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    Final Vote Count: TGT - (4) Walia, scuzzlebutt, Sage, auri scuzzlebutt - (2) TGT, Moxies Not Voting: (3) audio, Dyachei, Woawa He played so darn well Had that MVP in sight Shanghai'd by the groom @TheGoldenTyranno was lynched. He was: Night 6 begins now and ends in about 15 hours, at 9AM EDT on Sunday, November 3rd. Please submit your night actions to me ASAP. (Note I am going to experience a DST adjustment IRL so the night is 1 hour shorter than normal)
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    another essay i didn't bother reading
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    Final Vote Count: flacko - (7) Walia, Woawa, auri, JC, Sage, audio, Brandis Dyachei - (2) Faint, flacko Walia - (1) TGT Not Voting: (3) Dyachei, haz, Moxies You can't lynch me bro. I only just got here!!!!! (oh sh*t mayb they can...) @Flacko was lynched. They were: Night 4 begins now and ends in about 16 hours, at 9AM EDT on Wednesday, October 30th. Please submit your night actions to me ASAP. *** PLEASE NOTE THAT PHASES ARE NOW 32/16 AS THE PLAYERS HAVE REQUESTED ***
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    alive=scum is in fact the opposite of using your brain i say sage is town and nobody responds auri posts a picture with the same thing and gets 2 pos the system is rigged
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    Final Vote Count: Diana - (9) JC, Walia, auri, Sage, haz, TGT, Brandis, Moxies, Tony Dyachei - (3) rei, Malcolm, MBA Broken - (2) Logic, Soph Sage - (1) Dyachei Tony - (1) Diana Not Voting: (4) Broken, Death, Dick, Woawa Day 2 brought a whole host of new challenges for the Forged Players. Non-Yugioh mechanics, back-2-back quota , and back-reading were just some of the many challenging tasks that presented themselves. Don't forget about the game! Today, after an intense debate, the Forged Players finally thought they got one... or did they!? @Di4na was lynched. She was: But, also! Our favorite home boy, who generously joined up to kick-start the Arena (AKA the best game mode) disappeared again into the night! Tragically, he got in a car crash on his way home, careening off a short bridge into an icy pool of irony. @Logic was killed. He was: Due to players missing quota, the following substitutions will be forced: @Faint will take the place of @Death Sentence @Gemstone Mine will take the place of @Dick van Dyke Night 2 begins now and ends in about 24 hours, at 5PM EDT on Thursday, October 24th. Please submit your night actions to me ASAP.
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    With the numbers dwindling, trust was at an all-time low. The crowd gathered to discuss their plans, and they started with sharing their weaknesses. Person 1: I hate to admit it, but I hit my wife the other day. Crowd: That's rough, but we'll sign you up for some anger management classes and relationship therapy. Person 2: I guess I should let you all know that I binge drink, and frequently go driving afterwards for the thrill. Crowd: We've got alcoholics anonymous, we'll get you on the right track. This went on and on, but, eventually, it became the turn of TGT. TheGoldenTyranno: Every now and again, I get home from a long day of work, and I spend an hour or two unwinding by playing video games. Crowd: Get him! Tyranno committed the grave mistake of being a gamer. I think this really says something about our society. There was nothing Tyranno could do. No amount of real combat XP (from the simulations of Call of Duty) could save him now. Tyranno was lynched! He was: The night begins now, and will end when all night actions are submitted, or in 24 hours, whichever comes first.
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    Hi everyone, it's your boi JC. here with yet another vote count. Now, before we get into it, I just wanted to say thanks for checking out our mafia thread. Be sure to Like posts with good reasoning, Comment at least five times per day phase, and Subscribe so you can get notified of new posts in the threads. And don't forget to hit that bell, rate things five stars, or whatever new system we're putting out this month. It really means a lot that you all decided to sign up and play, and that's why I decide to make sure every game is an experience you can really go blind with rage over. We hit the big fifty, that's right, the five o pages, and that's awesome folks. Let's keep it up and see what happens during the rest of the phase. [45 seconds of rotating text and bass-boosted theme music] Vote Count TheGoldenTyranno (2): Di4na, Sophocles Di4na (1): TheGoldenTyranno Alright that's all I've got for you today. Let's all keep it up. It's winter, so you may not need a reminder, but stay cool! [45 second outro] Credits: Host - JC Moderation - JC Flavour Design - JC Role Design - JC Modkills - JC Cool Cats - all of you <3 xd
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    this one took a while to type up so i hope you're all appreciative of it Vote Count Gemstone (1) - Sage
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    I have ascended to a new level of floating. So great is my power that I can influence the game positively for my faction without making a single post.
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    PSA: dead players are dead...
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    i have now realized that i said the word italics while underlining it i am truly the best town leader
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    Actually whilst looking through this game, there are a few notable interactions between Soph and rei that I do want to highlight. First of all, these two quotes: Here Soph claims that he doesn't like the lynch on Silver, and would not mind a lynch on rei. The vote is 4-4 between rei and Sage, and if he switched to rei it would be 5-3, so he can easily attempt to transition it into a rei mislynch and he instead chooses not to. Why? rei is obviously the favoured mislynch by a mile if rei is town, so why does Soph not hop on the train and get some action going? Now there is the argument that "Soph might not want to be seen on the end mislynch train", however something he does in the next few posts contradicts that, most notably how he switches from Sage to Silver. One more thing to note is also the fact that Soph had also made notable posts defending Silver, and then switches onto Silver's mislynch later. In that timeframe he has a lot of opportunity to jump to rei, who had a lot of heat. He chooses not to, and instead chooses to hop onto the considerably less favourable mislynch of silver, which furthers the idea of distancing. And one final thing to note: JC's scum-read of Woawa also has the opportunity to jump onto the rei lynch, so if the guaranteed scum Soph and Woawa wanted to cooperate, they can also very likely ensure rei dies from their perspective. They do not take that opportunity. First of all, let's look at the first paragraph and here we see an even stronger commit to Sage over rei. It seems like he's committed to this lynch, which is whatever, but it is something I do find odd if Soph and rei were of opposing alignments, because if I was in his position I would want a town rei dead, and he was clearly setting up for it, so him not pulling the trigger and taking the golden opportunity ever is especially odd, particularly because he then contradicts this firm stance on Sage by not killing rei and instead going over the considerably weaker mislynch of Silver. There was no reason to switch onto Silver here, especially over rei, unless they were the same scum alignment and he was simply distancing whilst trying to ensure rei's survival--allowing himself to later say "I was also on the rei is scum belief" if rei gets lynched, and also to not commit so that his partner rei does not die. Then in the second paragraph he continues to distance himself and accuse rei, yet despite all of this time he still has not committed. Hell, he was even willing to commit to his partner of Diana at the end of the day, yet here we're presuming rei is town, and he does not commit to mislynching a "town" rei. I don't wish to keep harping on the "he could've chose to mislynch rei and did not" point, but I'd argue this is an representation of how Soph's gameplay has looked from the beginning to end in regards to rei: he could've chose to mislynch rei at a lot of these points, and he simply did not. This is even added to by his later post of "rei should definitely be lynched tomorrow". There are never any commitments, and so to surmise it as more than a distancing attempt is very disingenuous in regards to his play. I don't think he had any intention of killing rei throughout these interactions, and you can feel free to disagree as a lot of this can be subjective, but it is undeniable that this is extremely shaky ground to be making a defense for rei, especially considering how scummy rei has been playing. If you are to believe rei is town, there needs to be something more concrete than this. Fyi, before my post is inevitably misconstrued again, this is not the be-all-end-all for rei and not the main reason why I think he is scum, in fact that is covered in my other posts, and especially in our End of Day 2 interactions. This post is moreso to provide my insight onto the Soph-rei interaction, and why it is not a fulfilling enough justification.
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    Not that they could, anyway. I weigh 250 pounds (all fat, to soften the blows of their punches) and i am basically a master of krav manga after hearing Mark talk about it one time
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    This message sponsored by mark
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    Final Vote Count Malcolm (4) - Jazz, Gemstone Mine, Woawa, Diana Gemstone Mine (3) - BuildTheWalia, Malcolm, Hazmah Jazz (1) - SageRhapsody Deaths "Hunting dittos? I'm too weak, I already caved and bought the game. I'll be playing that and not mafia you nerds." "Speaking of games, Malcolm is not sharing his loot with the party. That sounds secretive. And you know who holds secrets? Scum." Malcolm tried to fight back against the crowd calling for his death, but his efforts were to no avail. He was But that's not all. Broken Brilliance did not meet quota! With only 4 posts, he has been killed. Subs Aurirevoir has been subbed out by TheGoldenTyranno. Night 2 begins now and ends in 24 hours.
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    Everyone has said things and acted in ways that they would love to take back. I had zero recollection that something like this was even a thing, let alone being a part of it. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m certainly not that person and it was mortifying to see me having been involved. At first I thought it wasn’t me that posted this because more than one person used this account ten years ago. I checked the ip log and saw that it wasn’t someone else. Pretty gross
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    So we can find out who would do that and ban them.
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    imagine duelistgroundz this post made by duelistgroundz gang
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    absolutely he is the top of the list but the competition is fierce
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    Vote Count JerichoTheUnwise (5) -, Jazz, Di4na, Woawa, Broken Brilliance, Gemstone Mine Di4na (2) - SageRhapsody Hazmah SageRhapsody (2) - Malcolm, JerichoTheUnwise Woawa (1) - Sophocles Gemstone Mine - BuildTheWalia expectations: this new mafia game will have great flavour and a lot of dedication put into it reality: due to time constraints i need to get out of here so you get nothing. please pay $60 next year to buy Super Always Angry mafia day is over jericho is dead
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    slow down there scumwood.
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    Let me tell you all something: I am the ideal mafia husband. I have a higher winrate as town than you. I have a higher winrate as scum than you. I make more money than you. My wives are hotter than yours. My bearded dragons are stronger than yours. I am more humble than you. I am better than you. (p.s. this probably is your best thread)
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    in. this game i plan to actually use my brain and take notes
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    really looking forward to this game now that i see you are hosting!
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    you think you're humble? this is just more proof you dont read my posts. i am, without a doubt, by FAR, the most humble player on this forum really, this applies to everything. forget about learning how to play the game (though if you do want to get better, nothing is more effective than mimicing my play). when it comes to positive character traits, i am the undisputed champion of the forum. nobody understands humility better than i do; this is why i am constantly humiliating the scum team when i roll town. not a single piece of the flaming trash that call themselves the other players of this section understand how to give each other positive words instead of insult each other. i could go on, but really, if any of you have brain cells, you already know how awesome i am. it would be a waste of my time to talk about my merits any further--and my time is way more valuable than yours.
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    hey guys. thanks for playing. had a great time!
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    hey guys remember when rei thought i was scum because my read on his slot was too good tbh i take a lot of offence to the idea that Faint didn't get himself lynched
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    honestly sorry for throwing the last day. kinda wanted the game over with after being fought on about TGT and specifically Dya for like 5 days straight. Figured if I was wrong about that final NK Wifom then mafia deserved to beat town anyways
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    ill be honest even if sage hammered dya i wouldnt have voted dya. The point of my post was to read sage just as much as dya and sage hammering me or dya so early screamed scum i just wanted more discussion. also this was my first game and floating to see boundaries made the most sense to me only reason i went hard today is i didnt work so i spent a few hours back reading and analyzing everyones game
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    ill take the L but i mean my vote didnt matter the second sage voted me game was over
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    Apparently yesterday was a bad day to go to weddings.
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    Final Vote Count: Faint - (4) JC, TGT, Sage, Walia Not Voting: (7) audio, auri, Brandis, Dyachei, Faint, Moxies, Woawa All good things come to those who wait. B-b-b-b-but will it be a SCUM-flip or a BRUH-moment? @Faint was lynched. He was: Due to players missing quota, the following substitutions will be forced: @scuzzlebutt will take the place of @Brandis72 Now there really are no more subs. OK >>> 1 Fresh order of Modkills coming up!!! Night 5 begins now and ends in about 16 hours, at 9AM EDT on Friday, November 1st. Please submit your night actions to me ASAP.
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    well look who won the race
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    (Post-claim) This may change things... However, the scum EV is still totally there, and I'm halfway inclined to believe that this might be a scum fruit vendor; main thing that makes me believe otherwise is actually the flavor lol but we all know that's a weak argument - these shenanigans seem worth discussing. Also worth noting that if Auri isn't scum then I quite frankly have no idea who is (suspecting me would make sense but I have the perfect info of knowing I'm not, so, uh, yeah): Hazmah - Claimed PR who has been hard carrying town this game; shouldn't even be an argument at this point J.C. - TBD; tldr I think it's very likely he's town Audioslayne - TBD; tldr I also think it's pretty likely he's town Sage - TBD; tldr the players I think are likely scum have in the past tried pretty hard to lynch him (easy mislynch from bad early game posts/low activity) and I think it's very likely he's town Walia - Floatscum on the surface, + town EV actions when I looked into it, especially after the rei lynch; pretty strong town lean although not a guarantee TGT - Claimed PR who has been doing nothing but repeatedly blunder while making + scum EV plays; definitely some sketch here but the lack of a counterclaim means he's still very likely town Dyachei - A mixed bag; many sketchy plays, but demonstrates intent to solve the game and took quite a bit of personal risk (in regards to the rei situation) for very little reward, and like Sage also seems to be attracting a great deal of ongoing lynch attempts from my suspected scum; moderately leaning town Moxies - ''New townie'' gameplay; seems unlikely to be scum by this point from behavior but I can still believe it to be a ploy by the scumteam Woawa - TBD; this one's complex and will need to talk more about that one later Faint - Inactive (sub) until recently, and has done nothing so far but demonstrate scum behavior backed by scum actions; strongly leaning scum flacko - TBD; tldr I think he's almost certainly scum... then again rei flipped town this game so anything is possible lol Ugh, my screwy schedule and my own personal disorganization has made it impossible to do what I was hoping to today... Looks like I'll have to continue on day 5!
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    Hindsight bias is a bitch, right?
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    Ash is only saying that because of girl
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    wow guys this was a really fun game, I'm glad I was able to participate and really enjoy it :^))
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    I can design any of the games I've been considering (Pantheon, Pokémon: Part 1 billion, Fantasy Football, or w/e else tbh) given a few days for signups or whatever. If someone else wants to run a game, they can do that too. I could run what I consider to be a vanilla game if that's what people want, but I feel people complain about that just as much as they do about having a bunch of roles?
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    real talk though, 3 issues: a) I don't think in any world was this anything close to a vanilla game. just saying. b) pls never allow scumwoods role in a game again. c) open to debate, but I really don't think scum should ever get cop and doc as a safe claim. Telling scum that neither exists in the game imo reduces the skill involved in the nk, and gives scum a little much info. Scum suspect there's no true doc/cop is one thing, actively telling them there isn't one is another.
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    You were/are banned because you returned after getting kicked.
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    Final Vote Count: Woawa - (4) auri, Sage, scuzz, Moxies Not Voting - (3) Dyachei, Walia, Woawa Wow, that was quick! Caught the host a little off guard. @Woawa was lynched. He was: Night 7 begins now and ends in about 13 hours (accelerated to maintain the same start time) at 9AM EDT on Monday, November 4th. Please send me your night actions ASAP.
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    I mean fwiw its a harmless fix compared to the stain you placed on the mafia god subgroup Still, def worse modded aspects to this game than forcing an avatar
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    This post really concerns me
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    i want to have so few problems in life that i get on duelistgroundz at 5pm and post this shit