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  1. me (pure zoo) 2> Laza (big draco engine zoo) 0 ggs
  2. Just realized I never signed up for casual ranked, add me to current only, discord NJK21.
  3. Round 7: ALL THE OUTS vs ESPN

    Me (pure zoo) 2>0 Tristan (pure zoo) ggs, the war is over
  4. Round 7: ALL THE OUTS vs ESPN

    Me (pure zoo) 2>1 Tristan (pure zoo) ggs, the streak has ended.
  5. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    Lost 2-1 to Squiddy, ggs. Sorry team, they were really good games though.
  6. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    Wanted to input that I was definitely not discouraged from warring by Mark or the rest of the team, and in fact I have been encouraged. I didn't war last war because I literally picked up the current format during the middle of last week, and wanted to learn it before I played. Mark and the rest of the team got me up to speed really quickly, which is why I started playing in this war, around a week after I first picked up zoo cards. Mark even encouraged me to set up a match last war, although it ended up not working out. Also I switched to current only because the only reason I was initially current preferred was I actually knew how to play goat, and figured I could play that until I learned current. Now that I know current, that's all I want to play. Just clarifying some points.
  7. Hi

    Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm really looking forward to warring.
  8. DuelistGroundz username: Ronsas Discord username: NJK21 Formats: Prefer current, although I need someone to teach me. Expected level of activity: Moderate to high until the WCQ, moderate to low afterwards Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Anyone who can help me improve and learn the format (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: Nothing major, a couple ~250 people regional top 8s, one of them was literally the first time I played the format or deck (although it was Domain Monarch and I watched the video Allen made after he topped Atlanta, so I was basically on autopilot). Mainly I'm willing to learn and am a pretty quick study.
  9. Hi

    Technically I made this account ages ago, but I believe I have a total of like four posts. I figured I'd make an intro just to briefly say what my deal is. I'm 17, just graduated high school, and I have barely played since the WCQ after my freshman year, but I have gone to regionals probably like one or two tines a year since then, borrowing entire decks. I've topped a couple, generally always get my invite, and then went on with my life as someone who is kind of ok at but doesn't really play yugioh. However, this year I decided to actually go to nats since I only live around 6 hours from Chicago. The one thing holding me back is that I don't know what a lot of the cards do, which is why I came here. I made an account on the Discord, NJK21, in order to hopefully join a war team that will help break down the current format as a mid season addition. I'm probably going to be fairly active at least until the WCQ (although I work a lot, and I'm actually headed up to Chicago this weekend with one of my high school activities), and after the WCQ I am thinking about picking up the game again in college. A large part of the reason I quit is that my local community isn't good enough to help an okay player get better (I'm the only one in my town who has even got their invite this year, and many of them went to multiple regionals) and a lack of premier events, and I'm moving to NYC for college so those problems won't really be an issue. Oh and I might pick up mafia if I find the time. Edit: Somehow managed to double post this, shout out to mobile. If any mod wants to delete one that would be cool, I don't know if I can.
  10. Monarch - Deck Discussion

        First just saying accidental upvote, although I don't necessarily consider this a terrible post and I wouldn't down vote it, it doesn't really deserve an upvote.   When I read this I had a few thoughts, but Allen apparently had the exact same thoughts as me, although I didn't even have time to consider playing Mithra in my build for my regionals before I decided that Quantums would likely be better on short notice. Allen's explanation of why to play Prime at three is spot on, which I would expect. I don't really have anything to add to that.   Everything Allen wrote about Return is also very correct, and I know you said specifically in regards to non-Quantum builds, but I just wanted to make sure people know how important Return is to the Quantum build. The reason for this is really obvious, Return + E-Tele is playable by itself. The Quantum build generally needs a 3 card combination to be playable (although there are a lot of cards that do this since you have a lot of searching power and draw power). You need to either have a way to put two monsters on board (generally Prime and Blue Layer via E-Tele) and then tribute for a Monarch or have a Domain to make the one Blue Layer (from E-Tele) enough for a big Monarch that you drew to be summoned. So the when you generally need three card combinations to play and Return + E-Tele is a two card combination to play, that's just obviously really good. I realized that I forgot to put this in my wall, but I think there is a very good chance that in the Quantum build it could even be optimal to play 3 Return, and you definitely want to at least run the 1 Return in the deck. While I haven't run the math my gut says the increase of 2 Returns would bump up the odds of opening playable in the Quantum build by enough to likely warrant running the 2 extra Returns over 2 other cards (if someone who is better than me at math and thinks this is worth calculating I implore you to do some calcs of opening playable in Quantum Monarchs with a standard 1 Return vs a 3 Return build). I'm sure my reasoning for 3 Return over 1 Return in a Quantum build is really basic to many of you (and I'm sure many of you have also thought through similar lines of theory, and maybe other things I'm missing and have been running 3 of Return since Quantums came out, but I implore you guys to actually run through the math or run a ton of simulations to see if it is worth it, I'm not that good at doing the math and since I basically don't play Yugioh anymore I don't feel like spending however much time it would take to figure out how to run the math), but I went over that just in case. Also my reasoning could be dead wrong and someone could have already figured out 1 Return is definitely better than 3 in a Quantum build, so please try to prove me wrong. Discussion is good. So basically Allen explained why running Return is optimal in the Vassal build and I explained how Return might be even better in Quantums.   My initial thoughts from looking at my old build (mentioned above in my larger wall of text based based on its relations to the Quantum build in the OP) of the two cards to cut for the 2 extra returns would be one of Majesty's and one of Kuraz. I think the extra Returns would likely let you see Majesty's even more often than running the 3 of Majesty's, although it will lower the chance you open Majesty's, obviously. Cutting to one of Kuraz might also work because you don't need to summon Kuraz very often off EIther, and I would think the odds of drawing the one of Kuraz in one of the games where you do need to summon the Kuraz wouldn't be too large. Also I feel like since those cards don't really do anything to increase your odds of opening well (obviously in certain matches opening Majesty's is literally game ending, so that's a thing) and I'm pretty sure all of the other cards I run have a much higher effect on opening well than an extra Kuraz and a third Majesty's so they would be initial cuts.   Just saw this. I just want to say that Allen never once made an argument against playing Mithra, he just said he wouldn't put weight into your opinion because he thought your other interpretations were bad. This does not mean he believes that just because you believe that Mithra is good he does not, it just means that what you said about it has no real effect on his opinion.   I also guess I'll put my thoughts into regular Thestalos in an Edea/Eidos build and why I would guess Allen only ran 1 of Return and Escalation even though together they are an auto-win. My initial thoughts are regular Thestalos probably isn't worth running. You say that if you only have access to one of three cards regular Thestalos makes your hand playable. I disagree with this, as just summoning a regular Thestalos in 2016 Yugioh isn't really a live hand. You basically have to have summoned the Thestalos using Mithra as a tribute along with a big Monarch or have Either in hand with a spell or trap already in grave for it to be really live. Otherwise you are summoning a chump blocker that ditches a random card to grave (which probably actually helps them around a third of the time), doesn't set up your grave, and can easily get killed on your opponents turn, leaving you with an even lower chance of having a live hand since you just used a resource summoning a useless card. Basically I don't see how running Thestalos helps in all but a very small number of situations that you likely won't encounter, and since Monarchs aren't searchable you'd also have to draw the Thestalos. So in less I'm missing something, regular Thestalos doesn't really help you when you are losing. When you are winning regular Thestalos also doesn't do anything, because the only situation where you will actually use regular Thestalos when you are winning is when you have a Prime in grave and you decide for some reason that regular Thestalos is the card that is worth summoning. This means that Thestalos also essentially is useless when you are winning. Return is a searchable one of that, while it doesn't really help you when you are bricked in Edea/Eidos builds, it helps a ton in the mirror, gives you an auto-win, and gives you extra Monarchs when you are winning in case your opponent draws a way to clear your board.   I'd also say the reason Allen only ran 1 of both Escalation and Return is that even though they are auto-win in conjunction, you honestly just don't want to draw them. If you draw a Return or Escalation you need a way to summon a Monarch with access to only four cards. The situation occurs often enough where you are able to get to a first turn Return + Escalation running 1 of each to make them worth running because they aren't too terrible of bricks, but when you increase the deck space investment of those 2 cards to 4 or even 6 slots out of 37 then the brick odds increase substantially. Running 6 of them means you are actually more likely to draw one of them than to not draw one of them. Not to mention that running more of those cards means you have to cut engine cards that also help you not brick. If you cut engine cards it decreases the increased odds of opening Return + Escalation for each new copy of one of the 2 cards added. You also likely need to open Pantheism + stuff to get to Return + Escalation anyway, even with multiples, which means that often when you open Return + Escalation running multiples you would've opened it running 1 of each anyway, making the rate of return for additional Returns of Escalations much lower than the rate of return for the first 1 of each. So in the Edea/Eidos build since those cards actually hurt the consistency of the deck in greater numbers (whereas in Quantums Return might actually increase the consistency of the deck, so 3 Returns might actually be optimal) and don't really significantly increase the odds of opening the nuts, you run 1 of each.   Didn't have time to reread this, I'm about to go to bed, so I'll likely read it again in the morning to possibly increase clarity for anyone who cares.
  11. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    On Saturday I got top 8 at a medium sized regional (230 people) running this deck after being essentially entirely out of the game for multiple formats until 10 pm the night before due in large part to applying Allen's theory from YCS Atlanta to the "new" format. I didn't have time to read through this discussion, but I decided to give back some ideas to it since Allen's post here on DG is the only reason I topped.   First of all, I somehow managed to avoid playing the mirror all day so I might just be entirely off on some points due to interactions in the mirror that I haven't experienced since I have only played the 20ish games it took to top on Saturday this format, so my experience with highly relevant decks is only with pepe and Kozmo, and lower level, but still moderately relevant decks I played against were BA and Majespecters.   I played mediocre throughout the day, but the deck was so good that I didn't need to play perfect. Just from my initial thoughts I believe the mirror could be potentially "skillful" in some scenarios (neither player bricks, the person going first doesn't set up a near auto-win, like an Either or Erebus followed by a Thestalos on the player 2's turn, neither player has easy access to Return, etc), but since I'm ignorant to the mirror I can't really help there.   Without looking at this thread, my main ended up being only two cards off the Super Quantum build in the OP ( -1 Foolish Burial -1 March of the Monarchs, +1 Majesty's Fiend, +1 The Prime Monarch), largely by adapting Allen's build to a Super Quantum build. I don't claim to have the best build by any means, but I think there a solid chance that this Super Quantum build is within for or five cards of the best possible Quantum Monarch main, which I think is the superior build for reasons enunciated later.   I am a strong advocate of Super Quantums over the three of Edea/Eidos at this point. The main reasons I advocate Super Quantums over the Edea/Eidos is that they brick less and they aren't weak to Veiler. Super Quantums brick less because while both engines have the same card commitment there is only one card that is really bad to draw, Blue Layer, and drawing E-Tele without a good Monarch isn't terrible in some circumstances because you can set up a weak Domain or trigger a Return to set up an Either on their turn, while drawing Edea without a Monarch doesn't do anything. The Quantums are significantly less weak to Veiler than the Edea package because Veilering Blue Layer doesn't actually do anything, while Veilering Edea ends your turn and often the game. I still ran a one of Edea and Eidos because I thought they were definitely top 37 cards, and I still think they likely are, but of the threeish times I turn one summoned Edea I only ended up winning one game due to getting the card Veilered the other times. If you open E-Tele you likely win the game, I lost one game all day that I opened E-Tele, even though my Monarchs got Veilered numerous times because having a 2800 body whose effect becomes discard one card from your opponent's hand and is able to be the whole tribute for another 2800 body is a lot better than an 800 body that says discard one card from your opponent's hand. Also, if you run the one of Edea and Eidos along with the Super Quantums and you open both E-Tele and Edea I'd recommend you use the E-Tele unless you have to summon the Edea to play because Veiler is way too real.   I also strongly advocate Upstart in this deck because if this card can get its engine going it is very powerful and most of the time you brick about half of the cards in your deck can help you play so digging a single card deeper will get you there a significant portion of the time. Allen was right in that you can build Monarch to not brick a huge portion of games, I bricked like twice all day, although around a third or a fourth of the time I opened a hand that initially looked unplayable until you Upstarted or made a series of awkward plays, often involving Pantheism. I honestly feel like Allen's build likely solved last format Monarch to within a card, and I think it might still be within a card of the perfect Edea/Eidos build. I think my changes are probably the most basic changes from his build into this format, so I think my build might be a good starter build for Quantums, although I am very confident that my build is imperfect because I didn't have time to look at all the options, I literally made it in about half an hour on the ride up to the tournament.   Some last minute spare thoughts: Prime Monarch is an amazing card that you always want to have access to. Maybe I'm just wrong but it seems like you have to main three of the card, in part because your best hands normally require you to open it and Pantheism. I haven't theoried too much with this deck but the number of 2400/2800 and 1000 monsters that I ran (3 Majesty's, 3 Either, 3 Erebus, 2 Kuraz, 1 Mega Thestalos) was very effective in keeping Tenacity live. I don't know if 12 is the perfect number, but I'm fairly confident that perfect number is within a small margin of 12. I drew a Kuraz a lot, but the card helped me turn Tenacity on so much that even when I didn't summon it, just having it for the reveal was vital enough that the Kuraz was better than any non-Monarch body could have been. Return is very valuable because it lets you play around Strike and it lets you choose what card Ghost Ogre destroys if Ghost Ogre is still played. Also Return is valuable in that you are instantly playing if you can get to it and E-Tele. I heard some people call Return win more, and I agree, it is win more, but not in their sense. Return increases your win rate more than probably any other one of the deck could run. Repeating that if your opponent has Kaiser up and you try to Stormforth, well, you can't. I figured that out the hard way and went to a game 3 because of it. The engine is powerful enough that if you get it rolling you'll likely win and I don't really think any non-engine trap is worth running because they don't actually do anything. You can always use a dead engine trap as Pantheism fodder (and Prime actually prefers being in the grave in most situations). I might be wrong and the Edea and Eidos might be worth removing for traps in a Quantum build. However I still think the duo is worth the two of. Domain is still a three of in the Quantum build because E-Tele only provides one tribute material and you need another. Since you have to run Domain I think it is correct to not run an extra because the value that it provides as a floodgate against the still very real pepe probably is greater than the value of an extra deck option that you might go into once every 9 or 10 games. Also I think even though Domain isn't the best in the Kozmo match you should likely keep all three copies in post side because it lets you attack over the ships (especially important with Majesty's) and it lets you summon the big Monarchs easier early. Against Kozmo I only brought in S/T hate and blew out every game post side. Just repeating Allen again in that you need to play around Veiler if you ever can. Sorry for this monster wall of text from a nobody, its basically all of my thoughts on the deck from having played it for a day. I might (read likely won't) write up a Tournament Report, but regional tops are a dime a dozen.
  12. Dueling Network

    I don't have more screenshots, I definitely should've taken one of the conversation before but I was just disgusted with his behavior and personally saw the context and just completely forgot to include it in the original post. It was 100% malicious. The ba player began whining about luck then he said what was said in the screenshot. There was never any debate, he just noticed that no admin was on and told his opponent quit or wait two hours for no reason. I'd be so mad at myself if this guy doesn't get punished because of my stupidity, I just hate scum.
  13. Dueling Network

    I'm sure this is something an admin could ban for, here's evidence, I'm just a watcher, but at the time I left it had definitely been around 15 minutes of inaction.
  14. Steinman Top 64 NAWCQ Report

    Steinman went to worlds in 2012.   I took this whole year off of yugioh because it seemed bad to me, but this is a really good report, sucks about top 64.
  15. 6th Place Lenexa Kansas Regional

      Also as in referring to yourself as pretty good? Lol Didn't really notice I did that. I think I'm okay, when I write pretty good I mean okay generally. Like I think I always have a possibility of topping, but I need to play against decks I know, and generally I'll need more testing than I did today. And the Constellar builds were pure. My friend didn't really care about the event, he was completely fine with already having his invite, and the other guy I don't really know his reasoning. And I sat next to your Sylvan friend in a few rounds, I think he was playing against Dragons once. Who are you?     Also as in referring to yourself as pretty good? Lol Didn't really notice I did that. I think I'm okay, when I write pretty good I mean okay generally. Like I think I always have a possibility of topping, but I need to play against decks I know, and generally I'll need more testing than I did today. And the Constellar builds were pure. My friend didn't really care about the event, he was completely fine with already having his invite, and the other guy I don't really know his reasoning. And I sat next to your Sylvan friend in a few rounds, I think he was playing against Dragons once. Who are you? I'm a randy who got his first top and decided to put a report of it for my first post on DGz. I'm sure you don't know me.