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  1. If a player normal summons Cyber Dragon Core, does its trigger effect still activate, even if there are no "Cyber" Spell/Trap cards in the deck? Does the effect activate but resolve without effect, or should the player simply declare that Core can't activate because it can't resolve?   (Obviously in either case the opponent would be allowed to verify there are no Cyber Spell/Trap Cards in the deck before the duel continues).   In other words, if that Cyber Dragon Core would be sent to the graveyard later in the turn, could the player, (the other conditions are correct) then activate Cyber Dragon Core's other effect to summon a "Cyber Dragon" monster from the deck?    
  2. Konami really should overhaul the format of the World Championship. It gets more obvious every year. The one event we get that is supposed to be exclusively for high-tier competitive players and they make it 5 rounds of Swiss with a top 8 cut? There's also still time in top cut? I know Konami want to have the procedures be as similar as possible between the different levels of play, but if they can have everyone pointlessly pile count their decks every time they search then they can just as easily double (or even triple) the number of Swiss rounds and remove time in top cut. The guy who won Worlds this year (nothing against him) only had to go 3-2 to top to begin with, and I highly doubt that the other 5 players that ended up on that record having worse tiebreakers is in any way reflective of the differences in their tournament performances up until that point. The whole time thing is even more ridiculous in this case when you realise that Konami actually cut the final round short because they were running late for the finals initially. When you consider a minor 10 minute lapse in your schedule is more important than the final of your game's world championship your priorities are obviously completely fucked.
  3. When I realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to Euros, I simultaneously realized that I’d have one event left to accomplish what I’d set out to for this season. I just wanted to top once. I needed to put and end to the bubbling problem I’d been having – having bubbled the last 2 nationals and YCS Liverpool, as well as having gone from 5-0 to 6-4 at Euros 2017. I’d basically wasted the 2 YCSs I’d been to. At London I didn’t spend enough time learning SPYRALs and at Bochum (which was nonetheless very fun) I didn’t play the best deck. So I really wanted to make this event work out, since I was sure it’d be the last Yu-Gi-Oh I’d be playing before YCS Utrecht. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that I wanted this format to be a Pure Sky Striker centric format. The mirror of that deck is some of the most skill-intensive Yu-Gi-Oh that I’ve seen, I’d happily have played an event of 10 mirror matches. The f/l list, and the resultant format not developing that way is a disappointment: I think it’s fair to say that Trickstars, the most popular deck, don’t have a particularly great mirror match and Gouki are incredibly unfair whenever they can play. The fact that playing Pure Sky Strikers in this format not only meant having to deal with going second against those decks (which can be very difficult in both cases), but also meant having to deal with a mirror match which should be good, but is now quite heavy in variance, since a fair amount of the cards you’re maining for those other decks aren’t good in the mirror. The only upside to playing the pure deck that remained was that it generally had a good matchup against Rogue decks, which wasn’t the case with Trickstar. This is not necessarily a reliable edge in UK Nationals, however. On to Gouki. I didn’t have much time to practice in the lead up to the event, and in general it has felt like Yu-Gi-Oh has been taking up less and less of my time. Because of this, I didn’t feel comfortable playing a combo deck like Gouki, especially given that I’d never really touched the deck. Learning the combos and the correct way to play through everything in the month I before the event seemed a bit much given the lack of practise time I had, so it therefore had to be Trickstars. Trickstar mirrors aren’t good. Generally, they tend to resolve around which player draws individual power cards such as Scapegoat or Droll & Lock Bird, and the Trickstar engine has a bunch of bad draws, meaning that there can be games where one player gets to Candina and the other is stuck on something like multiple Lycoris, putting them far behind. It can sometimes be difficult to play around both being Firewall OTK’d and being straight up killed in the regular fashion at the same time, and the new time rules can mean that games that would otherwise be straight up won positionally are lost because of a small amount of random burn damage. I wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea of playing the standard build of the deck that had been popularized at New Jersey for that reason, and I immediately started looking for an edge. It didn’t take long – I remembered something that Noelle had said on the DGz Sky Striker thread about Mekk-Knights being potentially difficult for Sky Strikers to deal with, and I decided to give it a go. Every Mekk-Knight is bigger than every Trickstar monster, and drawing 1-2 going second often makes up the damage needed to straight up kill the opponent. I also liked how, despite the engines working independent of one another, there was some synergy. You often need to set cards to play in Mekk-Knights, so searching for Reincarnation simply to set it can unbrick Mekk-Knights out of your hands and obviously Sky Striker cards are similar - Hornet Drone on its own gives you two cards in a column should you need it. The Mekk-Knights often also function as cards that you can throw into your opponent’s defensive cards without having to use more valuable Trickstar cards, forcing out additional backrow before you start having to play the cards that matter the most. Once I’d worked out most of the kinks with my deck, I was a little annoyed to see that Mekk-Knights were being played at the Oceanic WCQ, though the builds seemed to be quite different. It did mean that, when it came to the event, some of the advantage that I thought I’d have due to the Mekk-Knights was lost unfortunately. I know of at least nine or ten other players that played Mekk-Knights in their lists that topped this event, though they all seemed to take after the Oceanics lists and blinded first. Deck List: https://imgur.com/Ms8hXu8 Main Deck - 40 Monsters - 19 3 Trickstar Candina 2 Trickstar Lycoris 1 Trickstar Lilybell 3 Droll & Lock Bird 2 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 3 Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall 2 Mekk-Knight Blue Sky 1 Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse 1 Mekk-Knight Red Moon 1 Mekk-Knight Yellow Star Spells – 19 3 Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! 3 Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones 1 Sky Striker Maneuver – Jamming Waves! 1 Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor 3 Trickstar Light Stage 2 Terraforming 3 Called By The Grave 2 Pot Of Desires 1 Upstart Goblin Traps – 2 2 Trickstar Reincarnation Side Deck – 15 1 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 2 Gameciel, The Sea Turtle Kaiju 3 Psy-Framegear Gamma 1 Psy-Frame Driver 2 Scapegoat 3 Shared Ride 3 Twin Twisters Extra Deck – 15 2 Sky Striker Ace – Kagari 1 Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku 1 Knightmare Mermaid 1 Knightmare Phoenix 1 Knightmare Cerberus 1 Knightmare Goblin 1 Knightmare Unicorn 1 Link Spider 1 Space Insulator 1 Ningirsu, The World Chalice Warrior 1 Topologic Trisbaena 1 Topologic Bomber Dragon 1 Saryuja Skull Dread 1 Firewall Dragon Choices/Ratios: 2 Ash was played because of space. I had room for 5 hand traps and decided that the Droll being a floodgate that helps you OTK was better than Ash being a single use card, even though Ash is more generic. 2 Lycoris – Lycoris isn’t a great draw, so I didn’t want to play 3, but you need to play at least 2, for the grind game, and to end the game in a lot of situations. 3 Purple/2 Blue – Would have played 6 if not for space. Purple is the better draw because you can banish it for Blue when they don’t play around Blue anyway. Red/Yellow – Their effects to clear boards are very strong, and simply being Mekk Knights and monsters with 2k+ ATK makes up for them requiring other cards to allow their effects to go through. You can clear quite a few backrow by searching Indigo and Yellow with Blue, then linking it away with something to summon Phoenix, popping a card with Phoenix, then summoning Yellow, banishing the Blue to pop another backrow, then summoning Indigo. Use the Indigo to move Yellow, then link into Unicorn with Indigo and the Phoenix, and spin another card before banishing Indigo with Yellow to pop one final card. Obviously this entire play that dismantles a board requires a lack of disruption, but even forcing a few cards out this way and removing 2-3 cards from the board can go a long way. 2 Terraforming – I knew that I would be cutting one of the 9 Candina from the deck, it being possible because I was blinding second, which therefore meant that I would still have a better chance of drawing Candina with 8 copies than my opponents would with 9. I probably wouldn’t have considered doing it otherwise. Terraforming seemed like the best of the 3 cards to cut down because it lost hardest to Droll and Shared Ride. Called By The Grave – Seemed necessary to not lose to Droll. It’s not particularly incredible otherwise, but it does randomly hit a lot of rogue stuff, which can be helpful. 2 Reincarnation – The second one came up enough to justify it. It mostly sees use here to search, then discard and extend into the opponent’s board with. Shared Ride/Scapegoat – A lot of the time you choose to go first post-side, these being the most powerful and generic cards to play going first, especially in the mirror. Neither card seemed worth maining since I blinded second, and games tend to end extremely quickly. Gameciel/Gamma – For Gouki going second. Anyway, onto the report: I made a huge card market order earlier this month, and end up spending the entire week shitting myself waiting for my cards to arrive. Everything comes on the Thursday, the day before I head down for the event. We head down via bus on the Friday, and I spend the whole day looking for people that I know and trying to find the last couple of cards I need. It’s nothing too difficult and it ends up being a relaxing day before. We find out that the tournament isn’t due to start until 12pm Saturday, which seems concerning in retrospect but whatever. Everyone goes to TGI Fridays after registration, which is part of the insane holiday complex near the hotel where the event is being held. The service there takes hours, but it’s somewhat understandable given that our party is massive. We get back to our hotel early enough and I get some decent sleep. On the Saturday morning, the guy I’m rooming with and I walk to a supermarket, with plans to get a taxi back. The taxi guy takes so long and detours on the way to the venue, so the guy I’m with is nearly late for registration. When we do get there, I find out Nadhir has already been DQ’d and sent home for filming at the venue, which I’m pretty sure is some Zodiac meme by now. The event doesn’t start until about half past one, and I’m a bit concerned to hear that the head judge plans on there being 8 rounds on day 1. Round One: Paleozoic Game 1: I make him go first, he sets 5 and ends up flipping 3 floodgates over the following turns. I stall out for a few turns using Mekk-Knights, but he eventually draws into more proactive cards and takes the game from there. 0-1 Game 2: I start and open Scapegoat and Called by the grave. I stop his Toad play and use Scapegoat to play through his backrow the next turn and eventually take the game from there. 1-1 Game 3: He sets 4, summons a Swap Frog and returns it to hand. I Light Stage one set, end up Twinning two others and eventually put him on just swap in hand while I have Trisbaena with Called By The Grave set. 2-1 1-0 After this round I walk about and ask people how they’re all doing in the tournament. I see Brad Haywood is in the middle of some huge cloud of judges, and later found that he got DQ’d for stalling at the end of the round. This is just the first of several cases like this over the rounds that cause the event to run seriously late. Round Two: Mekk Knight Trickstar Sky Striker Game 1: He wins the die roll, He starts and the game goes long. He has Droll early on though so he stops me from doing too much early on and he ends up being too far ahead. 1-0 Game 2: I side to go first and open Scapegoat and Droll. He can't play through everything. 1-1 Game 3: He does what I did to him Game 1 early on but I put more pressure on him with Mekk Knights. He still gets in the most damage though and even though I would have had 2 monsters coming back from Purple Nightfall's effect, which put me far ahead in the game state I end up losing by about 4000 LP in time called during his turn. 1-2 1-1 Round Three: Sky Striker Game 1: He opens near perfectly with Multi Role and multiple set Widow Anchors. I can't quite play through everything, he starts Snowballing advantage and I can't keep up. 0-1 Game 2: I start and have multiple Twin and Goats. His hand isn't great and he starts his second turn on 0 cards. 1-1 Game 3: He starts and opens poorly. I just aggro him out of the game and by the next turn he's on too few cards to do anything meaningful. 2-1 2-1 Round Four: Trickstar Sky Striker Game 1: He wins the die roll, goes first and opens okay, while I open a single Blue Sky and every hand trap in my deck. I flips Scapegoat next turn and its enough to kill me. 0-1 Game 2: I start with Set Shared Ride, Droll and Ash in hand with a Lycoris and he manages to have enough answers to play through my board and leave me on 1200 while he has two Lycoris on board. Next turn I can beat over his board and put myself in a position that would otherwise be confortably winning other than the fact that if he can somehow get to the last Lycoris he wins the duel. Fortunately the game doesnt last that long. 1-1 Game 3: Same as game 1. I open Psy-Frame Driver, 2 Blue Sky, 2 Droll and an Ash. I stop him from playing but eventually cant do enough even while he doesnt play around Mekk Knights after flipping Scapegoat. After he Reincarnations my hand and banishes Driver my next 3 draw phase draws are all Gamma. 1-2 2-2 I’m pretty sure it’s about 8 o’clock by the time this round ends. Everyone around is visibly exhausted, as well as hungry and thirsty. Round Five: Gouki Game 1: I sort of know the guy by his face because he's been to regionals I've been to and we have mutual friends. I'm pretty sure he's playing Gouki so I choose to go first and double Reincarnation, Droll him. 1-0 Game 2: He goes first and I open Double Gamma, with an otherwise decent hand. When he makes Isolde I Gamma it, but he can extend through Soul Charge. He eventually Cerberus and Unicorns the Gamma and Driver on board, but then I guess he reads in my body language that I have a second one because he immediately reads the Gamma in my grave, before linking away his Iblee and giving it to me immediately. Unfortunately for him (and I don’t know why, since I don’t quite know how to combo off with Gouki correctly) this apparently messes up his combo anyway and he ends on quite a weak board regardless. At this point I just link Iblee away into Mermaid and kill him since my remains cards are Light Stage, Indigo, Purple and Hornet so killing him outright isn’t difficult. 2-0 3-2 Round Six: True Draco At the start of this round the head judge announces that he’s moving round 8 to the next day. My opponent literally begs me (and only semi-sarcastically) to beat him so he can go home and get sleep. Game 1: I see he has no extra deck and choose to go first, but I open poorly and on the next turn he beats over my monsters and sets a moderately large amount of floodgates. 0-1 Game 2: I start again and Double Reincarnation Droll him. 1-1 Game 3: He opens decent but without any floodgates and after I Ash Demise he ends on 2 True Draco monsters and 3 traps. I play through his stuff, then make a Saryuja while I have 3 cards in hand already. The 7 cards I see probably had any number of ways to kill him and I end up dealing about 10k through his board. 2-1 4-2 Round Seven: Gem Knight FTK I know this guy, his name is Reece, and I’ve had him as a facebook friend for a while. Apparently I was his first opponent when he first travelled for a regional. Game 1: He goes first. Sends Block Dragon with Foolish, then finds a way to make the Gem knight link. I ash the link and he just makes some big fusion with 3200 ATK and then summons Block Dragon to protect his board from being destroyed by card effects. I open Candina, Mekk Knight, Hornet, so I can make Unicorn, spin his Block Dragon, then make Bomber Dragon and special a Mekk Knight to blow the fusion up and attack over his board and leave him on pretty much nothing. 1-0 Game 2: He sets one and activates Dragged Down. I have Ash and Gamma and choose to Ash it. Next he uses foolish to send Block Dragon and banishes a bunch of stuff to summon it. When he links it away to search I Gamma it and the game is simple from there. 2-0 5-2 We go back to the hotel, order pizza, and it’s about half 1 by the time I finally get to go to bed. Amongst the guys came down from regional, 4 of us are still in the event, including Danny Jackson and Darren Stephenson, who just needs a win to secure a top and therefore go to worlds. Round Eight: SPYRAL Game 1: He Summons Quik Fix, searches and passes and I just OTK him. 1-0 Game 2: I side to go second and he makes me go first. I can’t really do enough to stop him from OTKing me. 1-1 Game 3: He tries to combo off but I have Ash for Master Plan and he's forced to pass with practically nothing so I kill him. 2-1 6-2 I find Darren, and find out that he got his win, and locked in his Worlds qualification and nats top. Congrats to him. Round Nine: Banisher Stun This was a streamed feature match on twitch. I play horribly and have a terribly awkward interview after. Link: Watch if you're into cringe. Game 1: I see he has no extra deck, so choose to go first and the game goes on really long. I've very conscious of this match being streamed, so make a tonne of mistakes and even accidentally try to Cerberus a set Fossil Dyna. I eventually win by flipping 2 Reincarnation when he has 2 cards in hand and 4 in deck. 1-0 Game 2: He starts, I open 2 Twin Twisters and the game is more or less over right there. 2-0 7-2 Round Ten: Trickstar Sky Striker Game 1: Goes on a while but I eventually overwhelm him with Mekk Knights and win the game. 1-0 Game 2 Also goes on a while back and forth and around when time is called he Firewall kills me. 1-1 7-2-1 I feel relieved to have broken the bubble and run up and down the hall finding people I know to tell them I’ve finally not lost on the bubble at something. I find out Danny, Barry and Jordan Gallacher all topped as well and eventually when I sit down to wait for the standings to be finalized I get to see a stream of England absolutely destroying Panama, which was nice. Top 64: Trickstar Sky Striker Game 1: I open Droll going second and kill him with help from Mekk Knights. 1-0 Game 2 He Shared Rides me and I eventually lose because I have to push into his board through it and I can’t quite do enough. 1-1 Game 3: I go first and open Shared Ride as well as Ash and Droll. He Ashes my Shared Ride and stops one of my hand traps with Called. He beats over my board and ends on double Lycoris. I top into Candina and beat over his board before setting Called By The Grave. When he targets it with Light stage I flip it and target Lycoris in grave and he can’t do anything to me that matters. 2-1 Danny ends up playing against Darren this round and puts him out of the tournament, but I doubt Darren cares that much at this point. Top 32: Trickstar Sky Striker Mekk Knight It’s the same guy who I played round 2. Game 1: He can play with Trickstar stuff, when I try to play back he Drolls me and I don’t have Called By The Grave so I go too far behind. Game 2: The same as game 1 except I went first, so after he Drolls me, he just kills me. It sucks to go out that way, but I was mostly aiming to top the event and considering anything in top cut to be a bonus anyway, so I was alright with it. Everyone I know other than Jordan Gallacher is out by now, so I eventually just end up waiting around with the Scottish lads to see how far he can go before we can go get something to eat. We’re there for a good while yet mind, and I get to see Barry and Ryan Cook play some of the weirdest variations of Goat Control that I’ve ever seen. “2 Card Goat, no draw phase” has forever destroyed my mental image of this game and I might be scarred for life. After Jordan is knocked out in top 4, his prizes are held hostage by Quick Play Games until after the event, because they want him to take part in the prizing ceremony after the final. This would be fine except literally all of us are starving and dehydrated. At least the final, when it eventually takes place, is mercifully short. We (Me, Darren and a bunch of Scots) go for food and relax after the event is over and it’s worth the wait. The next day makes the event feel like a distant, happy memory though. It’s blazing hot all day, and the bus home is delayed for 2 hours so we don’t get back until after 11pm, leaving at 2. One of the delays is down to the bus breaking down in the middle of a road, so we’re forced to sit around cooking until another bus came to pick us up. It took the problems we were already having, from being tired and dehydrated over the weekend and just pushed it to the extreme. We did come up with one hypothetical that was interesting, thanks to the world cup - 'which historical empire would have the best world cup team?' Historians gimme answers down below. The Good: *Newcastle/Scottish tops *Darren going to worlds *Breaking the bubble finally *Easy matchups *Deck didn’t fail me The Bad: *My technical play was shit *Terribly ran event *Terribly ran transport home * Losing the edge in the mirror * Nadhir DQ’d round 0. * Not being able to go to Euros. Thanks for reading.
  4. Thanks. Though don't worry I'm not too down on the feature, playing badly on camera isn't the worst thing in the world, and the interview thing was actually pretty funny.
  5. Q: What happens if I am not done with my Match after 40 minutes? UPDATED! A: Starting on June 1st, 2018, all Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Organized Play will use brand-new End of Match procedures. Duelists should familiarize themselves with the new End of Match procedures prior to attending any event. Sometimes a Match will not be finished when the time ends for a round. If this happens, it is both Duelists' responsibility to note whose turn it is when time is called. Duelists who require assistance with the End of Match procedures should raise their hand and call for a judge. The judge should be notified that the Match is ongoing and whose turn it is. The judge may or may not stay to supervise the End of Match procedure, but should ensure that both Duelists understand the following procedures. End of Match procedures should follow these three (3) rules: Rule #1: If time is called while Duelists are in the middle of a Game, the current Game must have a decision (Win, Loss, or Draw) Rule #2: Once the current Game has concluded with a decision, determine the winner of the Match by determining the number of Game Wins (or Game Losses) each Duelist has for the current Match. The Duelist with the most Game Wins will win the Match. Swiss Rounds: If both Duelists have the same number of Game Wins, or if time was called in between games of a Match when both Duelists had the same number of Game Wins, then the Match is a Draw. Single-Elimination Rounds: If both Duelists have the same number of Game Wins, or if time is called in between Games of a Match while both Duelists have the same number of Game Wins, they will begin a new Duel with specific guidelines. Neither Duelist may use his or her Side Deck. If time was called in between Games of a Match and at least one Duelist has already accessed his or her Side Deck, then both Duelists may use their Side Deck. Duelists must use a random method (die roll, coin flip, etc.) to determine who will go first. The Duel will continue for a total of four (4) turns, two (2) turns for each Duelist, unless a Duelist manages to win the Duel before the four (4) turns have concluded. A "turn" is defined as the start of the Draw Phase until the end of the End Phase for a single Duelist. Once the four (4) turns are completed, Life Point totals are compared and the Duelist with the highest Life Point total wins the Match. If both Duelists' Life Points are the same after the four (4) turns are completed, then play will continue on a turn-by-turn basis, with the Duelist with the most Life Points at the end of a turn being declared the winner of that Game. Rule #3: If a win condition occurs during End of Match Procedures, that Duelist wins the current Game. Keeping these three (3) rules in mind, please follow these instructions when proceeding to End of Match procedures: Continue with the current Phase of the Game. Once the Phase is over, stop the game. Determine a Game Winner at this point, with the Duelist with the most Life Points winning the Game. During Swiss Rounds, if both Duelists' Life Points are the same, the Game is a Draw. Compare Game Wins with the Duelist with the most Game Wins winning the Match. If the Game Win totals are the same, the Match is a Draw. During Single-Elimination, if both Duelists' Life Points are the same at the end of the current Phase (Step 1 above), finish the current turn. If both Duelists' Life Points are the same at the end of the turn, then play will continue on a turn-by-turn basis, with the Duelist with the most Life Points at the end of a turn being declared the winner of that Game. Match Draws cannot occur during Single-Elimination Rounds.
  6. The Flash

    Arrow's picked up a bit in the last few weeks IMO, Diaz got so much better in that episode where he burned that guy alive. Now he's almost too watchable in comparison to the frustratingly written main characters that do nothing but bitch at each other every episode. At this point, I'd actually prefer it if Diaz actually just succeeds. And while I don't dislike The Thinker, I do think it's really telling that the best episode of the season was (at least IMO) the Nuclear Bomb episode, which bar a couple of details here and there could easily have been part of season 3.
  7. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Mario Kart, but shot like/with the gimmick of Baby Driver, with all of the songs in chiptune.
  8. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    I wouldn't be surprised if Wenger stayed at the club in some capacity, personally. Maybe some minor role at an executive level.
  9. Ready Player One

    Scott Pilgrim was made by Edgar Wright, having watched his TV show, Spaced, you can tell through the density of knowledge in his scripts that he is or was part of all of the nerd subculture he shows off in the movie. That's the difference between that and Ready Player One. There's obviously not much appreciation for anything referenced in the movie beyond the surface level, though in some ways I guess you could argue that's part of the point. I've seen the film. Its not really bad. Its just incredibly average and run of the mill. The worst thing about it was that it could have easily been so much better if the script wasnt so awful. Guess that'a what happens when you give the job of adapting a mediocre YA novel to the author.
  10. Black Panther

    It was OK. The music and acting was fantastic (the score is actually more amped than the Kendrick and Co OST stuff), and I think the visuals might have been good too (but I couldn't really tell because I could only get 3D tickets and everything looks shit in 3D). The story on a basic level was alright too, but there were weird minor choices all over the place. The politics of Wakanda are uncomfortable as well. It's basically like an Isolationist technology hoarding super rich country that has no democracy and subscribes to superstitious religious stuff and even though the film is partially about the protagonist realizing that he should change this, because it'd be more moral to help the rest of the world, the weird morals the entire fictional country live by make it difficult to really get behind the characters in some ways due to these issues actually being explored in the film. (Like for the vast majority of the film we're watching a fight between 'guy who wants to ignore every country in the world, all of which are full of people whose lives could be saved with his technology' and 'guy that wants to use said uber tech to take over the world') and honestly it's really hard to root for either. Also there's some weird logical things outside the story. Like Wakandan technology is supposed to be much greater than anything elsewhere on earth - and it is in the context of real life - but much of it has been matched within other Marvel movies. I guess it was handwaved by a line in there sorta, but I think the filmmakers should have really pushed the boat out techwise, much further than they did go. IDK about 'SJW' stuff... I guess there's humour at the expense of white characters here and there because of their race. I didn't really care about it though. I'd probably say this is like a 6/10.
  11. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Nate1080: Your dismissal of the deck seems pretty baseless. Who cares if Trickstars are still good when this deck shits on Trickstar? I think this deck is actually pretty good. You have numerous autowins going first and the deck has a tremendous grind game. Sure the deck is inconsistent to an extent, but definitely not enough to just discount it outright. Curious means that you have access to Snow much more often, and it also means that you can search Glow-Up Bulb and just auto win against Pendulum decks and other other decks that rely on Spell Cards. LS was skirting on the edge of relevancy before the list don't forget (3 topped YCS Prague in November), and I'm willing to bet that it'll do a lot more now that the majority of the monsters in the metagame aren't protected from Snow by Spyral resort.
  12. Actually you're exactly wrong. If you normal summon a monster, it doesn't start a chain. If it doesn't start a trigger effect, then you're in box B, so you can activate any speed spell 2 or higher effect before your opponent can (Box C). It literally says things work like I said they do on the flow chart. For example, if you summon Denko Sekka while you have 1 set, if the summon isn't negated, you get the first opportunity to respond to the summon. So you can flip your one set in response to Denko's summon, putting Denko Sekka's continuous effect into play. Rabbit being able to "dodge" Veiler is because the turn player is given the first opportunity to activate a card effect in a new phase (Box A) so you activate Rabbit (moving from box A, to box D) and now since Rabbit isn't on the field the opponent cannot respond to it with Veiler.
  13. The Flash

    The main villain for Legends just needs to entertaining enough to be interesting in whatever wacky scenarios are presented in each episode tbh. That's why Darhk is really so good in Legends specifically - Neal McDonough spends all his time chewing scenery like it's nobody's business. Arrow presents itself with a semblance of seriousness, therefore Darhk isn't nearly as entertaining in that way.
  14. Best Manga

    1 letter makes all the difference.
  15. Best Manga

    Beserk is cool, but Bakuman is the best manga I've ever read. The art is great, it finds a way to turn what should be a slice of life comic into a thriller/battle manga through presentation alone, while the story is simple it has layers that allow it to work on a metacommentary (the entire manga keeps shifting how it presents itself in relation to the genre of the in-universe manga that the story is about), on top of that, it's a great textbook about the manga industry in general, and pretty much every character is distinct and memorable in some way. Not to mention that the entire thing connects so well if you're an aspiring creative yourself.
  16. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Personally I don't even give a shit about Star Wars, I saw this, and think it's got great quality in every department other than having a pretty bad screenplay (not in dialogue, but in story and the way the film is put together) which drags the film down horrendously, but it's still OK enough so I'd say it's like a 5/10. Honestly, it's probably what I'd have expected from a Rian Johnson Star Wars, because Looper was pretty similar except the plot of Looper was so insane that it being nonsensical doesn't even register while you're watching it.
  17. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    If he's leaving for the purpose of being successful why go to United over City then? Hell, Arsenal have won more than United have since Ferguson left the latter and neither have won the title since then while City look to be one of the best sides in Europe.
  18. If the summon is successful, the first thing that happens is the turn player has the ability to activate any speed spell 2 or higher effects if s/he wishes to. Then the non-turn player may do the same. After the resulting chain (if any) resolves, there is then an open game state.
  19. dude fuck the beatles

    Except none of them said such a thing. Lennon said "We're more popular than Jesus" and he also said it was a bad thing that they were. He never said anything about being better or worse in any way.
  20. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

    The true reason that Bellerin's form's been dipping - he started playing bass for a psychedelic rock band from 1976 and the commitment divides his time too much.
  21. Justice League

    Saw the film. It's like a 4/10 that could have been a 6-7/10 if they hadn't massacred it in the editing room. The film sort of operates on leaps of logic and it's just rushed, obviously because Warner Bros. mandated that it had to be cut down by an hour. You can tell two people had their hands on this film as well because Joss Whedon is just a much more competent filmmaker than Zack Snyder is, so even when he's trying to imitate Snyder's cinematography it's pretty blatantly Whedon doing it. There's also large swathes of character stuff obviously missing, awkward scene transitions, scenes that visually look like they're from one of 40 different films and moments where you can tell lines of dialogue were originally meant to be but aren't. The visual stuff of this film is also sort of ugly. Ezra Miller is extremely good as this version of Barry Allen though (Flashpoint actually looks like a pretty good film), and Jason Momoa saves this version of Aquaman from being annoying as fuck. The Superman stuff is actually entertaining as well. Everything else about the film is basically functional, but nothing special. This is basically The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all over again, a mediocre film that could have actually been good had the studio not fucked it up, outside of the obvious fact that Marc Webb is a better filmmaker than Snyder. I guess if this gets a directors cut it'll probably be worth watching on Blu-ray but if you're hesitant about watching it don't go to see it.
  22. Justice League

    Honestly I'm expecting this to be a more or less OK 2 hour advert for the 3 hour blu-ray version that'll probably be entertaining.
  23. Thor: Ragnarok

    I thought Wonder Woman was more or less just a bit above average and Spider-Man was a bit formulaic. This on the other hand was just a straight up good comedy film. Like I can understand being disappointed that that was the direction that they went in, but given that Taika Waititi was the director of the film, nobody should really have been surprised at all. (This is basically one of his movies, but it just happens to be a Thor sequel - it's almost reminiscent of the way Nolan made 3 Christopher Nolan movies that just happened to be about Batman.) It's nothing great but it's definitely better than every Superhero film this year other than Guardians 2. It's also way better than Thor 1 and 2 which are easily the most forgettable Marvel films.
  24. I think people have a problem with FTK decks that goes on beyond the problems players have with other 'unfun' decks. People won't start respecting FTK decks as real until someone wins an event with one out of nowhere. People, and more specifically Yu-Gi-Oh players, are results oriented and so will ignore any amount of logic regarding how good something is until they see decklists posted on Youtube. FTK decks aren't really particularly different to other types of combo decks in a practical sense, but because they've garnered a reputation for being inconsistent and fragile simply because they're FTK decks, players will sleep on them endlessly. Frog FTK is the obvious exception, but people seem to regard it as that, an exception to some general unspoken rule that FTK decks have to be unviable.
  25. SPYRAL - Deck Discussion

    The possibility of drawing multiple copies of an unsearchable three-off is not a good enough reason to play less copies of it, I believe Matt Monahan had an article that explained the reasoning more precisely, the numbers though, I think, speak for themselves. Chances of drawing more than one Double Summon going first 0.036% - one in 28 games. Chances of drawing more than one Double Summon going second 0.054% - one in 18 games. I don't think drawing it in multiples perhaps twice in a 16 round event is going to outweigh the benefits of having more cards that allow you into a combo. Drawing it with a way to play already that isn't double summon isn't even a problem, since it's either irrelevant to the chances of your combo going through or it'll allow you to continue to make a play if they can disrupt you through Ashing Machine Dupe, for example. And you'll never otherwise brick more because you're playing Double Summon since you should be playing as many copies of your main combo pieces as you can anyway, for maximum consistency. This is a fairly pointless thing to say. Either you can come up with a reason why that specific ratio happens to be correct, or you can't. If that 'ratio' isn't arbitrary then you should be able to reasonably defend it, and if that logic was good enough I'd accept it because asking for a good defence of that statement was part of the point to my post to begin with.