as scum. PlantTheWalia
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    this is possibly the most sincere thread on this website in quite some time. perhaps, ever