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  1. Newgioh Team Tournament

    lost 0-2 to rei
  2. Newgioh Team Tournament

    what times are u available to play during the weekend? with your time zone please   @at all my opponents, same question   I'm free to schedule a time Tomorrow and Sunday
  3. Newgioh Team Tournament

    On for more
  4. Newgioh Team Tournament

    On for games
  5. Newgioh Team Tournament

    I'm very confused, got some guy messaging me for the tourney. Beat him 2-1 but don't see him in my matches. Name was lavaldude.
  6. Newgioh Team Tournament

    Lost miserably to jser 0-2
  7. 1. Doom Engine 2. GMT -6:00 3. Free agent 4. Doom Engine 5. Not available WED/THU
  8. Newgioh Format Thread

    I'm all for C) due to the fact that I enjoyed being in a team and had to set it aside for a certain situation. I'm against A) unless it were made possible to involve motorcycles.
  9. Find That Fashion/Aesthetic Piece

    http://fashionablecrew.com/ This might help you.
  10. Ritual Beast - Discussion

    Here are two of the turn one Elder combos for those that learn by reading like myself. 1. Elder + Cannahawk   Elder normal summon Cannahawk, Cannahawk effect banishing Apelio. Contact into any fusion, contact out into Elder/Cannahawk. Activate Cannahawk banishing a Wen. Contact into Ulti-Cannahawk, activate it's effect to search sending Elder/Apelio. Chain Ulti-Cannahawk's effect summoning Wen and Apelio and sending Elder to grave.  Search for Steeds/Ambush. Activate Apelio to banish Elder. Contact into Ulti-Cannahawk, activate it's effect to search and send Wen/Apelio. Search for Steeds/Ambush.  2. Elder + Cannahawk 2 Elder normal summon Cannahawk, Cannahawk effect banishing Rampengu.  Contact into any fusion, contact out into Elder/Cannahawk. Activate Cannahawk banishing a tamer. Contact into Ulti-Cannahawk, activate it's effect to search sending a Lara/Cannahawk. Chain Ulti-Cannahawk's effect summoning Lara/Rampengu.  Search for Steeds/Ambush.  Activate Rampengu banishing Ulti-Apelio and send Apelio. Contact into Ulti-Cannahawk, activate it's effect to search sending a tamer/Ulti-Apelio. Search for Steeds/Ambush.   
  11. Chicken Game

    I started playing cup of ace when some wise guy set his entire hand and I couldn't Hand Destruction. 
  12. Newgioh Format Thread

    On for games  DN: Doom Engine
  13. Newgioh Format Thread

    "le sekrit tech" game strong
  14. Newgioh Format Thread

    Banisher of the radiance, where you at?
  15. Newgioh Format Thread

    I can't post for the life of me. :blush:  (In no way am I saying this is the best deck.) Anyway, above is a list I have been testing that plays heavily on fusions and shooting for a simple game state. I based it from Perovic's list and it's not too bad thus far. I felt with the decline in players using Airknight or multiple Exarion to max out on scapegoats as my primary form of defense. And since they are now playing marginally larger monsters such as Cyber, Chaos Sorcerer, and Zaborg, that my TER will be marginally stronger. I opted out of playing TGU because of the conflict with scapegoats, and I understand that means i'm missing out on the strongest monster in the format being Acid Golem, and easier access to Sangan for a +1.  But I don't feel nearly as pressured with my Sangan search as I did in goats having to go immediately for Sinister for protection from Duo.  The main deck is fairly common, good light ratios, for making Chaos Sorcerer as reliable to summon as possible, double bottomless to catch opposing Breakers/Mezuki/ Exarion. Out of the ordinary in my side is x2 Otohime, for Reaper heavy builds (Which I rarely come across but have caught me off guard, but maybe i'm paranoid.) x2 Possessed Dark Soul for turn 1 TGU plays, and finally Ojama Trio for decks like Beast Down, Zombies/Return to try and manage their board.
  16. Newgioh Format Thread

  17. Newgioh Format Thread

    Don't scoop with 7k LP left   :(   Oh that. I had the tourney match soon and i wanted to play that and playing out our match when you're +5 would have been just prolonging the inevitable. Understandable.
  18. It will never get old, not in my soul, not in my spirit, keep it alive. We'll go down this road 'til it turns from color to black and white

  19. Newgioh Format Thread

    Don't scoop with 7k LP left   :(
  20. I've had the same thought on Rug, but it is cost-less (quite literally) compared to the other counter traps in the format where as you need to at least discard or give up some LP.  I feel something more along the lines of Divine Wrath is a little more reasonable, but then again Rug could also give decks that don't have play sinister or cards that are generally good discards an edge. But then again i'm more than happy to keep very few counter traps in the game as it is especially when it comes to options such as effect negation.  
  21. Newgioh Format Thread

    After playing a few matches i completely understand why Joe wants to abuse Limiter removal. It's completely terrifying letting any machine get through, I feel as if it went from being fringe playable to the being one of the scarier cards in the format. I'm thinking of something along the lines of triple Dekoichi with Cyber Jar, and Steamroid is the way to go for the deck. 
  22. Newgioh Format Thread

    Add me to the list please DN: Doom Engine
  23. Super Scum Bros: Figuratively Nuts

    I'm on around midnight est
  24. 笑あほ vs Figuratively Nuts

    I'll be on for a bit