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  1. It's JavaScript based unlike DN which is nice. Not sure who the developer is, but I assume it would be easy to get people on his team to help him develop the website further.
  2. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    Even with all the issues, DN rated was still a lot better than something that can be found on DevPro and its clones.
  3. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    They also released a new video showcasing some very questionable features that apparently will be included in Dueling Book.
  4. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    Given how some "sources" are saying nearly everything is done, at some point, before release, assuming Dueling Book is real and it's like Dueling Network, they'll have to open up admin sign up program. Even if it is non public and given how many administrators are necessary in order to keep site running, someone will eventually leak something. I am more interested in connection to DN - I have a link I dug up earlier two or three months ago that uses DN logon system. It isn't working, but at some point Dueling Book used it for testing something.
  5. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    Another update yesterday: Email confirmation works perfectly. You are now free to make new accounts. Rematching also works. According to people who have claimed to have spoken to Xteven, apparently DuelingBook is about 90% done, so I guess we'll soon find out whether it is real or not.
  6. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    The most recent ETA was December. ETA before that was October.
  7. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    Two new updates during last two weeks: Custom profile pics work now, as well as all the avatars. You can view all friend requests, followed users, blocked users and profile comments from My Profile. All dueling functions are complete. Counters are the most recently completed feature. Again, take it with a grain of salt.
  8. DuelingBook Speculation Thread

    As you all may remember, on log in screen, dueling network also had news box, it contained information about new ban list, admin notifications and everything in-between. About two months ago, when Dueling Book had a ''secret test site'' I managed to get the link to their .txt file containing status updates: https://www.duelingbook.com/news.txt The most recent status update was either today or yesterday: All dueling functions are complete. Counters are the most recently completed feature The one before that was early/mid September. I'm not connected to DB, but I can do further elaboration on other things I've found digging around the site. Just a hint, it is connected to DN, at least as far as reusing their existing flash code and database for some testing.
  9. DGz Posting

    It's most likely the server.
  10. Gigavise 2

    But you can use Supervise on it afterwards. Maybe even Emergency Teleport with Psychic Commander, could work as a tribute fodder or use it along with Spell Striker for easy Meliae.
  11. Gigavise 2

    Here's a quick idea. The Monarchs Stormforth for Gigavise and problematic monsters on your opponent's side like Winda or Ophion.   Also - Royal Decree/Trap Stun/Forbidden Lance.
  12. Gigavise 2

    Interesting combos, however, what do you do if you lose the dice roll and go second against 4-5 back row? If they know what you play and they get out Winda asap? Maybe I'm just too paranoid, but although these combos are quite powerful (and maybe even consistent), I just don't see how you can survive the back row wars.
  13. Plant-Artifact-Abyss-Chaos / October 2014

    I see. Well, it's supposed to be "40 good card" deck, I wanted to recreate something similar to Plants 2011.   Plant Engine is pretty self explanatory - for Synchro summoning.   Collapserpent and Wyverburster - Reborn Tengu substitute - floaters, and have a decent synergy with Plant engine.    Lightsworns provide milling, Lyla deals with back row, Vanity for example.   Tour Guide and Burning Abyss - Scram lets me add Tour Guide, and Graff lets me summon Scram - deck thinning. Pretty decent play opening play : Tour Guide -> Graff/Scram -> Dante, detach Graff/Scram, mill 3, summon Scram/add Tour Guide at EP.   Artifacts - the primary "defense" of the deck, Synergy with Plant engine.   Decree for the general back row shut down - I also, personally, rather have a dead Sanctum ser/Moraltach in hand than have to deal with Vanity.   Dark core - removes Winda or other problematic face up cards.
  14. A deck idea, nothing too serious.   Monsters : 23   2x Lonefire Blossom  1x Dandylion 1x Spore 1x Glow-Up Bulb   3x Tour Guide 2x Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1x Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss   3x Artifact Moralltach 2x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress 1x Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn   2x Black Dragon Collapserpent 2x White Dragon Wyverburster 1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 1x Chaos Sorcerer    Spells : 9   3x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Foolish Burial 1x Raigeki 1x Soul Charge 1x One for One 1x Mind Control 1x Dark Core   Traps : 8   3x Artifact Sanctum 2x Royal Decree 2x Phoenix Wing Blast 1x Trap Stun  
  15. Somehow I imagined Bulb would revitalize the game for me once again, but now that its back, I'm indifferent, it literally makes no difference (to Synchro decks).