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    Chose a stress free education/career path [lately i've been honestly wishing i took that path just to get out of having to deal with MS excel project management bullshit ever again]
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    First of all, I miss you guys. Second, I want to let you all know about Format Library’s latest custom format, Nova Prime. We’re looking to get the word out and attract more players, so of course, I'm going to make a long post about it on DGz. “Today, Nova Format is launching into a new stratosphere with the release of Nova “Prime”, an expansion of the Nova “Classic” Format. The next Format Library Championship will be a Nova Prime tournament, tentatively set for March 16th. I will also be giving away $10 DB donation codes to any player who achieves the Master Rank on our Discord server’s NovaBot ranking system before the tournament. Nova Format is a custom format with "fair" Xyz and Fusion monsters. Nova Prime includes 600 hand picked cards from all eras of Yu-Gi-Oh! We focused on simple cards that promote interactive games. Of course, there are a handful of strong bosses and power cards too. Nova Prime features many iconic archetypes, as well as cool cards that were power crept before they were printed. Much like Goat Format, Nova Format games can be both grindy and explosive, depending on the matchup. Nova Format uses Goat Era rules when possible (Priority, Fail to Find, Old Errata, etc.). The metagame for Nova Prime is still undefined. Deck building is simple for some archetypes, but open-ended for others. These require engine mashing, card selection, ratio selection, and tons of creativity. Here are some decks that our beta-testers think can compete for the top tier (yes it’s a lot): Blackwings (Aggro) Cyber Dragons (Combo/Midrange) Darks (Midrange) Dinos (Stun/Aggro) Dragons (Ramp) E-HEROs (Combo/Aggro) Fire Fists (Ramp) Gem-Knights (Combo/Ramp) Harpies (Aggro/Stun) Infernity (Combo/Control) Machina (Aggro) Monarchs (Control/Midrange) Plants (Control/Midrange) Plasma (Control) Spellcasters (Control or Stun) T.G. (Aggro) Water (Midrange) Zombie (Midrange) Ban List: https://formatlibrary.weebly.com/nova-prime-ban-list.html Card Pool: https://formatlibrary.weebly.com/nova-prime-card-pool.html Be aware, the deck gallery and extra deck section currently on the site are for the older Nova Classic format.” You can get more advice, discuss the format, and look for games in our #nova channel on the Format Library Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/4q3eJ3. If you want to get in touch with me, the best way is to message me, Jazz#2704 on discord. Thanks for reading
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    Yeah, after the Dark Signer Arc it went to shit immediately and kind of backslid into doing things that they typically did in YGO anime when they have no idea where to take it. There was a bunch of filler that led into a shitty and lazy tournament arc (that sidelined pretty much half the main cast and basically downgraded Crow to Joey status imo), which eventually led into some near convoluted arc with some futuristic time travel group with a shitty pointless twist ending (He was future Yusei...but he really wasn't, just a crazy guy who did plastic surgery on himself. WAT?). Then Yusei turns super sayian in the last episode, because Shonen anime. 5Ds was literally the best YGO anime until after the Dark Signer arc imo. Battle City is a very close second.
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    I LOVE THIS GAME. yeah the attraction commands are legit broken. could do with having a disable option but oh well. i still had to depend on it during the titan boss in the first world tho at the end (had no cure command and donald and hercules and goofy went AWOL) They've basically made a PS2 game using PS4 graphics and I love the decision. I think they could've taken a risk with the franchise but it ultimately would have atttracted newcomers but dissatsified potential old time KH fans. Instead they decided to keep to the same formula but have made sure the story is a lot more captivating by keeping the organisation developments constant in each world. for a non KH fan, 7-8/10. For a KH fan, has to be a 10/10.
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    I can only list the people that I personally played with and have spoken/built things with. It's really hard to put an order here, (and hard to write a definitive top 10 - so many great players) so I will just write this as what I believe was the top tier. These are also players that I saw as visionaries and innovators of the highest calibur. I believe that these were some of the best minds that have ever been in this game. 1. Matt Peddle 2. Cas Stomphorst 3. Max Suffridge 4. Wilson Luc 5. Kris Perovic 6. Jae Kim 7. Hugo Adame 8. Lazaro Bellido 9. Dale Bellido 10. Kyle Duncan / Stephen Lusko (tied) There are some people I am apt to consider, but will not list them due to issues of integrity that have been exposed and written about, and issues I have observed first hand.
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    Pokemon mainline games are absurdly easy and simplistic, only the romhacks are close to worth playing. If you think turn based is boring you should play Into the Breach, which is an example of how you do turn based right. Turn based is super dependant on the UI and mechanics and it's easy to do wrong. Currently playing tons of ATLAS and it's an amazing game which has been patched amazingly fast, all of the release issues are solved and it's one of the best games to play with a large guild ever. And one of the worst to play solo.
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    Is anybody else tired of turn based combat these days? Playing Pokemon made me realise how boring it is.
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    i stopped watching after savitar then i saw a clip of iris being like "we are the flash" literally fuck off
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    The acting in this show is remarkably bad, idk why i still watch it. Just saw the opening of season 5 episode 10, Tom Cavanagh had a nightmare, how can you air this
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    "This card's name becomes "Cyber Dragon" while on the field or in the GY.", so no.
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    the isekai to watch is still konosuba Slime is just like... wholesome, done well no bullshit nicely funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsJ4aguEcNk
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    Just saying, i made red and blue sams in 2012 and yall negged me 17 times. Not as pretty as now a days, but I definitely made the foundation.
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    moderation on here is harsh......
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    i think the obvious solution staring us in the face is going to a club
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    If you really think you can only be successful / happy by having a significant other, you’re going to have a hard time. Wanting a spouse and kids eventually is fine; feeling like you need them ASAP is only going to make you miserable. You can’t base your happiness and success on other people; you need to find something that makes you happy regardless of circumstances outside your control. The suggestion of finding a hobby you enjoy that you could devote yourself to is a good one, and if said hobby involves interacting with others then that’s a bonus as then you can broaden your friends circle to those that may have more time and possibly meet someone you’d consider significant other material there as well (you’d know you have one thing in common at least). Travel is generally better if you have someone to share the experience with, but if you have the funds and don’t mind going at it alone then nothing is stopping you. I don’t think one trip will magically solve all your problems, but I’ve heard several places say that even just planning for a trip is a good mood booster so I certainly don’t think it will hurt. I know lots of people that tend to push travel off with the idea that they’ll do it when they retire (more free time, no need to request off work, and hopefully have more money saved up) but I personally think it’d be much more enjoyable when you’re young and you don’t have to deal with aching joints or tiring quickly. You’re not alone in the feeling of going nowhere, though with a good job and a strong friend circle I’d say you likely have it a little bit better than most. If you’re well off enough that money isn’t a major issue, perhaps consider cutting back on your hours slightly? This is something I did recently as work was consuming my life to the point that it felt hard to do anything else, but even dropping those few hours have made me significantly happier even a few months down the road. I realize this isn’t an option for everyone as bills and debt come first, but if you can afford it it’s something to consider.
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    Preface This document should be seen as the end product of ACP’s journey throughout Goat Format, so to speak, as well as his final gift to DuelistGroundz. While I have taken it upon myself to add this preface and have been requested to finish the parts that he did not, the vast majority of this work should be attributed solely to ACP. With this section, my intent is to outline the historical context for the often unique theories and philosophies that came to define ACP’s approach to Goat Format. The earliest incarnation of the ACP everyone knows and loves (to hate) is “ACP the Gadget Guy.” After scoring his first regional top 8 with Gadgets following the release of Shrink, ACP continued to play Gadgets at a high level long after they were considered a top-tier deck in the TCG. One of the best “ACP stories” from this era in my opinion is a brief, seven-line conversation at a 2008 Florida regional with ACP and local legend David Pratt, recounted by ACP as follows: The first thing to realize about this exchange is how hilarious/satisfying it feels to say the sentence “Allen C. Pennington, you’re the best duelist!” out loud, but it is important for much more than just this undeniably top-tier meme. I believe “being the best duelist” became an overarching goal, a quest if you will, for ACP the Gadget Guy. Sure, Gadgets weren’t great in the September 2009 format, they were probably worse than decks like Lightsworn, Zombies, or even Blackwings, but this didn’t matter to ACP the Gadget Guy, who would consistently rely on solid theory and fundamentals to carry him through fields of more powerful and more popular decks. As undoubtedly one of the best players in Florida for most of this period, ACP the Gadget Guy had little trouble finishing in the top 8 of most regionals, yet when faced with large fields of national-level talent, top 16/32 finishes at SJCs and YCSes consistently eluded him. Beginning sometime in 2010, ACP began to branch out from his beloved Gadgets into other archetypes, most notoriously with his list of Frog FTK which, to no one’s surprise, he dubbed “Next Level Frogs.” This name is particularly relevant for this history for the reference it makes to Chapin’s Next Level Magic, the book that ACP would probably tell you himself helped him achieve much of his success in this phase of his career. Having reached a point where he was largely comfortable with his fundamentals, the post-Gadget ACP became much more concerned with finding what could be considered objective solutions to formats. In other words, his focus shifted from “being the best duelist” to “being the duelist with the best deck.” This was no doubt motivated in part by his studies in mathematics which accelerated during this era of his career, his love for these studies being a part of his personality that no one on DuelistGroundz is unaware of at this point. In 2012, ACP finally broke his premier event curse at YCS Chicago with Chaos Dragons (ironically the same event at which I suffered my first premier bubble loss), and went on to a number of top cut finishes at premier events in the years that followed. With each of these performances, ACP seemed to get closer and closer to his ideal of “the best deck,” and ACP himself will probably tell you that he truly does believe that the Gishki and Domain Monarch decks he topped with in 2013 and 2016 were, indeed, the best decks of their respective formats. With these key points about ACP’s development as a player in mind, it should come as little surprise that he was one of the first players willing to explore “the lame decks” in Goat Format during the Revival era, to the point that Jazz hilariously tried to ban him from playing shit like Empty Jar during the 2014 War League after a single match. The last thing ACP, and especially hyper-analytic post-Gadget ACP, is ever concerned with is how much fun his opponent is having. After all, losing is generally considered by most people to be not a fun thing to do, and yet, in order to be the best duelist with the best deck, you will probably have to make more than a few opponents suffer such a fate, whether it be in a “fun” matchup like a Plant mirror or with a “lame” deck like Gishki. If ACP is ever going to deviate from such a “lame” strategy, the reason will probably be that he no longer believes that such a strategy is “best” or “optimal,” which, incidentally, ended up being the case in 2017 when he created his Angel Chaos deck, explored later in the article. After “retiring” from modern premier events, ACP had time to reflect on his career and re-evaluate some of the principles that previously guided him. At the same time, a series of events known quite well to most of us here on DuelistGroundz began to chip away at his trust in the YGO community at large. The ultimate product was a period of tempestuous critiques, directed at both the work of his former selves and that of the community around him. The first breakthrough in the era of this new critical ACP came with the Average Prize Model, an attempt to move beyond the traditional conception of best-deck-as-best-average-matchup towards a truly comprehensive attempt to solve any given format given a few key parameters. He also began to rail heavily against the model of “power vs consistency” developed circa 2013-2014 by Max Reynolds, Patrick Hoban, and Noelle Evelyn. In ACP’s opinion, these two terms shared a single referent; he never saw any reason to distinguish between them. One final theory he never got around to publishing had to do with the threat-answer dichotomy. In private messages, ACP once proposed to me that there existed a third type of “hybrid” card between these two well-known categories that he called “assists,” which largely accounted for the massive shift in the YGO metagame circa 2009-2010 towards Royal Oppression and similar effects (Skill Drain, Archlord Kristya, Vanity’s Emptiness, and so on). 2017 has been a bittersweet year for Goat Format. The metagame saw possibly more development in the span of 12 months than in the format’s entire 11-year history prior, with no less than seven major tournaments to boot, and yet, at the end of it all, we are left without the two great Masters that made such development possible. I often describe the entire modern history of Goat Format as a footnote to the work of Kris Perovic, but with this publication, we might be entering a new era. That is to say, it may be the case that Goat Format, from here on out, will be a footnote to the chain of events that left our community with neither ACP nor KP.
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    "I have decided to live my life as a gay man."
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    https://www.nautiljon.com/clips/ieiri+leo/kono+sekai+de.html song from the trailer is fucking great btw
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    one of the best ending theme songs of all time