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  1. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Free gems, gotta try and get my Rouche. Also I'm trying the overused UBB set up later. Avant lead, Charla sub, 6 star Shida, double Rize, avant friend
  2. Destiny

    Crimson Doubles is kinda fun, I suck at PvP though. Already got my ghosts and shaders.
  3. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Rahgan is probably the 2nd best Arena lead you can have, Avani just took his spot. Oguro is a good single target nuker for raid. Though you should focus on getting to level 205ish so you can fit a squad of 7 stars. Grinding the last map on I think Avartha(?) its called changing the world. All you need is two seven stars and a seven star friend and auto battle it and with the double XP you should get like 16k per run for 25 energy with God Stones + Fujin Eyes. Also I dunno if your user ID is correct I tried sending a FR but couldn't find the user.
  4. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Roll for Avani. 
  5. Cool, I'm gonna play yugioh again.
  6. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Cool. I was gonna try and add some Thunder Dragon friends but might as well use dual Gazia since a bunch of people use him anyway.
  7. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    I'm going to take it on in a few. Also, finally got my Avani's attack to over 10,000. How did x2 Gazia work?
  8. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I read all the manga chapters for Erased, and they're going really slow with the pacing. But the next episode should be really good if you're watching it.
  9. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Inb4 her sphere is the same bonuses as Zenia's sphere. Also I'm a few imps away from maxing her. 
  10. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    Yeah Bartender is really a nice read. Not sure about the anime though I haven't given it a watch. 
  11. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Erased is really good so far, and I like Ojisan to Marshmallow (it's a 2 minute or so episode thing but its really funny). I only watched the first episode of the new Muv Luv anime. I don't have an opinions on it yet, but I'll have to keep watching out of love for the franchise.
  12. Powerball

    Convert it all to pennies. 
  13. Destiny

    Xbone. Got a next gen console on Black Friday, so I'm behind on a lot of games.
  14. Destiny

    I was about to complete my 2nd run of King's Raid last night but some idiots backed out after we decided to not do the challenge because they were fucking it up so much (5 times) and my friend was the only one at the time with the Touch of Malice. I haven't done any of the other raids outside of 2 man Crota raid on hard with my friend.
  15. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Can't wait for Phoenix 7 star, he's gonna be super good for Arena. Though my current set up has netted me over 1000 consecutive. Rahgan lead, Selena, Ultor, and 2 Iris. Also, my UoC was the wrong one but used the summon ticket and got myself a Guardian Piany which was nice to get the new unit. I want to try and summon for El Dora or Drevas since Paris' Extra Trial is coming out soon. (We're getting the trial before her actual 7 star lol) Otherwise I'm using Luly for it. 
  16. Destiny

    Finally finished my Touch of Malice tonight. Only 5 more light levels before I'm 310. Made a decent chunk of progress since I first started two months ago. 
  17. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    Still no Unit of Choice. :(
  18. New Years Resolutions

      you suck   you can do it i believe in you   I need to play something that's not a Warlock. I just have never worked on my Titan or Hunter. 
  19. New Years Resolutions

    Beat King's Raid on Hard. Stop sucking as a human.
  20. if you click on this topic you must post

    About 4 hours into the new year and I already almost lost my life (or well, felt threatened). This bodes well for the future. 
  21. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    My friend had the same problem and he did the Raid with other people (then with me) about 30 or so times dry. Then did a battle where we killed the Thunder Sword first and he got 2 hairs. He started getting them a lot more lately too, I think he's at 5/10 for the 5 spheres. I think the drop rate of the hair though is supposed to be 2% chance. My friend had no luck using Reindeer friend lead because he couldn't do enough damage/kept dying. 
  22. Brave Frontier (iOS/Android App)

    I forgot about it. But I did get my 5 War God's Blades from RC6
  23. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    I've read just about everything by Amazume Ryuta. Started reading Nana to Kaoru then fell in love with his art style. Also I started tackling Ippo, so far so good. I hit chapter 100 in a day, its just addictive. 
  24. if you click on this topic you must post

    My friend has had this problem since he was around 19, he's 24 now and like everyone else said - the buzzcut is the way to go. He looks pretty good with it compared to going complete bald (he's tried that before and it didn't work quiet as well).
  25. Force of Will

    I play Big Dick Arthur in my Dark Alice deck just because when you God Art her and have an Athur giving a -400/-400 debuff to your opponent's guys is pretty awesome.  Downside is Dark Alice isn't all too great since I can just play Refrain/Reflect