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  1. see everyone there! prague is one of the greatest cities on earth
  2. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    i miss metagame
  3. looking to borrow 3 anti spell for the event, pls message me on facebook harry strick thanks!
  4. YGO TCG Forbidden List July 2015

    towers got banned on 9/11
  5. YCS Rimini

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/news/ycs2015.html   29th-30th august, who will I be seeing!? I booked yesterday London to Rome, and then a direct train to Rimini :)
  6. ARG Suspends Articles Indefinitely

    allen just won this thread holy shit
  7. Anti Magic Arrows

    is it just me or is this card nutty in burning abyss? I'm assuming that it stops valkyrus?
  8. What did you want to be when you were younger?

    a priest     i am now an atheist idk what was wrong with me
  9. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

    that video is amazing it has convinced me to go to the next australia ycs
  10. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

    i think uthor and jhadd are friends this is just how australians speak to eachother
  11. worst ygo trip ever

    i liked my weekend tbh 
  12. 150th YCS! YCS Columbus, Ohio May 22 - 24

    We're at the crowne plaza - opposite the venue
  13. 150th YCS! YCS Columbus, Ohio May 22 - 24

    i am going to this from the UK! see everyone there :)